Up & Out of the home in 30 mins- my daily beauty routine


Anyone who knows me and follows this blog knows I’m the diy chic. I love and use a lot of natural products. I’m not out to knock the beautician’s hustle; but I believe  there’s a lot of natural ingredients we can use in its closest to natural form as possible befire its refined by the cosmetics company and a minute quantity of it sold to us at an exorbitant price with lots of skin-harming preservatives. 

Because I love diy, I tend to have a lot of stuff to experiment with. Space is one constraint I struggle with in my closet and later in the post, I will introduce Makespace a storage and organising facility which I hope can help me with this, but first lets go through my beauty routine.

I reviewed my face soap- R&R Liquid black soap here. And my go to body oil- Vanity oils Skin Toning therapy  here.

In today’s post, I’m going to take us through my daily beauty routine and the products I use.

In the morning, I wash with my face using a soft baby towel (I’m holding out for a foreo Luna mini face brush- do I have any volunteers?).

I follow that with my tumeric-gram flour-bentonite clay mixture face mask.

I bought them all separately from Jules therapy. You should visit their online shop, they have a lot of good stuff for the diy chic.

I make a paste of the tumeric mixture by mixing with water or lime juice for an added punch, or coconut oil when my skin feels dry; and I apply directly to clean skin.

Rinse off after 5-15 minutes and you’re good to go. Tumeric is a herb that’s good for acne treatment, oil control, etc. I should do a separate post on tumeric and it’s numerous uses soon.

I brush my teeth, pack my bag and do some other things while the mask is on my face.

I don’t use the tumeric face mask on all mornings, on the days I don’t; I cleanse with Dermatess facial cleanser. It’s a local product I’ve found to be as effective as Marykay Blemish control toner.

Depending on what time of the month it is; I either follow with neo-medrol acne lotion (or Marykay Acne treatment gel) or I skip that step and go right to my moisturiser.

My morning moisturiser is Marykay timewise pore minimises. It’s the step 2 in the micro demabrasion set.

Next up, I follow with Marykay foundation primer- spf 15 and the rest of my makeup routine (that’s a post for another day).

Next up; I need to dress up. I approach my closet which is full and bursting at the seams, with me having to store some clothes in bags above the closet.

It is very scattered.

A few weeks ago, I learned about a company called makespace they are a self-storage facility. That help you keep your personal stuff which you don’t need atm and you can retrieve them as needed.

I’m not sure they are in Nigeria atm, but I could sure use them. Please MakeSpace get back to me on if you’re in  Nigeria presently; I could sure to with some space.

So, I rumage through my closet for something to wear (‘coz of the space constraints I have clothes hanging in themselves with one hanger holding as many as 3 clothes). I get dressed, pick a matching shoe and I’m off to work.


Tired, ready to fall into bed, but I always ensure I take off my makeup before bed.

I use Johnson’s no more tears baby wipes to take off makeup. Then I follow with facial cleanser and Marykay Micro- demabrasion scrub twice a week. I cleanse, moisturize with vanity oils skin toning therapy and it’s off to bed for a sound sleep.

I couldn’t show my show and bag closer on here cos it’s FULL, bursting and impossible to organise. Lol! Short of extending beyond my room I see no other option to create space except storage- which is where Makespace will come in.  Makespace is not just about storage, they also organise your stuff in your home. Get in touch with them today and check out their self storage locations.

Also, share your daily beauty routine with us. We would love to hear from you.


Chinma Eke

Miriam’s Tale E6

Hello darlings, how have you all been? I apologise for not posting on Wednesday, work as a little extra busy. Here’s this week’s post, hope you enjoy, and do let me know what you think by leaving  a comment.

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Miriam's Tale, Chinma Eke's blog

The next day dawned bright, when I was ready for work, mama and the kids weren’t ready yet. I explained to her that she needed to hurry so I could drop them off at the park on my way to work. She said I should go ahead, that Jude was going to come by to take them to the park.

