Happy New Month, Welcome to April 


images (4)It’s the beginning of the 2nd quarter! The first quarter was a blast, or was it? Lol!

Personally, I felt like it dragged. But….. We’re happy to see it go. And this month is Easter!!!!

So, as we begin the 2nd quarter; I ¬†wish us all God’s grace and blessings. May this month be all that we wish it is.

Have a great month y’all, wishing you Joy always.

xoxo chinma

Happy New Month, Welcome to April!


It’s April and we are officially into the 2nd quarter of 2016. How are you all doing, I hope the year has been good for you despite the challenges facing the country?
How are we doing with our to-do list? I hope we’re successfully ticking off certain things in the list? God will give us all the grace to achieve our desires; amen.
As the new month begins; I wish us all the best; springs in desert, help from the most unexpected sources, needs met, joy in our heart, loved ones all around and enough to eat and to give out. How bless us all, and….


Happy New Month! Welcome To April!

Hello everyone, happy new month, welcome to April!

The first quarter of the year is gone already. March was such a wonderful month, but I’m happy to see it go.
Today is April Fool’s day, prank wisely!
Easter is up in a few weeks, remember Christ; the reason for the season.

I wish us all the best in this month, may all good things come to us all.

Have a blessed month, keep visiting Chinma Eke’s blog, read, enjoy, comment, and subscribe.