Black Friday: Don’t Go Broke Over Sales


Every year, the last Friday in November is Black Friday; and all the stores ‘supposedly’ crash their prices.


Black Friday comes after thanksgiving and with Cyber Monday and Christmas around the corner everyone is in a festive mood- making merry, giving, shopping, etc.

Many have confessed to having bought unnecessary thing in the lure of lowest prices. Many have actually been caught in the frenzy only to realize later it wasn’t actually a good bargain.

Here’s my advice on how to navigate Black Friday, this is also a note to self, lol:”

  1. Make a list of necessary purchases: prior to Black Friday, draw up a list of what you need, and adhere to it religiously. Don’t move a little to the left or right. Don’t add any extras because you have gotten a good bargain on another. All it take is a little deviation and you’re lost down the drain of unnecessary purchases.
  2. Carefully research your purchase: While drawing up your list, ensure you know their prices- pre-sales. That way, you are able to identify what purchases are a save and which isn’t.
  3. Last and most important: Don’t Get Tempted. Do 1 and 2 above and do not get tempted to deviate from your list.

And…….. if you feel like you will be ‘losing out on deals of a lifetime’, remember there’s also Christmas sales around the corner.

You Are Single, What Do You Do With Your Money?


SingleI needed to process a benefit for a colleague, the company in recognizing the difficult economic terrain had amended the rules to indicate that an employee could either get that particular benefit as immediate cash or deferred benefit. I reached out to him to confirm his preference and he gave the response 99% of Nigerians will give in the circumstances (myself included)- he would prefer cash. Because he and I had a friendly relationship, I teased him that why not defer it since it wasn’t a lot of money. He insisted it be paid out immediately, he went on to list a few pressing needs that money could sort and ended with: Shey me I don’t have responsibilities yet, and shey I have a sponsor!

This question/ assumption, alongside the- when are you getting married (or whatever variant of the question the interrogator chooses to use) are one of the most frequently asked questions I currently get. In the workplace, at social events, among friends; it’s like everyone not-single keeps asking this question. The ones not asking are thinking it and will ask it one day.

I find it particularly exhausting. Like everytime it comes up, I’m just tired. The reason for this tiredness is; for everyone who asks this question, I scream a mental not you too! Or another one bites the foolishness dust! And I sigh. Deeply!

I find it particularly sad (and irritating) that someone will believe that any sane person, in this Lagos (regardless of marital status) will choose to put his or herself through the torture of waking up at an ungodly hour everyday- every blessed work day, navigate Lagos traffic, endure shitty less than stellar bosses and work colleagues; because of fulfilment, or to keep busy! Doesn’t make a lick of sense. And calls into question your sense of judgement if you hold that opinion. Maybe if I worked in another city I could better understand the logic behind that question and belief, but because we (my interrogators and I) work in Lagos, I cannot understand it. No matter how much I try.

The logic is, because you are single you don’t have any responsibilities, abi? Single working-class folks are just piling up the money, no responsibilities. Yeah right! It’s even worse when you are female, guys are given a somewhat free pass- because its believed they probably have a girlfriend(s) whom they foot their bills (the belief that men foot their lady’s bill is just bullshit an empty belief. Where are the men who supposedly foot their women’s bills- or even like 50% of the bills (and I’m not referring to transactional relationships)? I haven’t met them and no one around me has! But that’s a rant for another day).

There’s also the ones that will come to borrow money from you and get upset when you decline. That one is just plain old bad behavior.  But then, you’re single; what do you do with your money? Why won’t you have money when I need to borrow it?

Let’s take a step back before I totally go off; while I agree the married person has more responsibilities in that the family is bigger (current nuclear and previous nuclear family), do we stop to think, just for a moment that; perhaps, just maybe the reason the single person is still single is because- current responsibilities will not allow for added responsibilities? Possible? That’s a thought though.

So, you ask the married person for his/her responsibilities- and they always without fail mention their parents and/or siblings in addition to their spouse and children. The question now is- did you just start caring for your parents and siblings when you got married? If no, then perhaps you shouldn’t be asking the single person what he/she does with his/her money. Shouldn’t the answer to that be very easily derived?

