Brand Review: Zaron Cosmetics


I feel like I’ve done Zaron cosmetics a lot of disservice. I had used their Oil Control Mineral Loose powder sometime in the past and it was ok, but of course I keep going back to my HG powder (BlackOpal loose powder in Neutral Light). Their lipstick pen in Muse (nude) is also a favorite of mine and yet I hadn’t posted a review. (I’m sorry Zaron).


Zaron is a Nigerian owned brand and one for the brands I identified as I try to #buyNaijatogrowtheNaira. Sometime in March, I walked into their Ikoyi store and bought their Face Primer, Healthy Glow Liquid Foundation, Loose Powder, Maxi-blend Compact Powder and ofcourse the lipstick pen (there was the buy one get one free promo at the time of purchase). I have had a few repeat purchases, loved most of the products I have tried, particularly that the products are non-comedogenic and acnegenic. So, here’s my honest review of their products:

  1. Healthy Glow Liquid Foundation


I’m currently on my second tube of foundation- the matte variant; and I’ve got to say I’m loving it! It has SP4 30, its medium to full coverage, very buildable, it does do a passably good job of staying matte (although not transfer resistant) and its VERY PIGMENTED! I feel like that’s its greatest quality. All in all, I will give it a 4/5. My only grouse is that it doesn’t stay matte all day, but then- which product stays matte all day in our weather?

  1. Oil Control Mineral Loose Powder

Zaron Loose powderThis is a good setting powder, it also has SPF, is medium coverage, very very pigmented. Everytime I applied the powder over the foundation, I felt my face was SO bright! I tried using a shade darker and still same difference. I just gave up and went back to my fave powder. I tried blending shades, still couldn’t get my perfect shade. Otherwise; good powder. This gets a 3/5 from me though. Maybe cause its mineral powder and I so badly wanted to switch to mineral powder and not being able to find my shade was a disappointment.

  1. Face Primer

FACE-PRIMER-2-300x300This was the product I didn’t really like. My regular primer combines both the priming effect and mattifying effect, this primer did not. Matter of fact, I didn’t see much of a difference between when I wore foundation and powder alone and when I wore the primer. I’m going to pass on rating this product.


  1. Lip Stick Pen


A bit of a background to my love for lipstick pens: I haven’t had much luck with lipsticks- I like a matte finish, but all the mattes I have tried are always too dry; never blending, be it a tube lipstick or a liquid to matte lipstick; just hasn’t worked for me. However, lipstick pen do work for me. Not just Zaron’s, most lipstick pens do work for me.

I tried Zaron’s lipstick pen and I love it. My only grouse is that it doesn’t last. But it takes a lot for lipcolour to last on my lips, I’m forever pursing my lips or biting it. So, this also gets a 4/5 from me.

  1. Maxi-blend Compact Powder


This purchase wasn’t for me but for my mom. She loved it and I loved it on her. Its medium coverage, not streaky or magnify fine lines, long wear and passably matte. I will give it a 4/5 as well.


So, while I’m on my Zaron love, the product I would love to try is: Zaron Perfect Finish Spray. This is what Zaron says about it: Instant moisturizing and relaxing mist that freshens and treats the skin with its ultra-fine micro droplets. It’s light comfortable and sets all types of makeup. Prolonging wear even under extreme conditions. I have never used a finishing spray, would probably get one with my next purchase. If you have used this product, please let me know how it panned out for you, or if there’s a better finishing spray out there, please share in the comments section. And of course, you need to tell us what Zaron products you have used and your opinion.



PS: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are mine. You can shop Zaron products here or at any of their nationwide stores. 

A Guide to Buying and Using Beauty Products

Selecting which beauty products to buy and use is a hurdle every person male or female must have faced at one time or another. A lot of us are clueless on which products to buy and often times we have to rely on the advice of others; from friends and family, to the sales rep at the store, to product commercials.

Below are some tips that will help when buying beauty products.

>First and most important; if it doesn’t have all its ingredients written out (so you can be sure and comfortable with what you are buying), don’t buy, don’t use.

>Know your skin type and buy products appropriate for your skin type.

>Look for labels such as: hypoallergenic (won’t cause allergies), if you have acne prone skin; hypo acnegenic (won’t cause acne), and non-comodogenic (won’t clog pores), especially if your skin is sensitive.

>That a product worked for another person doesn’t mean it will work for you. Always test product on a small part of your body, and wait 24hours to check for allergies.
Now I know that’s not always easy considering by then you must have bought the product already. That’s where the above tips comes into play, read labels carefully before you buy.

>To avoid purchasing a fake product, if you have been advised on which product to buy, before buying the product, google it. Go to the manufacturing company’s website and read up on the product. Most websites will show you pictures of the product, the sizes it comes in (if applicable), packaging and labelling. Sometimes fakes are easy to spot, from slight change in packaging color, or typographical errors, etc. Also, visiting reputable sites on which users have reviewed the product also helps.

>Reduce the number of products in your skin care routine. Only use what’s necessary for you.

>Sunscreen is an important staple in day time beauty products. Buy products that offer UVA and UVB protection.

>Price doesn’t determine efficacy, neither does brand.

>Check for expiry or best before dates.


>Read and follow products guidelines or dermatologist’s advice carefully. Usage in a wrong dosage can yield adverse results.

>Over using chemicals increases the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays.

>Apply face cleansers, sunscreens, serums and night creams all the way to the chest, for an even toned skin.

>Patiently use your beauty products, products that produce almost immediate results are usually loaded with harsh chemicals and toxins. It might take sometime for you to notice visible results, and most products have a time frame within which you should see visible results.

>Most cosmetic and beauty products do not have expiry or best before dates, what they have is a time frame from when it is opened within which it should be used or disposed (This is indicated on the pack by an open jar, with a time frame written in it). Pay attention to this date to avoid adverse reactions.

What tips do you apply when buying your beauty products? Share with us.

Chinma Eke