That made me uneasy, although I couldn’t pinpoint the reason for this unease. I tried convincing her that if they didn’t get to the park on time all the good buses will be gone; she insisted she wanted to wait for Jude. I left for work, leaving Amaka instructions not to forget to take the kids for their summer class in time.

When I got to work, I tried Amaka’s mobile, it didn’t go through, the usual Nigerian network error. I thought nothing of it; every Nigerian knows we experience network challenges often.

I returned from work the next day to a veerryy silent house. I had gotten some ice-cream for the kids because I knew they will be missing ‘the guests’ already. I refused to call them siblings; I just refused to process the thought.  Amaka opened the door even before I rang the bell, and I could tell she was worried.

“Welcome aunty.” She greeted me taking my bags.

“Thanks Amaka, how are you?”

“I’m fine aunty.” She led the way into the house.

“Where are the kids?” I asked. The house was too tidy and quite, very unusual.

“Aunty.” She dropped the bags on the dining table. “Uncle Jude came this morning and took everybody out, they are not back yet.” She blurted out wringing he hands.

My head spun. As in I could actually see white dots in front of me. What was Amaka telling me? That my brother-in-law came over since morning and took everyone out including my kids and they weren’t back yet? “How?” Was all I was able to utter, I began to panic. How could Amaka have let my kids be taken out without my permission? ‘He took my children to Abuja and you let him? Why didn’t you call me?” I screamed.

“No ma, he said he was taking them to the beach, not Abuja.” She replied fearfully.

“So their things are still here?”

“Yes aunty.”

I ran into the bedroom to confirm this, and truly, their stuff was all there. Still, the beach? Jude took my kids to the beach without informing me? It was past 7pm and they weren’t back yet. I ran back into the living room and got my mobile phone out of my handbag, I dialed my mother-in-law’s number, it rang though without her picking it.  I tried Jude’s number, he didn’t pick as well. My panic intensified.

I called my mom, my dad had been sickly of recent and I didn’t want to alarm him. My younger sister: Susan answered my mom’s phone and I poured out the whole story to her, sobbing through the tale. While we were on the phone I heard my mom ask her who was on the phone and she told her the story. I heard my mom say immediately that they were on their way. I was so scared, I didn’t know what to think. What if something bad had happened to them? Why hadn’t they returned? What if my mother and brother-in-law had kidnapped my children? Those children were my life, I couldn’t survive it should anything happen to them. I turned on Amaka who was standing silently in a corner.

‘Why didn’t you call me? Immediately he said he wanted to take the kids out you should have called me for permission. And to make matters worse you didn’t go with them? Haba Amaka? When I lefe for work this morning I told you there were going back to Abuja, that Jude was coming to take them to the park. So I leave for work and Jude comes and gives counter instructions and you obey his instructions. Why?” I scolded her through my tears.

This was so unlike Amaka, she had been with me for years and was usually very dependable, I totally trusted her with my kids. Why had she let this happen?

She began to cry and I got up and began to pace.  I tried Jude’s number again, he answered on the second ring. “Where are my children?” I asked without preamble.

“Relax sis, we’re on our way back.” He replied.

I struggled for calm. “Give Daniel the phone.” I demanded.

“Hello, mommy” I heard Daniel’s voice a moment later and I could have wept for joy. He sounded both excited and tired.

“Daniel how are you?”

“I’m fine mommy, we went to the beach.”

“That’s nice, Amaka told me. How is Ada?”

“She’s fine mommy, she’s sleeping.” He replied.

The poor child must be exhausted. “Okay love. How close are you, do you know where you are?” I hoped they were in the neighborhood.

I heard him asking his uncle where they were.

“Uncle Jude said we’ll soon be home.” He replied a moment later.

“Okay dear, see you soon. I love you.”

‘I love you too mom.”

Immediately I ended the call the doorbell rang. Amaka opened the door and let in my parents and my younger sister.

“Have you been able to reach them?” Susan asked.

“Yes, Jude finally answered his call. He said they are on their way back.

“Where are they, how far away are they?” My father barked.

