You Are Single, What Do You Do With Your Money?


SingleI needed to process a benefit for a colleague, the company in recognizing the difficult economic terrain had amended the rules to indicate that an employee could either get that particular benefit as immediate cash or deferred benefit. I reached out to him to confirm his preference and he gave the response 99% of Nigerians will give in the circumstances (myself included)- he would prefer cash. Because he and I had a friendly relationship, I teased him that why not defer it since it wasn’t a lot of money. He insisted it be paid out immediately, he went on to list a few pressing needs that money could sort and ended with: Shey me I don’t have responsibilities yet, and shey I have a sponsor!

This question/ assumption, alongside the- when are you getting married (or whatever variant of the question the interrogator chooses to use) are one of the most frequently asked questions I currently get. In the workplace, at social events, among friends; it’s like everyone not-single keeps asking this question. The ones not asking are thinking it and will ask it one day.

I find it particularly exhausting. Like everytime it comes up, I’m just tired. The reason for this tiredness is; for everyone who asks this question, I scream a mental not you too! Or another one bites the foolishness dust! And I sigh. Deeply!

I find it particularly sad (and irritating) that someone will believe that any sane person, in this Lagos (regardless of marital status) will choose to put his or herself through the torture of waking up at an ungodly hour everyday- every blessed work day, navigate Lagos traffic, endure shitty less than stellar bosses and work colleagues; because of fulfilment, or to keep busy! Doesn’t make a lick of sense. And calls into question your sense of judgement if you hold that opinion. Maybe if I worked in another city I could better understand the logic behind that question and belief, but because we (my interrogators and I) work in Lagos, I cannot understand it. No matter how much I try.

The logic is, because you are single you don’t have any responsibilities, abi? Single working-class folks are just piling up the money, no responsibilities. Yeah right! It’s even worse when you are female, guys are given a somewhat free pass- because its believed they probably have a girlfriend(s) whom they foot their bills (the belief that men foot their lady’s bill is just bullshit an empty belief. Where are the men who supposedly foot their women’s bills- or even like 50% of the bills (and I’m not referring to transactional relationships)? I haven’t met them and no one around me has! But that’s a rant for another day).

There’s also the ones that will come to borrow money from you and get upset when you decline. That one is just plain old bad behavior.  But then, you’re single; what do you do with your money? Why won’t you have money when I need to borrow it?

Let’s take a step back before I totally go off; while I agree the married person has more responsibilities in that the family is bigger (current nuclear and previous nuclear family), do we stop to think, just for a moment that; perhaps, just maybe the reason the single person is still single is because- current responsibilities will not allow for added responsibilities? Possible? That’s a thought though.

So, you ask the married person for his/her responsibilities- and they always without fail mention their parents and/or siblings in addition to their spouse and children. The question now is- did you just start caring for your parents and siblings when you got married? If no, then perhaps you shouldn’t be asking the single person what he/she does with his/her money. Shouldn’t the answer to that be very easily derived?

A thought does occur to me though, maybe I shouldn’t be looking at this lapse in memory as a single event but should look at it from the perspective that we Nigerians have very short memories and can believe the most outrageous things. All it takes for something to become authentic is for us to hear it being repeated often or repeated by someone we believe knows better (an influencer- off and on-line).   Even when someone is trying to rejig our memory and to remind us of past events that negate our current conclusions, or to logically point out another perspective, we adamantly refuse to reason because it is said or Lagbaja said so. Case in point- pre and during 2015 elections. Its 2018 and some of us have still not regained our reasoning.

Or perhaps I should situate this question (and other such) in terms of the fact that we are naturally nosy people who never mind our business. Maybe if I did, I won’t find it so sad or irritating. With us, if it isn’t this one thing it’s another, we are always all up in other people’s business at the detriment of ours. It’s a proven fact that Nigerians are very good at putting out fires in other people’s fields while our kitchen is on fire. And when someone points out that our kitchen is on fire, we deny with our last breath, even when the smoking kitchen is obvious for all to see; our kitchen isn’t on fire. Case closed. That’s our story. Or do you want to argue with the owner of the house about the state of his/her house?



To avoid being on the giving or receiving end of offense, we should all learn to mind our business. Might be difficult, particularly for those of us for which it will be like learning new skills in old age, but it must be done. It isn’t my business what I do with my pay- the company which pays me doesn’t ask me what I do with the money they pay me; and that’s because I have worked for the money. Same way you shouldn’t ask me why I am yet to marry or have a child, or get a masters, or go bungee diving, or have a plastic surgery for the heck of it. We should all pay attention to our businesses aka: Mind Your Business! It isn’t that difficult. Abi? How difficult can it be to mind your own business?