A thought does occur to me though, maybe I shouldn’t be looking at this lapse in memory as a single event but should look at it from the perspective that we Nigerians have very short memories and can believe the most outrageous things. All it takes for something to become authentic is for us to hear it being repeated often or repeated by someone we believe knows better (an influencer- off and on-line).   Even when someone is trying to rejig our memory and to remind us of past events that negate our current conclusions, or to logically point out another perspective, we adamantly refuse to reason because it is said or Lagbaja said so. Case in point- pre and during 2015 elections. Its 2018 and some of us have still not regained our reasoning.

Or perhaps I should situate this question (and other such) in terms of the fact that we are naturally nosy people who never mind our business. Maybe if I did, I won’t find it so sad or irritating. With us, if it isn’t this one thing it’s another, we are always all up in other people’s business at the detriment of ours. It’s a proven fact that Nigerians are very good at putting out fires in other people’s fields while our kitchen is on fire. And when someone points out that our kitchen is on fire, we deny with our last breath, even when the smoking kitchen is obvious for all to see; our kitchen isn’t on fire. Case closed. That’s our story. Or do you want to argue with the owner of the house about the state of his/her house?



To avoid being on the giving or receiving end of offense, we should all learn to mind our business. Might be difficult, particularly for those of us for which it will be like learning new skills in old age, but it must be done. It isn’t my business what I do with my pay- the company which pays me doesn’t ask me what I do with the money they pay me; and that’s because I have worked for the money. Same way you shouldn’t ask me why I am yet to marry or have a child, or get a masters, or go bungee diving, or have a plastic surgery for the heck of it. We should all pay attention to our businesses aka: Mind Your Business! It isn’t that difficult. Abi? How difficult can it be to mind your own business?


This article was initially published here on BellaNaija.

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Breaking the Silence: The End & A Beggining



‘I’m not going to get into how you never see anything wrong with your actions, I’m not going to get into how much you’ve hurt me. But you have and try as I have I can’t get past it. This thing of ours is unlike anything I have ever known; it’s been two years and I can’t get used to it. I don’t want to be friends with you anymore; it hurts too much! Don’t ever contact me; if you do I will block you. Have a good evening.’

Adaeze edited and reread the text. It might not look like much but her heart was in those words. She really needed to pass the message to Chike that they were done for good.

A few hours later he responded. ‘Wow, many words! No worries, I will honor your request. If you want it like this so be it.’


Adaeze’s philosophy to breakups had always been; it’s not over until the ex tries to make a comeback and you refuse to go back, avoid Okafor’s law and all…. Then it really is over.

Adaeze tried to move on in spite of the pain of the broken dream and dashed hope. She threw herself into work, life; there was just something about living and not existing, especially when you are living on your own terms and not on the whims and caprices of another in the name of being ‘girl-friend’.

She could go out with her girls without having to check with Chike on convenience or if he would have preferred that they do something else.

The up-side to being in a relationship is it provides for companionship, the downside- is its restrictiveness. When you’re in a relationship you become a part of a pair (as it should be). The downside comes when the relationship is over. Then you find you don’t know who you are anymore. Everything reminds you of your ex; movies watched together, places visited together, you could just be in the middle of a conversation and you say a word that had double entendre and just like that you are back in pity party land.

Adaeze gave herself time to mourn her relationship. She knew she needed to heal. Beyond Chike she knew she needed to get rid of the daddy issues she had. This constant search for a father figure in her relationships needed to end lest she do herself in by settling for a crappy relationship or worse; a crappy marriage.

Linda was a rock through this trying times for Adaeze. Adaeze had always admired Linda’s relationship. Linda had been seeing Tayo Fayemi for about three years at the time and they were the classic ‘point of contact couple’. They rarely had any fights of note, got along famously, were so in sync, could finish off each other’s sentences, and were good old friends. They were getting married the next year. ‘Daeze was sure they were going to do the ‘I’m marrying my best friend’ lol! They were an inspiration and a heartache; the classic Yoruba and Ibo union, their relationship surviving against all odds. They were also a heartache, could drive a sister to envy! Lol!

