Product Review: Black Opal True Color Liquid Foundation


Hello Lovelies, it’s been a minute hasn’t it? I’ve missed you all. Hope you’ve been good?

Today on #beautyfriday I’m going to be reviewing Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation.


I got this foundation as part of my beauty haul from Kuddy Cosmetics at the just concluded 2016 Lagos Trade fair. I had seen so many positive reviews about this product I decided to give it a trial.

I paired it with my trusted Mary Kay foundation primer and finished off my beloved with Black Opal deluxe finishing powder in Neutral light (6).

found, powder and primer.jpg

My thought around the foundation was? A bottle? How will I get every drop of my foundation out in this hard times? Lol! I gave in sha, the sales rep advised I get the foundation in Nutmeg (that was my thought as well). I applied with my foundation brush blending in as advised on the bottle. The product glided on smoothly and only needed extra coverage on areas darkened by acne scars.

This is what it looked like:found-alone

My first thought was….. reddish? But I said to myself not to despair yet. I finished off with my deluxe finishing powder in neutral light and then I looked like myself again! Lol! I love this powder and someday will dedicate an entire post to it.

I finished off my makeup as usual and was off for the day.


I really put my makeup to test that day. The day was sunny; I had a seminar to be at and Lagos Island market runs interspersed with other errands and I only dabbed once. This is what my face looked like at the end of the day.


My verdict: I liked it, it held up really well, felt weightless and transfer resistant. I will purchase again.

My rating: 3.7. I can still see the reddish tint.

So, there it is dearies; have you tried the Black Opal Liquid foundation, what was your experience with it?



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Top Ten Tips For Healthy Skin Of Colour


What’s best for your skin is an individual thing based on genetics, skin type, special skin issues, age and other factors. But these 10 tips for women of color are musts for healthy skin.

1. Use products for your skin type. It’s important to use products that are formulated for your skin type. A cleanser for oily skin will be too drying for someone who has dry skin. Some products that work on normal skin might irritate delicate, sensitive skin.

Using the wrong product can do anything from making the skin look too oily or causing breakouts, to emphasizing fine lines and wrinkles or making makeup application look uneven.

2. Avoid harsh ingredients. Certain ingredients in products like salicylic acid and even some alpha hydroxy acids (fruit acids) can be too harsh for certain skin.

Chemicals like synthetic fragrances can cause allergic reactions in the skin of some women and alcohol-based products are very drying to others.

Observe which product ingredients cause skin reactions and check the ingredient label for patterns and possible culprits. So if you know you are allergic or easily irritated by certain ingredients, check the list before using a product.

3. Do patch tests. If you are using at-home kits like microdermabrasion kits, hair removal systems, facial peels and other products that are clinical strength or potentially harmful, always do a patch test on a small inconspicuous area like the inside of the elbow to make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients or that your skin is not too sensitive and can be irritated or damaged by the product.

4. Cleanse the face daily. It’s especially important to cleanse the face at night to get rid of dirt and debris and of course makeup. Avoid abrasive cleansers. Opt for a sensitive formula, especially if you have dry or easily irritated skin.

5. Exfoliate. When dead skin cells accumulate on the skin’s surface, what you’ll end up with is dull-looking skin or skin that is unable to adequately absorb nutrients and nourishing ingredients from skin care products.

Remember to regularly exfoliate the face, using gentle exfoliants, avoiding almond or coarse salts, which can actually tear the skin. Don’t use a body scrub on your face. And speaking of the body, be sure to exfoliate the body with scrubs or by dry brushing to avoid dry or ashy skin.

6. Keep Skin Hydrated. Always moisture, even if you have oily skin. Use a moisturizer that is formulated for your skin care needs and for the season (i.e., a lighter moisturizer in the summer, a creamy moisturizer during the winter.)

7. Use sunscreen. The sun can contribute to premature skin aging. While melanin provides protection to darker skin, you can still get skin cancer and often it’s at an advanced stage. Use sunscreen year round.

8. Be mindful of medications. Certain medications contribute to skin problems and others can cause sensitivity to the sun. Be sure to apply sunscreen or avoid the sun when using these drugs. Drugs that cause sun sensitivity are birth control pills, antibiotics, acne medications and some hyperpigmentation treatments.

9. Be careful with professional treatments. Cosmetic surgery and other professional treatments (laser treatments, microdermabrasion, etc) might cause skin discolorations and other problems in skin of color. Make sure that you see a professional that is experienced in treating dark skin.

10. Help your skin take care of itself. Lead a healthy lifestyle, with a nutritious diet, exercise and plenty of rest to help your body and skin continue to rejuvenate itself.


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How to get a Fresh-Faced-Glow After a Very Busy Week

#beautyfriday, chinma eke's blog

Hello ladies, welcome to #beautyfriday it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

This week, we’re talking tips on how to get a fresh-face-glow after a very busy week. We work hard, play hard, but as fun and satisfying as this lifestyle is, it takes its toll on our skin, leaving it dull and lifeless. Fret not. There’s no need to stay home after a long day’s work to look awake and radiant in the morning. You can have it all: a fun night out and a gorgeous, fresh-faced glow.  Here’s how:

Slough it all off

I’m talking about dead skin cells. Those that accumulate on the surface of our skin are old, rough, and so dull! An exfoliant with glycolic acid, will get rid of them all, leaving our skin smoother and brighter. Plus, it allows skincare products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, so they work better and faster!

A vitamin boost

If you’re not using vitamin c, you’re missing out. This powerful antioxidant boosts collagen production and fights the premature signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Best of all, it has brightening properties that make skin instantly glow!

Fake it

Strobing is all the rage now. That’s great news for us. There is no easier way to brighten up your skin immediately. All you need is a highlighter and a concealer brush (the beauty blender works well too).

Now, all you have to do is place the highlighter on the places where the sun naturally hits your face. That’s the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, chin,  brow bone, the inner corners of your eyes, and the center of your forehead. Now, blend well. Hello, radiant beauty!

Powder up – sparingly!

If you have oily skin, your makeup will melt faster than an ice cream in the middle of the desert without a powder. But powders give your skin a matte finish. So, if a healthy glow is what you’re seeking, you must hold back on them. If you really must, apply a light dusting. But only where – and when – it is absolutely necessary.

How do you achieve that beautiful, fresh faced glow? Share with us.