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Breaking The Silence: Drama?



Here’s the continuation of the Breaking the Silence series. If you haven’t read any of the episodes and/ or have missed any episodes/ or can’t remember them; here’s the first: And the news came, the second The situationshipThe Situationship 2,  The End and a Beginning and The End & A New Beginning 2

Please read, enjoy, let me know what you think (comment) and don’t forget to share. 


…… She read all 22 messages, laughing at the desperation to hear gist in Linda’s messages. Rather than text a response, she decided to call her.

After the call, she checked her other whatsapp messages. Regular group convos, and …… a message from Chike “Hi, how are you?”


Like seriously, how am I?

I’m peachy, very fabulous!

Lol! Angry female alert!!!

I need to get over this guy and all other guys and I need to do it fast. Like one line from him and I am cave girl all over.

Seriously, the line probably meant nothing to Chike; he was cunning like that and might just have been catching trips. Meanwhile; here I was, about to burst a vein. Smh for myself.

Anyways, Ada wasn’t going to reply that message; at least not this night. She had had enough of the day.

Just before she drifted off to sleep a text came in. curious she checked her phone; it was from Mofe saying goodnight.

She went to bed with a smile on her face.


The coming weeks were drama-filled for Ada.

She avoided speaking with Chike and only responded to his messages r calls when it was absolutely necessary. But he was persistent! Like he invented the word.

At the same time Mofe was pursuing her like with all he had. Mofe was a sweetheart, but she just wasn’t ready to commit to a relationship with him. He said all the right things, made all the right promises, but Ada was like; been there done that! Lol!

She threw herself into the final details for Linda’s wedding and when that day came it was so beautiful, Ada teared up a number of times and she wasn’t a crier.

Their friends came in for the wedding so it was a sort of girls’ reunion.

In one of their men bashing/ advice offering sessions, it just clicked; Sola and Chike!!!

Sola was an ex-coursemate of theirs who rarely kept in touch. She was such a special person, peculiar in her own way. Sola wouldn’t keep in touch for months, but in your hour of need she was one person you could bank on, not just count on.

She came in for Linda’s wedding from Port-Harcourt where she worked and it was like they had never been apart. To be friends with Sola, you just needed to understand her and give her the space she needed when she needs it. And, what set the light bulb off in Ada’s head; she and Chike were so alike in their relationship ideals! With her (Ada and Chike), she had thought the law of opposites thingy would be what they had going for them, unfortunately; that didn’t work out. Their differences was responsible for all the fights they had. So….. maybe with someone more like him; they will be in sync! Why didn’t she think of this all the while? Ever since that text, Chike had been hounding her. He wanted them back together, but she was having none of it. Maybe if she hooked him up (discretely ofcourse on his part), he will let her go; focus on the new catch.

But she will pre-inform Sola though. Sola was too solid a friend for her not to fully disclose.

“Ok!” Was Sola’s response when she spoke with her about it. Her face lit up in a mischievous smile.  “Let’s have a bit of fun!”

Classic Sola! The plan was to get Sola to run into them; Chike had been asking for a meeting, she will indulge his request and somehow get him to meet Sola.

Either way, whatever the outcome of the meeting; she wasn’t leaving the meeting with Chike still nursing a come-back bid.


She invited Mofe to Linda’s wedding (more like he made her invite him, lol). She forgot she had also invited Chike sometime in the past. Or maybe she didn’t forget, she just had not expected him to attend. Even when they were together he always had an excuse why he couldn’t be at family events.

So it was very surprising when he showed up at the reception!

They had ushered in the couple, the reception was in full swing with the MC piloting the affairs, the bridesmaids and groomsmen had left the couple and joined the party. Ada had gone to sit with Mofe and his friend, and just like in the movies; Ada’s gaze was pulled to one of the entrances and there was Chike walking in with two of his friends.

She stopped mid-sentence with her mouth open in shock, her smile froze, her throat was suddenly dry.

She managed to end the sentence and promptly excused herself to go block him off before he came in and made a scene at Ada’s wedding.

Walking on rubbery legs she searched her brain for what she would say to him; empty, she came up empty. She felt like everyone in the party was watching her; which couldn’t be but it felt that way. The MC’s voice fell away, all felt silent and all she could hear was white noise. Her mind went over all the possible reasons Chike could have for coming to the wedding. In her mind’s eye she saw him walking in angrily, seeing her with Mofe and making a scene.