Adaeze threw herself into helping Linda plan her upcoming wedding. Between work, church and the upcoming wedding, she was kept very busy. Too busy to think about a guy! Lol! At the time, the last thing she needed was a guy distracting her, she just wanted to be alone to ‘find’ herself.

It was a busy Saturday, she was backing out of Sofresh neighborhood market, a parfait in one hand, her phone wedged between her ear and shoulder, her handbag and a shopping bag in the other hand. She bumped into a warm body and spun around so very quickly almost spilling the contents of her cup on the person she bumped into.

“I’m so sorry!” She apologised. “Babes, lemme call you back.” She said into the phone and dropped both the shopping bag on the floor with her handbag on it. She retrieved her phone from her shoulder. “I’m sorry she apologised again. “Hope I didn’t stain you.” She examined his shirt, and well; got a good look at him. He was tall, but not so much; say 5’ 9”, dark and of average build. Adaeze took in the smile, sunglasses and the white ‘Yoruba demon’ attire (as she had come to think of the popular male traditional shirt and trousers) and her defenses rose.

“No you didn’t.” He replied, giving her an appreciative look.

Duh! She could see that for herself. His cocky attitude was putting her off already, she was immediately irritated. Besides, she knew she didn’t look her best, she had been shopping and running errands all day, was in a plain top and leggings, her hair was unmade and she wasn’t wearing any makeup. What was he appreciating?

“Sorry I bumped into you.” She bent to retrieve her hand and shopping bag. She made to walk around him.

“Not so fast beauty. My name is Mofe” He extended his hand in a handshake.

“Nice to meet you Mofe.” She replied with a plastic smile. She raised both hands in an indication that her hands were full.

He followed her out of Sofresh. “Where are you headed?” He asked walking with her.

She pointed to the waiting cab.

He walked with her to the car and extended his phone to her when she got in. “May I have your number?” He asked in perfect politeness.

She looked at him, her perfect smile in place, set to decline. And then she thought……… ’wharrevva


Happy Children’s Day!

children's day

I’ve always wondered at children; marveled at their innocence and the beauty in their implicit trust. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a childlike heart (or spirit), the kind that is required to enter into the kingdom of heaven. I always wanted to be a mother; that is one thing I long for with every fibre of my being.

I love children, I’m passionate about children; their care, education, everything about them. From their drool to their stool, lol. It takes a special kind not to appreciate children.

There’s a lot to be learnt from children; their ability to love and trust implicitly, their unwavering faith in humanity, their unrestrained joy at the smallest of gifts; children are just so precious.

As we celebrate yet another children’s day; I can’t help but contrast my childhood experience with what children born in this day will experience. The standard of education is fallen, the economy is in the gutters, basic amenities are no longer basic; it can be challenging.

On the back of that our moral and societal ideals are seriously non-existent.

That ‘children are the future’ isn’t just a saying; it is the truth. The children we see today are our future, and the question we must ask ourselves is what future are we building for ourselves through this children?

When we are old and grey; our peers will also be old and grey. It will be the children of today who will be our medical personnel, banking officers, supermarket attendants, engineers, etc. Will we be comfortable putting our lives, savings, and/or working with them if we continue like this?

We often pray that no evil befall us; how often do we pray that no evil befall those around us? By this I don’t just mean family; I mean colleagues, domestic employees, corporate employees, and the random person you will brush past on the street. We need to be our brother’s keeper and by brother I don’t just mean family.

There was this story that went viral a few years ago of a domestic servant who unknowingly infected the children in the family where she served with HIV. If the mother in that home had just extended her love to that help by providing her with her own toothbrush; that would have been avoided. Think also of the story of the woman who always kept out some pastry on her window ledge. The story has it that the man who always picked the pastry will fail to thank her. She got so angry one day that she thought to poison the man. She had actually set out the poisoned pastry, but luckily for her she retrieved and replaced it just in time. That day; her son who was returning from war hungry was given pastry by a stranger; the same pastry his mother set out. Imagine if she had left out the poisoned pastry.

These two stories are just illustrations; the message is ‘to build for ourselves the future we want; we need to invest in the children of today, for they are the future’.

