Quick Ways To Fake Perfect Brows

1. Add a little conditioner.
Your brows need just as much attention as your scalp and hair. Use your favorite serum, or organic oils like coconut, almond, or olive oil, to help keep your brows looking healthy and full.

2. Tweeze away obvious stray hairs.
This instantly cleans your face without re-shaping your entire eyebrow. Trimming really long hairs will also add more polish. Just be sure to use grooming scissors for more control and precision.

3. Brush them.
The same way brushing hair improves its appearance, brushing your brows makes them look instantly groomed. Just brush up and across in the direction of hair growth, which can also reveal stray hairs that you can pluck away.

4. Fill them in.
Brow filler will strengthen your brow shape and draw attention away from messy stray hairs. Pick a pencil that’s two shades lighter than your hair color, or two shades darker if your hair is silver or blonde. If you don’t have a brow pen handy, apply clear brow gel that will hold your hairs in place all day.

5. Add a little concealer.

Applying a dab from the lash line to your eyebrow bone helps conceal strays that can ruin your smooth brow line, and will make your brow look more dense and substantial.


5 Common Makeup Myths

1: MYTH – Primers are not required if you’ve moisturized your skin and applied your foundation evenly.

Fact: Primers help foundation stay in place longer, fill into fine lines, minimize the appearance of pores and prevent the skin from absorbing pigment. As we age, primers become even more necessary. Primer should be applied after moisturizing and before applying foundation.

2. MYTH – To find your perfect foundation color, match it to your cheek, forehead, hand or wrist.

Fact: Foundation MUST match your neck …and chest if you’re wearing a low neckline or a strapless top.  Due to exposure and environmental stress, the skin on our face tends to be slightly different in color (depth or tone), and does not always match the rest of our body.  A successful choice in foundation means the two colors must be matched perfectly so the face makeup looks seamless against the adjoining exposed areas of the body which are not made up. The best place to test for the correct foundation color is on the chin or jawline to see how well it matches the neck directly below it.

3. MYTH – Mineral makeup is better/safer because minerals are natural.

Fact: Guess what …ALL makeup is made of minerals.  Mineral pigments are what give makeup products their color. What many people don’t know is that a mineral makeup might contain other ingredients harmful to sensitive skin and can even cause acne.  It’s important to read ingredient listings carefully if you have an existing skin condition …because even mineral makeup advertised as “good for you” can end up being bad for you.

4. MYTH – Use a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation to disguise under-eye darkness.

Fact: A lighter color will accentuate the darkness and possibly make it look even worse.  Your concealer should match your skin-tone exactly to disguise under-eye darkness effectively.  

5. MYTH – Use makeup to contour the shape of your face (nose, cheeks, chin, etc.).

Fact: Up close and in person at a business or social event, people can tell when you’ve overdone the ‘corrective’ shading.  If you don’t do it carefully and completely blend highlight and contour you’ll look like you have stripes on your face. Also remember that bronzer and blush are NOT appropriate contour products.

What are other makeup myths you’ve debunked, do share with us.

Common Makeup Mistakes

Here are some of the most common mistakes ladies make;

Sleeping with Your Makeup On

This might be the worst mistake you can make with your face. No matter how late it is or how tired you are, always take the time to remove your makeup before you go to bed. Besides the fact that you’ll wake up with panda eyes, it’s really bad for your skin.

Makeup clogs your pores, which prevents them from doing their job — releasing sebum, which lets out dead skin cells and other irritants. When sebum isn’t released, it builds up and results in acne. Leaving your eye makeup on can be even worse. It can cause irritation, an allergic reaction, or even an infection. Not really worth it to save those couple minutes, is it? Always clean the makeup from your face with a gentle facial cleanser.

Wearing Foundation that isn’t Your Shade

Unless its for highlighting and contouring, and its blended properly, wearing foundation that’s a shade lighter or darker than your skin-tone is a no-no. It’s obvious, looks like you’re wearing a mask, and makes every other color cosmetics on your face look odd.

Eyebrows Arched Wrong

I’m an eyebrow person, and horrible eyebrows get to me. I see all kinds of terrible brows, from ladies who shave all off and ‘draw’ with pencil, to ladies who arch thinly, I see them all.
It’s always better to have your eyebrows professionally arched, then you can do the routine maintenance. Eyebrows frame the face, fill with pencil and powder for a natural look.