She would just die from mortification.

She was so lost in thought she didn’t see the waiter until she had bumped into him.


The End & A New Beginning 2


Hey dearies, how have you all been. 

I’m sure quite a number of you must have given up on me. I apologise deeply. 

I have really truly not tried

So here’s the continuation of the Breaking the Silence series. If you haven’t read any of the episodes and/ or have missed any episodes/ or can’t remember them; here’s the first: And the news came, the second The situationshipThe Situationship 2, the most recent The End and a Beginning

Please read, enjoy, let me know what you think (comment) and don’t forget to share. 


As expected, he called. Luckily for him it was later in the evening when I was true with the day’s hustle and bustle and able to put my feet up.

He sounded pleasant (don’t they all at the beginning?), we talked for like an hour. A lot of it was just getting to know each other. He said he was Mofe Boboye, worked for an investment firm (more like his father’s investment bank, lol; I have CIA skills), second son of a family of two male and two female children, single (google didn’t help with that), liked water sports bla bla bla.

I gave him the short and simple version; Ada, coincidentally they shared similar birth positions, and no; she wasn’t a fan of water sports.

He tried to get her to open up more but she gave him the short and simple response versions.

The conversation ended when she began to drift off to sleep. He ended the call, promising to call the next day.


True to his word he called and several times after. She who said she was on a break found herself looking forward to his calls and messages. They talked a lot and knew so much about each other. He was easy to talk with, and she had told herself she wasn’t looking for a relationship at that time. With the absence of those pressures, it was easy to just enjoy the conversations and budding friendship. Then came their first physical date. He took her to an upscale restaurant where the food was fantastic.

Against her better judgement and with Linda’s encouragement, she dressed up nicely and was happy she did. It would have been disaster for her had she dressed in jeans and top and he brought her here.

There had a nice dinner with enjoyable conversation. Undiscussed, both of them put their phones away for the duration of the meal. Not even for one second did they glance at their phone. That was a rare feat in this social age where a lot of people behaved as though their phones were their life source.

Without her saying anything he ensured he got her home in time. When he got to her front door, he said his aim had been 9pm but traffic saw them getting in at a quarter past nine. Not so bad, it was a Saturday night she didn’t have to get up very early the next day.

Ofcourse as was to be expected there were several update requests from Linda. Lol, the girl liked amebo.

She would reply to the messages after her bath.

While she was in the bathroom her mom came into her room.

“How did your date go?” Amaka Chukwuemeka asked.

Adaeze rolled her eyes in the bathroom. ‘Next thing mommy would start planning wedding’ she thought to herself.

“It wasn’t a date, but it went well.” She replied.

He mother sighed deeply. “You and your sister, do you think you are getting any younger. All my mates already have grandchildren even the males. Yet I don’t even have an in-law not to talk of grandchildren.

“Mommy …” Ada attempted to interrupt as she came out of the bathroom.

“Don’t interrupt me!” Her mom shut her down. “What do you want to say; that will you marry yourself, or that every relationship must not end in marriage?”

Adaeze didn’t reply. She concentrated on selecting a sleep wear as though it were the most important task in the world.

“I’m not asking you to perform magic or do something impossible. All I’m asking is that you and your sister come off these your high horse and choose one of the men flocking around you. In a few years, there will be no one. A woman’s time ……”

“Mommy, we’ve heard.” Ngozi, Adaeze’s elder sister came to her defense.

Adaeze turned around sharply. She hadn’t heard Ngozi come into the room and neither had their mom.

Both Ada and Ngozi held their breath expecting their mom to continue with the scolding, but Mrs. Chukwuemeka just sighed and rather said; “Your Uncle Sam called, the burial has been fixed for June.”

“June!!!!” both Ada and Ngozi exclaimed.

“That’s a whole 9 months!” Ngozi said quickly calculating.

Amaka Chukwuemeka sighed deeply by way of response. “Anyway, it’s their brother, there are the one who have the final say.” She got up to leave the room. She turned back to the ladies at the door. “You ladies need to settle down, you are not getting any younger. Ehn, biko!” with that she left the room.

“How was your date?” Ngozi asked after their mom had left.

“It wasn’t a date, why is everyone seeing it like a date?” Ada sank into the bed.

“Ok, how was your meeting?” Ngozi rephrased.

“It went well.”


“So nothing. We just had a nice meal; a delicious one at that.”

“Lol, did you go there for the food?” Ngozi teased.

“Ofcourse. I was hungry. Anyways, Mofe is cool, but….. I’m not ready.”

“Why, because of Chike?”