“Daddy I don’t know, but I spoke with Daniel.”

He sat down, obviously very upset. This was why I didn’t want to tell him, I didn’t want to cause him any distress.

My mom went to the kitchen and got him a glass of water, which he sipped with a quiet thank you. She sat beside him and they held hands.

Watching my parents brought tears to my eyes. This was what I wanted, being so in-tune with your spouse that no words were needed to communicate. That was the kind of marriage I wanted, the kind I thought I had until Ken died and his death exposed what a fraud he had been. My parents had been married for over thirty years and still going strong. We hadn’t heard of any parallel family or love child. Ken hadn’t even gone two years with me before he started another family.

The doorbell rang a while later and I sprang up. I ran to the door and yanked it open. I was both surprised and disappointed to see my elder brother and his wife. Apparently, Susan had called them on their way over

I let them in and relayed the status update to them, and they joined us in waiting.

The next time the doorbell rang, my brother sprang up at the same time as I did. He asked me to stay back and let him get the door.


Happy Easter!


Easter is such a precious period for us Christians for this is the purpose for which Christ was born;  to die and atone for our sins that we in Him might live. 
May the restoration power of Christ’s death and resurrection renew all things in your life,  and help you to live life victoriously and finish strong.
God bless y’all, Happy Easter!


My Super Ex-Boyfriend! Episode Four

There’s this belief, that when you know your problem you are halfway to it’s solution. In reality, that’s not the case.
As I sat in my room thinking on my relationship with Zach, those were my thoughts.
Being with Zach was like being with two different guys. When we love, we love like there’s no limit. When we have issues; equally limitless.
This minute he’s burning with the fire of passion, and ‘love’, the next; I don’t know again o!
Who knew I could be this tolerant? Me; Mary Anne Phillips, taking all these from a guy? Why?

Seriously, Zach and I, who had more dibs on childish behaviour? I am the last child with two elder brothers, I was very pampered, if not spoilt. While he is the middle child in five children, with older and younger siblings of both sexes. Or could that be the iss? Maybe all these attention seeking was as a result of childhood deprivation! Still, that’s not a reason or an excuse. His behaviour was almost bordering on bipolar disorder; this minute he is manic, the next depressed.
I’ve tire!

He was crashing by three in the afternoon? Why did that sound fishy to me?

I refused to dwell on that. I needed to keep busy, but dare not touch a fabric in my current distracted mood.
I pinged Clara Where are you?
She replied almost immediately: Meeting a client for a makeup consult. You home?
Sure I replied. Can I come with?
Sure. Getting dressed already.
Ok. Meet up with you soon.
I dismissed Ayi, changed into blue jeans, and a white chiffon top, and I joined Clara.
Her consult was in Ikeja, the client knew what she wanted and the meeting didn’t last long.
Clara and I went window shopping at the Ikeja city mall, off course they were some purchases, and some ice cream. We got home late and it was straight to bed. I refused to think about Zach.

The next day, I got good news. I got an email that I had been nominated in the Nigerian Fashion Design Awards. For Best street wear designs. As in, I couldn’t believe it!
Ayi and I did a fusion of skelewu, azonto, andetighi dance moves. I immediately gave her the day off, with some money for drinks.
I called my mom, she was as over the moon as I was. My dad was away on official duties, my mom said she’ll call him. I sent my brothers messages, then I called my girls, thankfully it was Susan’s CD day, and she was on her way home. Clara was home, and immediately came over.
I was tempted to call Zach. No, I didn’t. He should call me.
We had an afternoon of fun, a mini party. When my mom returned from work, she joined in the revelry.
I was so happy, being nominated when I had just been in business for a little over a year was recognition enough for me, I wasn’t so particular about winning.

