As The Year Ends….

As the year ends, a lot of us have the ‘out with the old, in with the new‘ mentality. We are in a hurry to cross over to the new year with the belief that it’s an opportunity for a fresh new start.

As true as that may be, we need to pause, take a minute to be grateful for what we have. There’s a proverb that says an attitude of gratitude attracts new blessings. Let’s end the 2013 on a grateful note: gratitude to God, for the life we live. For our loved ones; friends and family. For health, for our jobs/business, etc.

For family; the good, bad, embarrassing, and those ones we would love to forget about.

For our friends; the ones we’ve outgrown, drifted from, forgotten, unfriended. The real friends and the cyber-friends. For those friends that get us and for the ones that envy us. The ones we can always count on, and the friends in need.

These and more are things to be grateful for. Our nation, as corruption laden as it is, as natural disaster free as it is.

I urge that we begin the new year with writing a gratitude list, before a resolution and/or needs list, that we remember the people who have made our lives over the years and in 2013 worth living and we take them along with us into 2014.

Personally, I’m grateful to God; for Him being God in my life. For my family, friends, loved ones, for my blog, for you, etc.

I’m grateful to my family, for the love and support, and for loving and putting up with me. I’ve got to give it to them, it isn’t easy being my family.

Also, I’m grateful for my friends; real, virtual and cyber. It’s been great being friends with you, and I pray to be a better friend in future.

Finally, I’m grateful to you. To everyone who has ever visited Chinma Eke’s blog. Or read my works on any platform. I would love to mention names, but I’m mindful of the ghost readers whom I do not know of but whom I value greatly.

I love and appreciate you all, and pray for a better 2014.

Lots of xoxo,

Chinma Eke.