One thing I’ve learnt in my short time on earth is how small the world truly is. We Africans believe it takes a whole village to raise a child; have an impact in a child who isn’t related to you by blood, contribute to building the future you want.

Happy Children’s day to all children (myself inclusive, lol), may we have a future as beautiful as we can ever imagine.




12 Natural Ways to get rid of Scars

Almost everybody has a scar they’d really rather not see every day. I’ve got a few from the chicken pox I had 15+ years ago, some others from injuries and cosmetic trials (yes I do!), and some from hot water burns. So first of all, not great memories! And secondly, even though the scars are faded, they’re still a little unsightly.
If you have scars from cuts and scrapes, injuries, acne or surgery, chances are nobody else is noticing, but they can be annoying or make you self-conscious. While scars are inevitable, there are a lot of natural remedies you can use to minimize their appearance. Note that it may take several consistent applications—daily is ideal—for results to be really noticeable.



Especially helpful for acne scars, a cucumber treatment like a face mask or lotion can minimize inflammation and the appearance of scars.


This essential oil helps treat dry skin, reverses signs of aging, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.


Mix frankincense oil with another scar-fighting oil, rosehip seed oil, to make an anti-aging facial oil that also works on scars. Rosehip seed oil is high in essential fatty acids that heal dehydrated skin. It’s a “dry” oil, meaning that it soaks into the skin easily and doesn’t leave a greasy residue, so you can use it just about anywhere on your body.


Dilute ACV with anywhere from 1 to 4 parts water (depending on how sensitive your skin is) and dab or swipe on with a cotton ball to help fade scars and sun spots. If you have acne-prone or oily skin, try this wonder ingredient in an acne-fighting turmeric-ACV astringent, too.

aloe, chinma eke's blog


This worked wonders on my ankle scarring—you can still see some discoloration but it’s not nearly as raised as it used to be. Among many other benefits, aloe reduces inflammation, swelling and redness.


Another great treatment for acne scars. Lemon juice helps fade any dark discolorations in the skin. Combine it with aloe’s inflammation-fighting power in an aloe-lemon face pack (you can use it elsewhere, too.)


Leafy greens are the best natural source of vitamin K, which helps with blood clotting. When it comes to skin, a topical application of vitamin K can help minimize spider veins, bruising, scars and stretch marks. Make sure to eat your kale and collards to promote healing from within, too.


DIY beauty mavens swear by baking soda for discoloration and acne scars. It’s also a gentle exfoliant. Baking soda works like a magnet, pulling any ickiness out of the skin. Mix a little water with baking soda to make a paste and apply to wet skin, then let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. (Hold a warm compress on it for even better results.)


Vitamin E is super soothing to the skin and helps scars disappear over time. Open up a vitamin E capsule and apply the liquid to the affected area. FYI, this will be messy!

olive oil, chinma eke's blog


EVOO helps loosens dead skin cells, and lighten and soften scars. You can even leave a little olive oil on the affected area overnight for extra moisturizing.


In addition to working well for stretch marks, cocoa butter (go for organic, raw versions if possible) is a highly concentrated fat that penetrates deep into skin to heal, smooth and soften. This is a great remedy if you have larger scars.


In addition to helping treat burns, eczema and acne, lavender’s healing and soothing properties also help diminish scar tissue. Lavender is gentle enough that you can apply a couple drops to the affected area daily (do a small test patch on the inside of your elbow if you’ve never used it before). Bonus: lavender is great for anxiety and insomnia.

What are your beauty recipes, share with us!

*Article credit: Bloglovin

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Happy New Month, Welcome To April


Hey everyone, happy new month, it’s April already!!!

Really, when did 2015 begin? I’m so happy with each passing day though, today is a beautiful day to be alive, and Nigerian. congratulations to every Nigerian, with this recently concluded elections I believe we have fully entrenched Democracy. kudos to us all.

It’s passion week, this weekend is Easter, I wish us all a happy Easter hols, filled with joy at the blessings that came to us through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I love you all, keep visiting Chinma Eke’s blog, keep the comments coming, have a blessed month.


Second Chances- A Sequel To Motive

Hey y’all!!  How have you been?  It’s been several whiles, but the story is finally here! Yayyy!