“No, because of me. I just, … I get mommy’s point of view that we aren’t getting any younger. Believe me; I know. But; I’d rather not make a mistake.”

“Isn’t that our fear? Anyways, just to remind you that overtaking is allowed.”

They both laughed. “You and this your overtaking is allowed. I need to reply Linda’s messages before she has a heart attack.” Ada picked up her phone.

“Aite. Good night. Church tomorrow?” Ngozi asked as she got up to leave.

“Sure.” 22 messages from Linda! She read them all, laughing at the desperation to hear gist in Linda’s messages. Rather than text a response, she decided to call her.

After the call, she checked her other whatsapp messages. Regular group convos, and …… a message from Chike “Hi, how are you?”


Breaking the Silence: The Situationship


……….After taking the call, Adaeze’s mom called herself and her siblings and broke the news to them; their father was dead.


Then the drama began, we all know in Igbo land an African man cannot die a natural death; someone has to be responsible for it.

His family came with the drama; they alleged his wife and children abandoned him and contributed to his death.

It didn’t matter that he had abandoned them as children and didn’t contribute a dime to their upkeep or education. He was their father and that meant they owed him the duty of care.

It didn’t matter that they were mourning the death of a father they never had, all of that didn’t matter; in Africa it rarely does.

It was in times like this Adaeze asked herself if all the pre-wedding fact finding actually makes sense. Because if with all the fact finding people still end up married into horrible families; what’s the point?

Then came the sympathy and the sympathisers, it felt awkward, almost hypocritical.

The period was a difficult one for all involved, the antics of the father’s people didn’t make it any easier. Mrs. Chukwuemeka had to relieve the pain of the separation all over again; accusations flew all over mainly centered on abandonment. Mr. Chukwuemeka’s people were having a field day.

Then came the story peddlers with their false story telling; they said Mrs. Chukwuemeka abandoned her husband because he lost his job and could no longer cater for his family.

In a world where history is written by the loudest voice there also is the belief in silence being golden. Why do we hush our children when they attempt to express themselves, why do we perpetuate the culture of repression with only a few speaking up, and them carrying the day eventually? It’s in every aspect of our culture, we glorify the silence of the multitude and praise or envy the outspoken few. Lol. Some of the most loved and hated celebrities come to mind.


You know that feeling of being surrounded by people yet alone? Adaeze felt it deeply at this time.

Chike; her boyfriend (or so she thought) was the first person she called to share the news with. He didn’t answer his call at the time; no surprise there, Chike had an annoying phone habit; he was always on the phone but never with his phone when you needed to reach him. So she sent him a whatsapp message. He called hours later. Asked all the questions, said all the needed things and killed it with; “Let me see if I can come?”

That saddened Adaeze. It was a Saturday, what was he doing asides hanging with friends? Could he not see she needed him?

He sent a message later; he couldn’t make it!

Absence makes the heart fonder is a big lie! A more accurate maxim is; nature hates vacuum, or out of sight is out of mind! The next day she was on her way from church when he sent a message asking what time she would be home. She replied with an ‘I don’t know’ for at that point she was upset already. What was he coming to do; to comfort her? If her comfort was dependent on him she would probably be in perpetual mourning.

He called. She ignored the first call, he called back. She repeated the same thing her message said.

‘I’m trying to find time to come and you are being difficult. Just tell me when you will be home?’ He had said clearly exasperated.

Not wanting to get into an argument with him at the time, she ended the call.

He sent a message; ‘Don’t ever end the call on me again.’

Lol! She was done, and this time for good. How Chike could make this difficult time she was in about himself was beyond her. He was always doing that. She had known him for two years and in those two years he had never been there for her. Theirs was the classic situationship where he took all she could give but gave little or nothing.

Birthdays, other joyful moments; he always made excuses. Traffic, something came up, illness, all this were excuses he used to avoid being there for her. Whereas the reverse was the case with her. She was there for him when he sneezed, every event, occasion during their two years; if she knew about it, she would be there. And it wasn’t just her praising herself, he had also attested to it.

She remembered how they met, it was through a joint venture their companies had. In reality, she has been the one to chat him up. Maybe that was where the issue lay. It’s no secret most guys can’t handle being propositioned. Maybe that was why he had never valued her or their relationship. Theirs was a relationship that had never been defined. They weren’t even friends with benefits for they was nothing to benefit from it. They were more or less sexual partners or in a ‘situationship’ for lack of a better word. Well, whatever the case; she was done. Really truly done. For two years she couldn’t think of a 3 month stretch when they were together, but there were stretches that long where they were apart.

