Brand Review: Zaron Cosmetics


I feel like I’ve done Zaron cosmetics a lot of disservice. I had used their Oil Control Mineral Loose powder sometime in the past and it was ok, but of course I keep going back to my HG powder (BlackOpal loose powder in Neutral Light). Their lipstick pen in Muse (nude) is also a favorite of mine and yet I hadn’t posted a review. (I’m sorry Zaron).


Zaron is a Nigerian owned brand and one for the brands I identified as I try to #buyNaijatogrowtheNaira. Sometime in March, I walked into their Ikoyi store and bought their Face Primer, Healthy Glow Liquid Foundation, Loose Powder, Maxi-blend Compact Powder and ofcourse the lipstick pen (there was the buy one get one free promo at the time of purchase). I have had a few repeat purchases, loved most of the products I have tried, particularly that the products are non-comedogenic and acnegenic. So, here’s my honest review of their products:

  1. Healthy Glow Liquid Foundation


I’m currently on my second tube of foundation- the matte variant; and I’ve got to say I’m loving it! It has SP4 30, its medium to full coverage, very buildable, it does do a passably good job of staying matte (although not transfer resistant) and its VERY PIGMENTED! I feel like that’s its greatest quality. All in all, I will give it a 4/5. My only grouse is that it doesn’t stay matte all day, but then- which product stays matte all day in our weather?

  1. Oil Control Mineral Loose Powder

Zaron Loose powderThis is a good setting powder, it also has SPF, is medium coverage, very very pigmented. Everytime I applied the powder over the foundation, I felt my face was SO bright! I tried using a shade darker and still same difference. I just gave up and went back to my fave powder. I tried blending shades, still couldn’t get my perfect shade. Otherwise; good powder. This gets a 3/5 from me though. Maybe cause its mineral powder and I so badly wanted to switch to mineral powder and not being able to find my shade was a disappointment.

  1. Face Primer

FACE-PRIMER-2-300x300This was the product I didn’t really like. My regular primer combines both the priming effect and mattifying effect, this primer did not. Matter of fact, I didn’t see much of a difference between when I wore foundation and powder alone and when I wore the primer. I’m going to pass on rating this product.


  1. Lip Stick Pen


A bit of a background to my love for lipstick pens: I haven’t had much luck with lipsticks- I like a matte finish, but all the mattes I have tried are always too dry; never blending, be it a tube lipstick or a liquid to matte lipstick; just hasn’t worked for me. However, lipstick pen do work for me. Not just Zaron’s, most lipstick pens do work for me.

I tried Zaron’s lipstick pen and I love it. My only grouse is that it doesn’t last. But it takes a lot for lipcolour to last on my lips, I’m forever pursing my lips or biting it. So, this also gets a 4/5 from me.

  1. Maxi-blend Compact Powder


This purchase wasn’t for me but for my mom. She loved it and I loved it on her. Its medium coverage, not streaky or magnify fine lines, long wear and passably matte. I will give it a 4/5 as well.


So, while I’m on my Zaron love, the product I would love to try is: Zaron Perfect Finish Spray. This is what Zaron says about it: Instant moisturizing and relaxing mist that freshens and treats the skin with its ultra-fine micro droplets. It’s light comfortable and sets all types of makeup. Prolonging wear even under extreme conditions. I have never used a finishing spray, would probably get one with my next purchase. If you have used this product, please let me know how it panned out for you, or if there’s a better finishing spray out there, please share in the comments section. And of course, you need to tell us what Zaron products you have used and your opinion.



PS: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are mine. You can shop Zaron products here or at any of their nationwide stores. 

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

For those of us with oily skin, you know how frustrating it can be when you start off the day with having your oil under control, freshly cleansed face, beautifully applied makeup (if you wear makeup), and just feeling good. Then as the day goes on, your skin just become more and more oily. You start to look greasy and nothing can stop it! Well don’t freak out. There are products you can use to help minimize getting oily during the day and keep it under control. Check out these products and tips and see what works best for you:

1. Use an oil-free moisturizer after cleansing your face morning and night. You may be getting oily if you are using an oil-based moisturizer. This can leave you feeling greasy pretty quickly and add oils to your face that are unneeded! Make sure it says oil-free somewhere on the bottle. If you don’t use a moisturizer, you are just asking for your face to get oily. This is because your skin needs hydration and if you don’t moisturize at all, your skin will pull bad oils to the surface of your skin, causing you to be more oily and make you breakout! Don’t let that happen!

2. Try a non-alcohol based toner on your skin after you cleanse, before you moisturize. It can help balance your pH levels in your skin to combat oils and make your skin look and feel fresher.

3. If you wear makeup, only wear oil-free cosmetics. Any foundation, concealer, or blush with oil will make you oily during the day, clog your pores, and can cause severe breakouts. Check the labels before buying. If you are unsure still, email the company and they should be able to provide you with that information. Be in control of your skin and what you put on it.

4. Try using a foundation primer before putting on your makeup. Again, make sure it’s oil-free. A face primer works as an invisible barrier between your skin and your makeup, protecting your pores from getting clogged and filled with debris. It will help your makeup last longer as well an you won’t have to touch-up as much. It also fills in any fine lines or wrinkles.

5. Carry oil-blotting papers specifically made to combat oils on your skin with you during the day. These papers gently blot away oil, leaving you looking fresh and not like a grease pit. There are also some great oil-blotting powders on the market from cosmetics’ lines that you can try as well. Make sure whichever you use is oil-free.

6. Don’t touch your face during the day. If you do, you are adding oils from your fingertips to your skin. In addition, you are setting yourself up for more breakouts due to the bacteria on your hands.

7. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your body cool from the inside out.

8. Get plenty of rest not just for your mind and body, but for your skin as well. Your skin restores itself while you are sleeping so make sure you give yourself at least 8 hours of sleep a night.