Happy New Month, Welcome to November



It’s November!!! The month of thanksgiving! How are you all, hope you had a good October?

It’s that time of the year when the thought of the ending year causes us to take stock and count our blessings. However, most of the time we are stuck in counting the things we have prayed for that we are yet to get and we end up feeling frustrated and or discouraged.

I pray for you that as you go through this season you find peace and comfort in knowing God always gives you what’s best for you, at the right time. I pray we all go through this month with thanksgiving in our heart and lips.

Have a great month you all.


Happy New Month, Welcome To November

I woke up this morning, bright an early and realized its a new month, and words can’t explain my joy. October dragged! So many beautiful things happened for me in October, still I couldn’t wait for it to end, I felt like it lasted forever.

So, its a new month, the month of thanksgiving and what are you grateful for? The year is gradually ending, its about that time to count our eggs and chicks….. Whatever our experiences, there’s always cause to give thanks.

I wish us all the best of the month and the rest of the year. May we all have extra reasons to give thanks.

Have a good month, here’s wishing us all beautiful things.