Hello December…..



Happy New Month darlins, welcome to December!

How have you all been, I hope the first eleven months of 2016 have been good to you? If it hasn’t; don’t loose hope, don’t despair, that you are alive means there is hope for better.

So, we are in the last month of December; Christmas is around the corner along with its attendant excitement and pressures (yes pressures). The best advice anyone can give or receive in this day is ‘live one day at a time’. I encourage us all with these words, I ask that we do not give in to the pressures of the season. Trust and believe in the one in whom you believe knowing that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask of Him.

So, on a lighter note; my tree is supposed to go up today. Between the eight-to-five and traffic I’m not sure today is possible. But by Saturday my tree will definitely go up. Not feeling very festive, as I’m sure a lot of us aren’t; but this little things go a long way to lighten our hearts and moods. I encourage us to try to enjoy the season, if for no other reason but to appreciate the reason behind the season.

I hear Christmas bells ringing……… Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way.…….

Have a blessed month, I wish you God’s grace.


Happy New Month, Welcome To December


Finally! December is here! Happy new month y’all, how was the first eleven months for you, I trust it was good.

It’s the last month of the year, Christmas is upon us. I pray for you, the last thirty-one days of 2015 will be your best. If for any reason, you haven’t achieved that which you set out to, do not worry, do not despair, God knows what’s best for you.

I wish you all a very good month, December is usually filled with lots of partying and celebration; remember, moderation is key, and never forget the reason behind the season.

Have a good month, lots of love.


Happy New Month, Welcome To December

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Finally! December is here, Christmas is around the corner. How have you been, hope January to November was good to you? If you feel it wasn’t, remember; only the living can count blessings (or regrets).

So, as the year ends, I urge us all not to be caught up in the end of year frenzy, relax and enjoy the Christmas season.

God bless us all.


Welcome to December!

Welcome to December, Merry Christmas in advance!

It’s the last month of the year, it’s been an eventful year, and I hope we all have prospered in it.

As we prepare to usher in 2014, I urge us not to get caught in the ‘end of year frenzy’. This is when we check our list of resolutions and aspirations which we made at the beginning of the year and try to meet them in the little time left.

Rather, I urge that we learn to live each day as a new day, avoid unnecessary pressures, and be right with God and man.

In this beautiful month of December, I wish us all joy, love, peace and happiness. Keep visiting Chinma Eke’s blog, a short christmas story coming soon, in addition to other juicy posts.

Enjoy the month, enjoy the rest of the year!

Peace, Love and Happy Everything.


Chinma Eke.