Happy New Month, Welcome To April


Hey everyone, happy new month, it’s April already!!!

Really, when did 2015 begin? I’m so happy with each passing day though, today is a beautiful day to be alive, and Nigerian. congratulations to every Nigerian, with this recently concluded elections I believe we have fully entrenched Democracy. kudos to us all.

It’s passion week, this weekend is Easter, I wish us all a happy Easter hols, filled with joy at the blessings that came to us through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I love you all, keep visiting Chinma Eke’s blog, keep the comments coming, have a blessed month.



Happy New Month, Welcome to February


It’s February!  The month of love,  and I’m sure the most anticipated month in Nigeria in recent times.

Hope y’all had a great January?  If you didn’t,  here’s another month to begin afresh.

So, I had a very busy January and couldn’t blog; I apologise.  However, there’s a new story brewing,  a continuation of a story written in 2013: MOTIVE. This story is titled ‘SECOND CHANCES’, and will begin hopefully this Wednesday or the next.

Keep visiting Chinma Eke’s blog,  and if you’re a Nigerian adult with a Pvc; VOte With Ink Not Blood!

Have a fab February,  wishing us all good tidings!


Happy New Month, Happy Independence Anniversary Nigeria

Happy new month everyone, Welcome to October, and Happy 54th Independence Anniversary Nigeria. I have a Bible quote for Nigeria from Proverbs 14:34- Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. If this can be our guiding words, we’ll get it right.

Have a very good month y’all, keep visiting Chinma Eke’s blog; A new story coming up soon (could be as soon as this evening). Read, enjoy, comment, subscribe for email updates, I appreciate y’all who has ever taken time to read something I’ve written and to comment as well. Thank you and God bless you.

Have a blessed month!

Ms Psyche: NIS Test-Another Sad Tale?

We must be a joke among other nations. No electricity, no fuel (pms), yet we export crude oil, we cannot even conduct a simple job applicants test and get it right.

Those were the words of my sister as we relaxed after sunday service yesterday, each of us catching up on news and happenings in the world via our mobile devices. To me, those words deserve to go into a hall of fame as one of the most apt inferences, and they form the basis of Mondays with Ms Psyche this week.

Daily news in Nigeria is characterised by tails of BH killings in the North, details of the hardship Nigerians are grappling with, and off course one or two shows of shame by our politicians. Saturday March 15 wasn’t left out of this normalcy, it was the day on which the Nigerian Immigration Service entrance test was to be held nationwide.

One would have expected, considering each of the applicants paid a non-refundable fee of A Thousand Naira, that the NIS would have been better prepared for the crowd that showed up nationwide. However, that wasn’t the case as the death toll is currently 18 and counting.

According to Channels TV: “Unconfirmed reports say that 7 persons may have died and several others injured following a stampede at the National Stadium, Abuja.“

This Day Newspaper reports: “The employment test for recruitment into the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) conducted across the country Saturday turned deadly as stampede at three centres claimed the lives of 16 applicants and left scores injured.

Eight people were feared dead during a stampede at the National Stadium Abuja, five lives were lost at the Liberation Stadium, Elekahia, Port Harcourt, while three applicants were also feared dead in Minna.

However, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) confirmed that seven people lost their lives and 40 were injured in the stampede in Abuja.“

The official statement from the minister and Premium Times reports: Speaking in Jos, Plateau State, where he inspected the exercise, Mr. Moro said the applicants should blame their “impatience” for the stampede and the deaths.

He said applicants refused to follow instructions handed them by the recruiters.

“The applicants lost their lives due to impatience,” he told journalists. “They did not follow the laid down procedures spelt out to them before the exercise; many of them jumped through the fences of affected centres and did not conduct themselves in an orderly manner to make the exercise a smooth one. This caused stampede and made the environment unsecured.”

As usual, there’s the condemnations, call for investigations, and call for resignation, etc etc, in a few days we move on, nothing comes of it. Another sad tale, unto the next!

Am I the only one who feels like Nigeria has become reality ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events?’

It is truly a sad turn of events. With rising unemployment rates and insecurity in our country, I believe now is the time to put aside our differences and demand justice and accountability from the ourselves and our leaders.

I dedicate this post to the ever resilient Nigerians, who keep on moving against all odds.

Have a great week ahead, treat others as you expect.


Ms Psyche

Ms Psyche: Live Your Life!

Howdy people!

So I had a whole different post ready for today, but I had to substitute with this. The latest in the line up of tragedies in the world, and Nigeria particularly is depressing.

Last weekend was the case of the students murdered in their sleep in a tertiary institution in Yobe state, before that; over a hundred soldiers killed by terrorists in combat when the soldiers ran out of bullets. Reeling from that, we ‘celebrated’ Nigeria’s 53rd Independence Anniversary; feelings, sentiments, ‘presidential address’ or not. For the first time in my life, I attended an Independence day service, and it wasn’t bad, I felt good having added my little quota of prayers for Nigeria to that of the body of believers. Then on thursday morning an air plane crashed, killing almost all on board, people who hitherto were escorting a body to be buried are now bodies waiting to be buried or battling for their lives.

It’s a horrible way to die, from being shot in your sleep, to dying in a crash; air or road, or in whatever else mishap. In my book, the only good way to die is when you are past Eighty, of sound mind and body, and you go in your sleep. That’s a good way to go, not dying and being labelled ‘victim’ or ‘one of the victims’, collateral damage for a cause for which you probably know nothing about.

Death is inevitable and the reality of it is so real. None of us knows when we will go and in what manner we will go, all we can do is pray for the best. While we do that, we have to live, live right and live well. Do those things you’ve always wanted to do, do not leave till tomorrow what you can do today, because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Live life as though this were your last day.

To the dead, I say; Rest in Peace. To the living; Live!

This isn’t a call to misbehaviour and irresponsibility, I’m counting on you having the good sense to discern if that your heart desire is profitable ie what value will it add to your life and that of those around you. Rather it’s a call to say and do positive things, to impact people positively. For in the end; ‘We are remembered by the works we have done.’

Have a pleasant weekend, live life, live good, God bless and keep us all.


Ms Psyche.