Two days after, Zach called.
“Congratulations sweetie on your nomination. I just heard.”
“Thanx.” I replied.
“Why didn’t you tell me, you must have heard.”
“Well, I didn’t want to interrupt your busy schedule.”
“Mary Anne, haba?”
“You haven’t exactly been warm towards me recently.”
“It’s stress babe. You know na, you know how it is.”
“Yeah well, but it’s no excuse for…..”
“Sweetheart,” he interrupted. “All that is in the past. Forgerrit! Okay, how about I cook you dinner to celebrate. You know, the Zach special.”
Cook me dinner, can’t we ever go out? After the first couple of dates with him, Zach and I have never gone out.
“It has to be an early dinner, you know I can’t be out late.” I replied.
“No p babe. You get the special treatment. Lekan will pick you up from home and drop you off. Five o’clock good?”
“Ok babe, later.”
That was another thing, Zach had never been to my house, he never dropped me off, its always the driver who did, or a taxi.
I thought I was taking a break, did I just agree to a dinner date?
Its three already, what do I wear?

Dinner was lovely, I had a suspicion he had help with preparation or set-up, but, that wasn’t an issue.
Dinner was candle lit.
The table was beautiful set with an array of mouth watering dishes. I could smell them from the front door. He made curried rice, the veggies crispy the way I like them, the chicken roasted to perfection. There was an array of side dishes, at a point I lost track of what we were eating. We had ice cream for desserts. I joked if the plan was to fatten me up.
After dinner, we did burn off some calories before I left.

In the weeks that followed, Zach was so attentive. We had passed our ‘one week one trouble’ phase.
He was billed to perform at the Nigerian Fashion Design awards and as such we couldn’t go together(not like we ever go anywhere together). He sent a Limo, with all the works.
As a nominee, I could take five people with me, my table sat six. I had the perfect five to go with me: my mom, my girls, and Ayi. We were decked to the skies, and we rocked the red carpet.
I didn’t win, the award went to another, but I wasn’t really disappointed. I was up against some big industry names, and felt blessed to even be nominated.

Zach’s performance closed the show. During his performance, he came down off the stage, to our table and serenaded my mom. Seriously had her blushing under her dark skin.

The next morning; a sunday, as my parents and I were about leaving for church, our doorbell rang. Our maid Bisi came into my room to inform me a man was there to see me.
It was Lekan, and he said: “The boss sent this to you.” He stretched forth an envelope. I took it, on it was written: You deserved to win, here’s your prize, enjoy! Signed with ‘Z’. In the envelope was: proof of ownership for a 2012 Honda Crosstour, Vehicle licensing papers all in my name, open mouthed, disbeliefing and questioning, I looked up to see Lekan stretching forth car keys and pointing to a sleek black Honda Crosstour SUV!
I couldn’t believe it, I screamed!
The award prize car was a 2012 Honda CRV and Zach bought me a Crosstour!!!


“Hey baby!” He sang to me. “You sleeping already?”
My eyes popped open! Huh?
“I was.” I replied cautiously.
“So sorry I had to disturb your beauty sleep, but I just had to speak with you before I sleep. How are you?”
For real? I sat up in bed.
“I’m fine, and you?”
“Better now I’ve spoken with you. Just came in from hanging with the guys, about to crash, so jet lagged.”
“You need to rest.” I said stating the obvious.
“Yea, about to, in bed now. What are you wearing?”
And so the discussion took another dimension. It was only after the call ended some long minutes later, before I drifted off to dream land that I realised; Zach didn’t mention his earlier tantrum. We just ignored it like it didn’t happen.

In time, even I had forgotten it. We were having the time of our life.
Zach put me up to styling a couple of his music videos. I could have done it for free, but he insisted on paying and giving me credit for it. The videos were shot in South Africa, all expenses on Zach’s record label, and boy! We had madt fun. The only blip was the video director; Linda Adeshina, who was hostile towards me, to the point of being rude, I wondered why (were we sharing husband?).
Zach advised I ignore her. According to him; she is like that with every female. Anyways, I didn’t let her spoil my fun.
I kept my girls updated, we were always chatting when I wasn’t on set or with Zach.