Over-application of Blush

Too much of anything is overwhelming. This includes your blush. If you want the flushed look, smile and apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks. If you want a more structured look, follow your cheekbones and then blend the blush upward to avoid creating stripes. The thing with blush is that you can always add more. But if you’ve been a little overzealous in the application, try adding a little loose powder over the cheek to tone it down. Or gently wipe it away with a tissue. If it’s a cream blush, try gently removing the excess with a clean makeup sponge.

Wearing Lip Liner That’s Too Dark

There’s nothing wrong with wearing lip liner. It has two functions: to keep the lipstick from feathering or bleeding, and to make your lips look bigger. However, many women make the mistake of wearing a lip liner that’s much darker than their shade of lipstick. This was briefly a trend in the 1990s, but we mean briefly.

Also, sporting a dark outline of lip liner in contrast to a lighter lipstick will give you an odd ring-around-the-mouth appearance, which is simply not an attractive look. Use a lip liner that matches or closely complements your lipstick, or try a clear lip liner. For older women, a clear lip liner is best, because it won’t noticeably settle into lines around the mouth as the day goes on.

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5 Steps to a Flawless Finish

First step: Primer
Primer seals in moisture and helps your foundation go on more easily.

Use a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your foundation. Apply to the under eye area (and at the inner corners of your eyes) to smooth fine lines, cover dark circles and hide imperfections.

Apply A Foundation
that’s perfectly matched to your skin tone. Use with the foundation blender brush for a smooth, even, flawless makeup application.

Now, Smile
While you’re doing it, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. For the most natural effect, blend your blush downward and outward.

Brush A Lighter Shade of eye shadow over your entire eyelid. This opens ups and brightens the area. Grab your favorite eyeliner pencil and work it into your lash line. Complete with mascara.

Seal The Deal with a kiss of color and shine on your lips. A lip gloss in a natural shade works best.

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

For those of us with oily skin, you know how frustrating it can be when you start off the day with having your oil under control, freshly cleansed face, beautifully applied makeup (if you wear makeup), and just feeling good. Then as the day goes on, your skin just become more and more oily. You start to look greasy and nothing can stop it! Well don’t freak out. There are products you can use to help minimize getting oily during the day and keep it under control. Check out these products and tips and see what works best for you:

1. Use an oil-free moisturizer after cleansing your face morning and night. You may be getting oily if you are using an oil-based moisturizer. This can leave you feeling greasy pretty quickly and add oils to your face that are unneeded! Make sure it says oil-free somewhere on the bottle. If you don’t use a moisturizer, you are just asking for your face to get oily. This is because your skin needs hydration and if you don’t moisturize at all, your skin will pull bad oils to the surface of your skin, causing you to be more oily and make you breakout! Don’t let that happen!

2. Try a non-alcohol based toner on your skin after you cleanse, before you moisturize. It can help balance your pH levels in your skin to combat oils and make your skin look and feel fresher.

3. If you wear makeup, only wear oil-free cosmetics. Any foundation, concealer, or blush with oil will make you oily during the day, clog your pores, and can cause severe breakouts. Check the labels before buying. If you are unsure still, email the company and they should be able to provide you with that information. Be in control of your skin and what you put on it.

4. Try using a foundation primer before putting on your makeup. Again, make sure it’s oil-free. A face primer works as an invisible barrier between your skin and your makeup, protecting your pores from getting clogged and filled with debris. It will help your makeup last longer as well an you won’t have to touch-up as much. It also fills in any fine lines or wrinkles.

5. Carry oil-blotting papers specifically made to combat oils on your skin with you during the day. These papers gently blot away oil, leaving you looking fresh and not like a grease pit. There are also some great oil-blotting powders on the market from cosmetics’ lines that you can try as well. Make sure whichever you use is oil-free.

6. Don’t touch your face during the day. If you do, you are adding oils from your fingertips to your skin. In addition, you are setting yourself up for more breakouts due to the bacteria on your hands.

7. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your body cool from the inside out.

8. Get plenty of rest not just for your mind and body, but for your skin as well. Your skin restores itself while you are sleeping so make sure you give yourself at least 8 hours of sleep a night.