What she couldn’t understand was why he didn’t want to let her go. He had said to her severally that she annoyed him but every time she tried to break it off, he refused. This wasn’t the first time she had tried to end the relationship but he always refused. Well. She was done, he just didn’t know it yet.


He came by 3 weeks later. He came with a mutual friend. She ignored him. Ain’t no time for rubbish. It was a Saturday and her family was home so that helped to mask her ignoring him. Adaeze didn’t care though! A week later he sent a message asking if her ignoring him when he came to her house was good. And I’m her mind she was like; ‘I hope this young man is ok’?

Like really he couldn’t see anything wrong with his actions? That must be done serious shit. She ignored the message. It was a whatsapp message so he will be able to tell it had been read but she wasn’t going to respond to it. 2 weeks later he sent another message that he was in the neighborhood and could he stop by?

‘Okay.’ She had responded.

If only he had left it at that. If only he hadn’t tried to push by asking if she will talk to him this time if he came to her house. For that was when she snapped!



To Be Or Not? E7


‘Mommy is asking for your email and bb pin, she said she wants to give it to her friend whose son just returned from the US.’ “Oh no!” Emily exclaimed aloud. Her mom was on the matchmaking path again.

The thing with mothers is that they remain eternally hopeful; Emily’s mom wasn’t an exception. In the past, she had introduced Emily to all her ‘friends’ sons, Emily began to wonder where her mom got all these ‘friends’ from, because the women weren’t the ones she knew as her mom’s friends growing up. She wondered if there was an association of mothers with unmarried children, and they just exchanged children contacts at random.

Rolling her eyes, Emily closed the message, she would deal with that later, she was almost becoming a pro at handling all the men her mom tried to hook her up with. Besides, she and Julia her sister had devised a plan to give out wrong contact details to the matchmaking party.

Emily was sceptical about people especially men who needed to be match-made. What was wrong with them that they couldn’t see all the beautiful wonderful ladies all around them? Emily had long concluded that these men had to be flawed, how else could their inability to begin a relationship for themselves be explained.

No doubt some of these hook-ups worked, but naa, Emily wasn’t the least bit interested.

“You want to get some ice-cream?” Obi asked, bringing her back to the present.

“Sure.” She accepted, smiling secretly as she remembered the last time she was went to an ice-cream parlour with a man. Obi pulled into the parking lot of a shopping complex, they  both alighted and to get some ice-cream.

At the ice-cream booth, it became obvious Obi was a regular; the attendants were familiar with him and gave him preferential treatment.

When they returned to the car, she teased him about it. “You seem to be a regular everywhere we go, is it the stardom or………..”

“Or…………” He echoed as he drove out of the lot into traffic.

“I was going to ask if you’re taking me to all the places you take your girlfriends.” She asked, somewhat embarrassed at her train of thoughts.

He was silent for a while before replying: “Couldn’t I just be taking you to all my favorite places?” He asked quietly.

“Off course.” She latched onto that. “My curiosity got the better part of me.” She explained. “This ice-cream is really nice.” She changed the topic. “I thought I’d discovered all the good ice-cream places in Lag.”

She was kinda pissed with herself, what was she doing asking such questions, she knew better. Now he would think she was one of the usual Naija desperadoes!!!

It was all Buchi’s fault; yes she was laying this squarely at Buchi’s doorstep. She had been content with just being friends with Obi, it was Buchi who kept insisting a guy and a girl couldn’t just be friends. Where did Buchi get that logic? Emily pursed her lips and focused on the road. The day started off very well, maybe too well, maybe that was why she started thinking off and wishing for things that aren’t possible. But then, nothing is impossible.

Obi parked in-front of her building; Emily hurriedly unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the door to alight. Obi placed a staying hand on her arm and said; “I know what you’re getting at, it isn’t a step I’m ready for now.”

“Ok.” She replied. She got down and waved as he drove off.

Whew!!!! The day had been a day and half.

Walking up the stairs, she dialled her sister’s number.

“Hello Emily.” Her sister answered almost immediately.

“Julia, I got your message.”

“Mom is at it again!” Julia said excitedly.

“I got that. Did you give out the wrong details as we agreed?”

“Yea, I did, but mom checked the number, and noticed it was wrong. She called me out on it, saying I didn’t know my sisters phone number.”

Emily sighed.

“It’s ok, if the person calls, I’ll handle it.” She had gotten to her door. She leaned against the wall to conclude her call, Linda must be in and she wasn’t in the mood to see her yet.