Like I said, it’s a continuation of a past series; Motive and you can read up on it from the archives, while I also give a quick synopsis.

Deola Lasisi was dating Senator Tom Briggs; there were plans for them to get married when the senator goes missing. No one knows if he’s been kidnapped and held for ransom, or if he’s alive. Deola was the first suspect; Senator Briggs’ wife wanted her arrested. Deola is vilified in the press, she lost her pregnancy, and when the senator was finally rescued alive she decided to walk away. Her career as a designer was in crisis, she was the poster girl for home wrecking, but all through her family and friends stood by her, most especially; her PR rep Kunle Phillips.

He professed his love for her, but based on her recent experience, she was wary of another relationship, most especially, on how society and Kunle’s family will view the relationship.

Second Chances is Kunle and Deola’s story. It’s a story of love, forgiveness, and second chances for all.

Enjoy, share, and comment.  XX

second-chances- chinma eke's blog

Deola straightened up from her sketches, stretching her back to ease the ache. She glanced at the wall clock; past four? Which meant she had been sketching for over three hours! Whew!!! She looked around her office; design sketches all over the desk, discarded balled up papers littered the floor all around her. A once cold half-filled bottle of water lay on the floor beside her chair. She picked up the bottle and emptied its contents. That wasn’t so bad, although she would have preferred something cold.

Her stomach rumbled. She was hungry, breakfast was light years away, and she didn’t have lunch either. She sank into her chair and thought on what to eat. She wasn’t on a starvation drive, she just ate when she needed to, which was when the hunger pangs were overwhelming. She had a collection to turn out in less than a week, and she wasn’t satisfied with any of her designs.

She hadn’t concluded on what sketches she wanted to work with, and decided the designs was just the beginning. She would have to select fabric, models, etc. all in a few days. This was what was procrastination did to a person, she thought to herself ruefully. She had put off preparations till the last minute, and when she had begun; it was as though her creative juices dried up. She exhaled loudly, almost blowing some of the sketches away, and just on cue, her phone rang. That must be Chima; her bff, and soon to be her sister in-law, they had plans to meet up this evening to conclude on Chima’s wedding dress designs. Chima was marrying Deola’s brother Dayo in five weeks, and she couldn’t decide on what style of wedding dress she wanted. She couldn’t decide between a princess gown and a mermaid gown, and Deola had this sneaky suspicion Chima might be the first bride to change clothes during the church service.

Chima was already decided on her reception dress, but couldn’t decide for the church wedding. Deola smiled fondly as she followed the sound of the ringing phone to find it. On finding it, she was reminded that she hadn’t set that ringtone for Chima alone, Kunle also shared the same ringtone. Kunle was a business acquaintance turn friend. They met back when she had opened her business and contracted his PR firm as her publicist.

They became fast friends beyond business, and he had been a rock when she had been engulfed in the kidnapping-mistress scandal about a year ago. Deola had been surprised to find that Kunle along with two of his friends owned the PR firm. Kunle wasn’t big on titles, or ceremony. His friend had the responsibility of the management and financial part of the business, while Kunle oversaw business development and off course their raison d’etre; Client PR.

Kunle and his partner were good at their business, and the PR firm, in less than five years of its existence was one of the leading PR firms in the country.

“Hey Kunle” She answered the phone happily. “How are you?” She asked, sounding like she said; how you?

“I’m good.” He replied in his rich velvety baritone voice. “And you, how has your day been?”

She sighed. “So so. Don’t know if I’ve achieved anything, I have some sketches but don’t know if I’ll like them tomorrow. You know me.” She laughed, perching on her desk.

“You’re overthinking it. Why don’t you break for the day, come out with me, let’s go somewhere nice.”

“Ok, I’m liking what you’re saying. Where are we going?”

“Somewhere nice, somewhere dressy.”

“I’m in shorts!” she protested, glancing at her shorts and fingering her cotton top.

He laughed richly. “How did I know?” he asked rhetorically. ‘For a cloth designer, you have no personal sense of style.”

“Oh! I do, and you know I do. I just choose not to wear haute couture every day. I’m working.” She reminded him good naturedly.

