Happy New Month, Welcome to February



It’s the official month of love! Happy new month lovers, welcome to February!

Hope January was good for you?

I wish you all the best that life has to offer in this month and beyond; great love to keep you warm and happy; and many more happy days.

Have a great month, y’all!



Happy New Month, Welcome to February


It’s the second month of the year, congratulations, you made it through January! I love it when months begin on Mondays, and this month has the added benefit of being a leap year. 

I wish us all a great love-filled month, filled with God’s blessings and answered prayers. Have a blast, enjoy the month.




Happy New Month, Welcome to February


It’s February!  The month of love,  and I’m sure the most anticipated month in Nigeria in recent times.

Hope y’all had a great January?  If you didn’t,  here’s another month to begin afresh.

So, I had a very busy January and couldn’t blog; I apologise.  However, there’s a new story brewing,  a continuation of a story written in 2013: MOTIVE. This story is titled ‘SECOND CHANCES’, and will begin hopefully this Wednesday or the next.

Keep visiting Chinma Eke’s blog,  and if you’re a Nigerian adult with a Pvc; VOte With Ink Not Blood!

Have a fab February,  wishing us all good tidings!


Happy New Month, it’s February!

Welcome to February; the shortest month in the year and the official month of love.

I pray we all will continue to manifest in greatness as we move through 2014.

Meanwhile, Valentine’s day is just around the corner, what are your plans? Remember; don’t just expect it, show love to someone this season.

Stick around Chinma Eke’s blog as we continue on Keji’s journey to ‘Finding Happiness’, more fashion and beauty articles, and Ms Psyche will make an appearance this month.

Love and Peace y’all. Have a lovely month.


Chinma Eke.