“Ok. Emily, how about that stuff I asked you for, you haven’t said anything.” Julia asked for some money to update her wardrobe, personally, Emily thought julia already had too many clothes, but Emily knew Julia wouldn’t desist till she gave in. So, rather than voice her opinion, she said instead; “I’ll see what I can do at the end of the month.”

Julia screamed for joy through the phone. “Thank you, thanks darling, you’re the bestest big sister in the whole wide world. Thank you!!!”

“You don’t have another sister to compare me with.” Emily replied, smiling as she ended the call.

She rung the bell, it took Linda forever to come to the door, when Emily could hear her laughter through the door. Obviously, she had a guest. Emily gritted her teeth and prayed for patience, they just had a month to go for Linda would finish her course and return to Abuja.

“Hey you, welcome.” Linda smiled brightly as she opened the door and ushered her in. “I have someone here to see you, I found this gentleman hanging around waiting for you when I returned. We’ve been chatting and he’s been telling me how much he loves you.”

Emily hissed out her frustration as she saw the ‘young man’ in question was none other than Korede.


Altered Vows: All The Episodes

Altered Vows- Till Death….. |

Altered Vows: All My Worldly Goods….. |

Altered Vows: With My Body…. E1

Altered Vows: With My Body….. E2

Altered Vows: With My Body…. E3

Altered Vows: A Chance For Redemption

Altered Vows: A Chance For Redemption (Final Episode)


…… She opened her mouth to give him a piece of her mind but he quickly interrupted.
“I know you are angry and you have every right to be. What I did was despicable, but I’m sorry. I have learnt my lesson. I want you back in my life, I want everything back the way it was. Minus the other woman off course.” He concluded. They were both silent for a while. “Babe, are you still there?” He asked when the silence lingered.
“I’m waiting for you to finish. I don’t want to interrupt so you won’t forget your lines, because that sounded sooooo……….. rehearsed. She sighed. “When you say everything back the way it was do you mean; me, being the girl you only see at night? The girl you never take out in daylight?” She starts to get worked up.
“Babe,” he interrupts to placate her.
“Don’t babe me.” She cuts him off. “If you know what’s good for you, if you do not want me to place curses on you, as I end this call, don’t ever call me again.”
She ended the call, lay back on the bed facing up and tried to calm herself.
How did she stay with Dan for two years? She asked herself. He was so selfish, more like a spoilt child, and the breakup has afforded her the opportunity to see him clearly for what he was. All through the relationship she kept patching up the cracks, the signs had all been there but she had ignored them.” He thinks he can just walk back in like that? Is that how gullible he believes I am?” She asked herself.
Looking at herself through Dan’s eyes she didn’t like the Sara she saw. Frank wasn’t the reason she suddenly saw Dan in a new light. She wasn’t even committed to Frank and for now they were just friends. But he got her, he got her so well. And, he is so open, unlike Dan. No leaving the room when his phone rings, or an evasive ‘I’m with a friend’ when the person on the phone asks who he is with. Or Dan’s trademark ‘I want to spend quality time with you, not share you with the whole world’ when she inquired as to why they never went out. For two years she was with him she should have seen the signs. She didn’t meet a friend, family, colleague anybody connected with him.
Whew! Frank looked like he is exactly what she needs, who knows how he’ll turn out a few months or so into the relationship. She isn’t in a hurry, she is going to take her time. Henceforth her anthem is Tiwa Savage’s kele kele. Any guy who wants her should man up and declare it to the world.

Mabel burst into Sara’s room as usual without knocking. Sara was startled from her studying.
“Where’s the fire?” Sara asked an excited Mabel.
“Guess what?” An excited Mabel was practically dancing around.
“What?” Sara asked.
“I’m just coming from school…..” Mabel dragged out.
“I can see that,”
“You won’t believe what I heard in school?”
“Prof Otu has been officially reported by two students for sexual harassment, and they have proof!”
“Honestly?” Sara asked getting up from the chair.
“Honestly, I overheard my HOD and Dr Taylor discussing it. He is officially on suspension pending the findings of the senate and his courses have been reassigned.”
Sara was very dumbfounded. “You say?”
“I said….”
“I heard what you said!” Sara hugs Mabel and they both dance around. Sara releases Mabel and drops down on her knees and begins to praise God.

Professor Otu was found guilty of sexual harassment and was suspended for a year, within which Sara graduated. Mabel got married in their final year. Dan tried to win back Sara, when that failed, he went to Frank with tales about his and Sara’s relationship, but this wasn’t news to Dan as Sara had told him all about her past. Sara and Frank’s relationship kept waxing strong and they got married while she was awaiting her service year.
A true love story has no ending.