“I know, I know. Well, I’m sure you can find something nice to wear. I should be with you in thirty minutes and we are going somewhere classy.”

“Ok. I will. Got to go, need to go search for something to wear. Later!”

She ended the call and called to her shop manager; Helen to help her select something to wear, while she tidied her office. Kunle was very punctual, even traffic obeyed his sense of timing. If he said he was picking her up in thirty minutes, he would be there in thirty minutes.

“Yikes! She remembered Chimamani was supposed to come around that evening. She placed a call to her immediately, to find out where she was and if it was possible to cancel. Chima was happy to cancel as she was still some distance away and would appreciate going home to rest. Or, surprising Dayo and taking him out for dinner.

Helen brought a dress into Deola’s office, and seeing it, Deola refused, shaking her head in negation. Helen disagreed, mouthing a yes. The dress was a very deep blue lace bodycon dress; the dress was a show stopper, sure to flatter the wearer. Deola and China referred to the dress as ‘the dream dress’ as Deola got the inspiration for the design in a dream. She had refused to sell it, content to just display it, Chima and Helen had been trying to get her to wear it, but Deola had refused. She ended the call, and turned to Helen and in a voice that invited no argument asked Helen to bring her something else, something understated, as had been her style in the recent past.


Kunle took her to the newest restaurant in town which had just opened the day before. It was an ocean-front restaurant, and Kunle’s firm handled publicity for the event. She had read nothing but good reviews for the restaurant.

There were ushered into a private dining room with a view of the lagoon. Everything from the décor to the ambience spoke of elegance, and Deola was immediately at ease. Her fear of being seen in public and being fodder for the gossip blogs forgotten.

Kunle asked her the details of her day and she launched into an excited tale while they ate. When she got to the part about Chima happily forgoing the dress fitting for a chance to surprise Dayo with a dinner date, she paused and looked up to find Kunle watching her wistfully.

“What?” She asked suddenly self-conscious.

“You are beautiful.” He murmured.

She blushed beneath her dark skin and took a nervous sip of water.

She cleared her throat, and made to continue, but he stopped her by speaking first.

“I want you to be this passionate when you talk about me. I want to be more than just a business associate, I want more.”

“You are already more than a business associate, we are friends.” She replied, increasingly getting uncomfortable at the line of discussion.

“Yes, but I want to be more than friends. I love you Deola, and I want to be with you, I want us to get married, it’s been months now since you asked for time and everyday it’s been torture. I……”

“Are you okay?” Deola snapped at Kunle, suddenly angry, why was Kunle putting her on the spot like this?  “Like, really Kunle can’t you see what a relationship with me would do to you?”


As The Year Ends….

As the year ends, a lot of us have the ‘out with the old, in with the new‘ mentality. We are in a hurry to cross over to the new year with the belief that it’s an opportunity for a fresh new start.

As true as that may be, we need to pause, take a minute to be grateful for what we have. There’s a proverb that says an attitude of gratitude attracts new blessings. Let’s end the 2013 on a grateful note: gratitude to God, for the life we live. For our loved ones; friends and family. For health, for our jobs/business, etc.

For family; the good, bad, embarrassing, and those ones we would love to forget about.

For our friends; the ones we’ve outgrown, drifted from, forgotten, unfriended. The real friends and the cyber-friends. For those friends that get us and for the ones that envy us. The ones we can always count on, and the friends in need.

These and more are things to be grateful for. Our nation, as corruption laden as it is, as natural disaster free as it is.

I urge that we begin the new year with writing a gratitude list, before a resolution and/or needs list, that we remember the people who have made our lives over the years and in 2013 worth living and we take them along with us into 2014.

Personally, I’m grateful to God; for Him being God in my life. For my family, friends, loved ones, for my blog, for you, etc.

I’m grateful to my family, for the love and support, and for loving and putting up with me. I’ve got to give it to them, it isn’t easy being my family.

Also, I’m grateful for my friends; real, virtual and cyber. It’s been great being friends with you, and I pray to be a better friend in future.

