Happy New Month, Welcome To August


Happy new month, hello everyone.

I have to apologise for the long absence, and to acknowledge that it will probably be September before I return to blogging (exams and work). I sincerely apologise.

However, have a great month, y’all are always on my mind and in my prayers. Be good, show love to all, and have a great month.



Happy New Month, Welcome To March


Its a new month! We’re in the third month already!

Happy new month to you, hope you had a very good February? If not, its a new day/month, and I pray that each new day be better than the last for us all, Amen.

In this third month of the year 2015, I wish us all; tripple our joys and a better life all round. Have a blessed month, enjoy your month, keep visiting Chinma Eke’s blog, Second Chances is about to get explosive!


Happy New Month, it’s February!

Welcome to February; the shortest month in the year and the official month of love.

I pray we all will continue to manifest in greatness as we move through 2014.

Meanwhile, Valentine’s day is just around the corner, what are your plans? Remember; don’t just expect it, show love to someone this season.

Stick around Chinma Eke’s blog as we continue on Keji’s journey to ‘Finding Happiness’, more fashion and beauty articles, and Ms Psyche will make an appearance this month.

Love and Peace y’all. Have a lovely month.


Chinma Eke.

Welcome To August!

Welcome to the beautiful month of August. The month of success, victory, and thanksgiving.
So sad to see July go, I had so much fun through it, but, time must go on and August is upon us.
Wishing y’all joy $ happiness through the month (why is the song on my mind ‘good tidings of comfort and joy’?), have a blast, for children on vacation; enjoy the summer hols.
Stay happy, stay healthy, love thy neighbor, keep visiting my blog, Prose, Ms Psyche, Fashion $ Beauty tips continue.
Lots of Love.

Happy New Month! Its April Fools day!

Happy new month people, its Easter Monday today. May the blessings of the ressurection of Christ be unto everyone of us.
I love it when a month begins on a monday, it just sets the month off right, and today is a public holiday.
Today is also April fools day, (make sure to double check all you hear and see).
Keep visiting my blog, more interesting posts to come. Thank you, love y’all, and make sure you don’t fall victim to April fool’s day.