After two weeks of mega fun, we returned to Lag. My girls were waiting at home, and the gist flowed. After I must have told the stories like twice, and we had gone through my bag and the gifts I brought them, I noticed the glances they kept exchanging, and I asked; “Girls, what’s new?”
Susan opened her left palm; a ring. An engagement ring! I screamed! We screamed!
She slipped the ring on her finger, it was so beautiful. So sparkly, so beautiful! Susan was engaged!
After the scream fest, and shedding of a few tears of joy, I demanded to know the whole story.

On the day Susan received her call-up letter for her Youth service(she was posted to Lagos), her boyfriend; Timi took her for a celebratory dinner and asked her to marry him, off course she accepted.
We were in seventh heaven. Full wedding planning mode activated. The traditional wedding was to be at Susan’s hometown in Delta state, in about two months during the christmas hols.
Clara and I were our own full wedding planning service, while Susan went for her orientation camp.

When I excitedly told Zach about Susan’s engagement when we spoke on the phone the next day, all the response I got was a grunt.
As in a good old grunt!
Or something which sounded like a grunt!
He must not have heard me, so I repeated myself.
“Babe, I said Susan’s boyfriend asked her to marry him. They are engaged!”
“I heard you the first time.” He said dryly.
“The trad will be in Asaba, will you come?” I went on excitedly.
“You ask; if I’ll come as though you are there already.”
I giggled. “I’m so excited!”
“I don’t know what the fuss is about getting married, it’s all unnecessary to me.” He snapped.
His words literarily rained on my parade.
“Don’t you believe in marriage?” I asked, a tad turned down.
I heard a voice in the background, a female voice.
“Let’s not get into that right now. I’m going to nod off now, we’ll talk tomorrow. Good night” And he ended the call.
You know those movie moments where a person stares at the phone in disbelief after he/she has been hung up on, I had that moment then. I stared at my phone. But for the fact that he bade me good night I would have thought it was bad network connection.
‘It must be the jet-lag.’ I rationalised, but the voice I heard…. And the hurried way he ended the call?
No, I must have heard wrong, a female can’t be with Zach at this time. Fidelity is a big issue with Zach, he can’t be cheating. It must be the horrible Nigerian connection.
I sent him a text: ‘Good night, sweet dreams, angels around you.’
My mind immediately went back to the impending wedding. Somewhere in between plans, I drifted off to sleep.

The next day I got back to work. I had a backlog of orders, Ayi and I can’t keep up anymore. Well, I’m not complaining, business is good.
It took NEPA/PHCN interrupting power supply to get us to break.
I glanced at the wall clock, jeez! Was that the time?
I searched for my phones.
“Ayi have you seen my phones?” I asked her after searching without success.
“No, I haven’t seen them today, and they haven’t rung. Quite unusual.” She observed.
When was the last time I used them? I searched my mind.
I called Zach this morning, oh! That must be where I left them! I went into my room, and there they were, both blinking furiously.
Missed calls, bbm’s, emails, whatsapp messages,…
How did we live before the advent of mobile phones, especially smart phones?
Zach called me on both phones?
He also sent a message: ‘Where the hell are you?’
I tried calling him; he didn’t answer.
For two days I kept trying to reach him without success. My calls were ignored, my messages as well. But he was okay, he kept up his social presence, he had a live TV show interview, he was just ignoring me. I was pissed, and worried.
I felt like I was living in twilight zone.

Two days later he eventually answered my call.
“Babe, you okay?” I asked in concern.
“Yes.” He sounded….. Drunk, or high or something. But he doesn’t do drugs, at least not to my knowledge.
“You’ve been ignoring my calls.”
“Just like you ignored mine.”
For real? “Babe, I was working…..”
“I was working also.” He slurred.
Okay, Zach was definitely drunk and I refused to argue with a drunk man.
But it was just three pm, wasn’t it too early to be that wasted?
“Are you home?” I asked, hoping he was and wouldn’t have to drive in his condition.
“Why do you ask?” He countered.
He was definitely spoiling for a fight.
“Just checking up on you.” I replied.
“I’m fine.” He snapped. “If that’s all I have somethings I need to get back to. Later.” And he ended the call.