Finally, I’m grateful to you. To everyone who has ever visited Chinma Eke’s blog. Or read my works on any platform. I would love to mention names, but I’m mindful of the ghost readers whom I do not know of but whom I value greatly.

I love and appreciate you all, and pray for a better 2014.

Lots of xoxo,

Chinma Eke.

My Super Ex-Boyfriend! Episode Nine

After work that day, Susan came over as usual to join us home, and Clara gisted her in detail. They laughed so hard at the car detail, I couldn’t help but manage a smile.

We were seated in our favourite lounge sofa, all our staff gone for the day.

“Zach is your own live Christian Grey. Can u believe it, there’s a ‘girlfriend special’ car!” Susan remarked through laughter.

“Seriously, we don’t know for certain he bought her the car.” I said.

“I’m willing to bet my wedding ring he bought that car.” Susan replied.

“And she has MaryAnne’s stature and colouring also. He also has a type.” Clara added.

They laughed harder.

“Oh my God! I’ve been such a fool!” I cried.

“I think you should speak with Zach before you draw that conclusion.” Clara sobered up. “I personally think it odd that she came over, insisted on meeting you, talked so much….. That spells ‘ex’ to me.

“Clara does have a point. This whole visit seems calculated to me, like she came to introduce herself, check you out, that kain thing.” Susan added.

“You girls are just trying to cheer me up.” I muttered, I was so confused. This whole thing seemed like a dream to me, but I was very aware of the reality of it.

Oya be sad. This relationship is so drama filled, we could write a soap outta it.” Susan jibed.

“Fifty shades of Zach!” Clara added, and they laughed.

“Okay, enough fun at my expense. We need to get going.” I got up, clutching my bag and car keys.

“Mary Anne is in her suppressing mood element.” Susan said to Clara in a stage whisper as they both got up.

“Her strong woman mood.” Clara agreed, talking about me as though I wasn’t there.

I left them to lock up and walked my car, feeling all levels of down.

“Please give me the keys, I have no desire to go swimming in the Lagos lagoon.” Susan said when they met up with me at the car.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked defensively.

“Mary, it’s obvious you are upset, why not let me drive.”

I got overwhelmed and burst into tears.

Clara unlocked the car, and they ushered me into the back seat. Thank God the parking lot was deserted, I would have hated to cause a scene.

I alternated between quiet racking sobs, and wailing and questioning fate. Why couldn’t I have a normal loving relationship. With a normal regular guy?
I didn’t ask for all these complications, the suspicion, numerous girls. This wasn’t me, I can’t go on this way.

Long minutes later, I stopped crying, and Susan drove homewards. I must have dozed off, I heard Clara call my name in my subconscious, I jerked awake.

“MaryAnne!” She called again.

“I’m, I’m awake.”

“Your phone is ringing.” I heard it, Zach’s ring tone.

“Answer it. Don’t say anything. I have a plan.” Susan urged.

I answered the call and said nothing about meeting his girlfriend. When he commented about my flat tone, I told him I was tired. So tired Susan was driving. He said all the right things, and we made tentative plans to see the next day.


The next day dawned bright and early, I got a twitter notification: ‘Lady Adeola’ followed me. I followed back. Then she sent me a facebook friend request, haba? This was beginning to look like witch hunting. I drew Clara’s attention to it and she made a joke and posted it on her PM; When your boyfriend’s girlfriend friends you on fb and follows you on twitter, you know there’s war in the land. Truly, this looked like a siege. I went through her profile, according to her she worked as a PR consultant for Zach PR rep. Either way, I was going to ask Zach about her.


Steeling my emotions, I drove to Zach’s. One look at me and he asked what was wrong.

“Nothing much, just tired.” I replied flippantly, summoning false cheer. “How are you, you also look beat.” I enquired as he led me into the house.

He exhaled and spread his hands expensively.

I laughed as we sat. “We are prototypes for the normal Lagosians. Tired but still hustling.”

“Yea. I have an idea, why don’t I order massages for us both?”


“Off course now. They can be here within the hour.” He picked up his phone from the side table, dialled and placed the order.
“They are on their way.” He said after the call.”