“You need me more than I do, you don’t want me for an enemy.” Mabel read out loud. Both ladies stare at each other. “Ok, start talking.” Mabel prompts Sara.
“When I submitted the research work, he asked for my number, said he was going to call me for us to meet up in the evening. I have been avoiding his calls since then.” Sara summarised. “Is he threatening me?” She asked.
“What does it sound like to you?” Mabel asked dryly. “What are you going to do?”
“I don’t know, I thought if I ignored him, he will lose interest.”
They both think for a while.
“I think your best option now, is to do nothing, but pray. Mabel suggests.
“Watch and pray.” Sara says smiling sadly.
“Yes, watch and pray. Let him make the next move. Don’t delete that message, and pray for God to take control of this situation.”
“Hey! I hope this situation doesn’t turn ugly o! Because I’m not cut out for all this.” Sara mused.
“For your sake I hope so too.”

Saturday night.
Frank and Sara drive up to Sara’s hostel. He parks in front of the gate. She dis engages her seat belt and turns to him smiling.
“Thank-you for a lovely day, I really had fun.” She said.
“Thank-you. You made it lovely. Without you it would have been an ordinary wedding.” He replied laughing softly.
“No, that wedding couldn’t have been ordinary, it was beautiful, the couple look so happy together.” She replies dreamily.
“Women and weddings.”
“Yeah, men just don’t get it.” They both laugh. “Seriously I had a good time, I expected you to flow with your colleagues and kinda ignore me, but you balanced it well.”
“Why would I do that, I asked you to the wedding?”
“Any ways, thanks for taking me, got some good ideas for my own day.”
He laughs “Women and weddings he repeated.”
“So, good night.” She opens the door.
“Can I see you tomorrow?” He quickly asks. “In the afternoon?”
“After church,” she mused. “I’ll trade you, you come to my church, we see after.”
“Deal. What time do you leave for church?”
“Service starts at nine.”
“I’ll pick you up by 8:30?”
“Ok, see you tomorrow.” She alights from the car.
“Good night.” He calls after her.

In class
Students are seated, some chatting in groups, others writing notes, or busy with their phones. Professor Otu walks in and walks to the podium as the student hurriedly organise themselves. He writes a topic on the board and turns to the students. He scans the class and settles on Sara.
“Hey you!” He points at her “Leave my class.”
The whole class looks at her.
“Me?” She asked.
“Yes you, get out and don’t come back.” He barks.
She packs her bag and quickly walks out of the class, with the rest of the class speculating.
Sara goes straight home, distraught, fighting tears.
When she arrives at home, she throws her bag aside, goes down on her knees and bursts into tears. Praying through her tears.

Later in the day, Mabel’s room.
Sara pushes open the door and walks in, Mabel is on the phone, she smiles at Sara, when she notices the downcast look on Sara she gestures what’s wong?
Sara seats on the bed, Mabel hurriedly concludes her call.
“Cousin, what’s the iss?” Mabel asks.
Sara sighs, “My dear, I don’t know where to start o!”
“Is it Frank?” Mabel asks quickly.
Sara hisses. “Do you ever think of anything but Frank?”
“Ok, sorry, what?”
“Its prof.”
“Yes, he walked me out of his class and asked me never to return.”
“What? What happened?”
Sara narrates the incident to Mabel.
“In class, with everyone watching?” Mabel asks when Sara finished.
“Yes o!”
“And nobody said anything?”
“I bet there were as surprised as I.”
“This man has gone mad.” Mabel goes on to rain curses on him, when she is done she asked; “What will we do?”
“I’ve prayed about it, I don’t think I want to do anything else.” Sara replied.
“Maybe you should speak with that female lecturer, what’s her name, your academic adviser?
“Dr Nwafor?”
“Yes, get her opinion.”
“Maybe tomorrow, now I just want to eat and sleep. What did you cook?”
Mabel gets up to dish a plate for Sara.

Sara is woken from sleep by her phone ringing. She picks it up and is surprised to see Dan’s name on the callers Id. She answers the call; “Dan?”
“Babe, I can’t sleep, I miss you so much.” Dan goes straight to the point.
“Are you drunk? You call me in the middle of the night to …..”
“Sara dear,” he cuts in “I’ve been a fool….”
She hisses and disconects the call. He calls back immediately. She ignores it and gets up to pee. When she returns from the bathroom her phone is still ringing, she disconnects the call and tries to go back to sleep. A message comes in on her phone, she reads it its from Dan, pleading that she see him or at least pick his call. He calls again. This angers her and she picks the call to give him a piece of her mind…….