“Okay.” I liked the idea of the massage, at least it would remove the pressure of having to pretend all was fine. “I hope you ordered a male massuese for me?” I teased.

“Hell no! Female.”

“Male for you?”

“The spa usually sends female.” He replied flipping through TV channels.

“Ok.” I almost blurted out the question/accusation about Adeola, but decided to wait. I would ask after the massage. “I need a drink, you want some thing?” I asked instead, getting up.

“Mix me a cocktail.” He replied, intent on the football match re-run showing on Supersports.

“Aite.” I replied rolling my eyes at him. Behind him off course, inside me I said: yes your majesty.

I took my time making the drink, and a light snack too. All to kill time. By the time we finished the snack, the massuese had arrived. I gladly submitted myself to their expertise. An hour later, when they were done, we were both so relaxed. I felt like you could pour me in a bowl, so relaxed I dozed off for a while.

He woke me with kisses ot tell me it was getting late.

“You look so beautiful when you sleep, seeing you wake up, lights up my world.” He murmured. Planting more kisses.

Yikes! How did I end up in his bed? He must have moved me from the guest room. If I didn’t stop him, I knew what would happen in the next few minutes.

I yawned and stretched. “It’s late already?” I glanced out the windows through the drapes at the darkening skies.
“Gosh I need to get going.” I sat up.

“No time for your poor, lonely boyfriend?” He sighed, putting up a ‘poor me’ face.

“You know how it is, and besides it’s not a good time of the month.” I lied, anything to get out of there. I couldn’t bring myself to have sex with him knowing and suspecting what I did.

“Okay.” He sat up. “Then you need to get dressed and outta here soon.”

I didn’t need to be told twice, I got moving. Halfway through my dressing, I heard a: “Damn!” From Zach. I turned around curiously.
“What?” I asked, he was staring at me intently. What did I do?

“You are so beautiful.” He softly crooned. “More beautiful than Botticcelli’s Venus.” He came to stand behind me, we both looked into the mirror. damn we really looked good together. But if he felt this way, why the need for other girls? I was tempted to ask, and again I lost my nerve. I turned around and kissed him. Okay, wrong idea!

He broke the kiss. “You need to get going, and I have a meeting in thirty minutes.”
His phone rang, he stepped out of the room to answer and returned fully dressed.

“I have a show tomorrow, can we see the day after?” He asked.

“Ok.” I acquiesced.

He walked me to my car and watched me drive.

I placed a call to Clara to find out where she was. As usual the LED notification light was blinking, I made a mental note to check it when I got to the shop.

I walked in to find Susan and Clara sitting in our chair, staring at me expectantly.

“You girls are so ameboish! Haba! See them sitting waiting for gist.” I teased.

Oya joor. Gist!” Clara urged.

I dropped my bag and joined them on the sofa.

“I couldn’t ask him, kept loosing my nerve.” I said staring straight ahead.

“So what did you guys do all these time, because you don’t ever go out. Abi?” Susan asked.

“We had a massage, and I slept off.”

Clara sniggered. “He gave you, you gave him?”

“Off course not. Professional massage, with a massuese.”

“Oh! In-house off course?”

I sighed by way of response.

“But this Zach tries in some things, my fiance doesn’t remember things like massage and pampering things.” Susan said aloud, kindoff to herself.

“Zach and I have been having unprotected sex.” I announced in the ensuing silence.

“Please say that was a joke?” Susan whispered hoarsely. Turning on me.

“How? Why?” Clara’s voice was louder. Both staring searchingly at me.

I got up and leaned against the wall.
“I thought it meant something, the intimacy. But recently, I don’t know again. And I’m scared.”

We all avoided each other’s gaze, lost in our own thoughts.

“Yes, it does mean something; stupidity.” Clara remarked dryly. “How could you….?”

“No sense crying over spilt milk.” Susan interupted. “Tomorrow we go for a medical test, and you need to sort this thing with Zach quickly.”

“I guess you haven’t checked your twitter notifications, LadyAdeola mentioned you in a tweet.” Clara said.

I got out my phone, and went straight to my twitter notifications, there was Adeola’s mention: I love social media, it gave me my Zach, and a cool new friend in @creativemaryanne!