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CROSSROADS Episode Three

Hello everyone, I want to thank everyone who has read a post on my blog especially the Crossroad series. I also want to crave your indulgence to be patient as the series will soon end. This isn’t the concluding part $ summarizing it will cut out some juicy parts. Please be patient with Sara $ I as she tells her story. Thank you xoxo.

Dan’s flat
Sara knocks on the door, after a while without a response she tries the door.
‘Its locked and his car is right here, so he must be inside’ she speaks aloud to herself. She walks around the house to a room window and peeks in.
“Dan” she calls out but the words freeze when she processes what she is seeing. She freezes, very suprised.
“Dan” she calls out again, knocking on the window. Dan looks towards the window, releases the lady in his embrace and rushes to the window.
“Sara, what are you doing here?” He asks pulling the curtain shut around him.
“Dan who is that lady? Come and open the door.”
“She is my colleague, and what are you doing here, why didn’t you call me before coming over?”
“Your colleague, your colleague in bed? Sara raises her voice.
“Calm down Sara, its nt what you think, besides, why are you here? Come over to the front door.” He shuts the window, while Sara runs to the front door. She hears arguing woices inside and pounds on the door, after a while Dan opens it, steps out and shuts the door behind him.
“So this is why I always had to notify you before I come around, you have someone else? Sara asks through her tears.
“Calm down Sara, don’t get dramatic.”
“I shouldn’t get dramatic?” She tries to compose herself as they both stand in silence.
“I’m sorry you had to see this, I had wanted to tell you myself.” He explains.
“You wanted to tell me, what stopped you? You want to eat your cake and have it shey? For two years you’ve been leading me on and all you can say is ‘I’m sorry you had to see this’. Dan! Dan!” She weeps some more, he tries to comfort her.
“Don’t touch me!” She snaps. “I hope she is listening. I hope she realises what kind of person she is before its too late.”
“Sara, calm down.”
“Please I came to get a textbook I left here, I need it to study.”
“Let me get it for you.” He opens the door.
” Also look around for anything else I might have left here. I won’t be coming back here.” She calls after him.
He emerges some minutes later hands her a plastic bag, she collects it and walks away, out of the compound.
“Sara” he calls to her “let me get you a cab, its getting late” she ignores him and walks on.

Sara’s room.
Mabel opens the door and walks in. Sara is lying in bed, reading a novel.
“Babe hw fa?” Mabel greets her.
Sara drops the novel “You no dey knock?”
“Door was open. Hw fa, your phone is switched off.”
Sara sighs “Yea, I need peace and quiet, I have a headache.”
“I hope its not because of that stupid Dan? Tomorrow is you and Franks date, he might be trying to call you.” Mabel moves to Sara’s wardrobe “what are you wearing?”
“I’m not going, don’t feel up to it.” Sara protests.
Mabel ignores her and searches through her wardrobe. She pulls out a light blue gown. “Wear this. With….. this.” She picks out a deep blue shoe.
“Mabel, I AM NOT GOING.” Sara almost shouts.
Mabel smiles “That’s what you think, but I know you will go. Sara, you will hurt yourself with this attitude, for days you’ve been moping around, haba!”
“I just ….”
“You just nothing.” Mabel cuts in. “Dan did you a favor by removing himself from the equation. Forget him, and start living. Live life with Frank.”
“Its not easy o! Even if I go, I”ll be so gloomy.”
“No you won’t. Starting this night we are casting Dan off. FYI Frank is coming to see you.”
“See me where?” Sara sits up in bed.
“Here offcourse, since you switched off your phone he called me, and said he is coming over.”
“Why didn’t you say so? I look terrible.” She jumps up and rushes into the bathroom. Mabel laughs, picks up Sara’s phone and switches it on. It rings immediately.
“Who is the caller?” Sara asks from the bathroom.
“Prof Otu” Mabel replies.
“Ignore it”
“Why is he calling you by this time in the evening?”
Sara exits the bathroom wrapped in a towel. “Prof’s gist is a gist for another day.”
“Ha! he is calling again.”
“Ignore him. I hope Frank doesn’t have plans to go out, I’m not up to it.” She selects a top and shorts and dresses in it. “You say I shld wear that tomorrow?” She indicates the gown and shoe.
Sara picks up her phone as a message comes in. “Professor Otu, he sent a message. She reads the message. “O my God! Mabel see…” She passes the phone to Mabel, who reads and is equally shocked.

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