Life Lessons from Chadwick Boseman


Death brings out the sentimental and author in all of us (for some of us it helps us find our lost writing pad)
We mourn and eulogise the departed, canonise them and sometimes outline the lessons from their life; for everyone is either a lesson on how to live or how not to live.

Chadwick Boseman 1976 – 2020

His life speaks of strength and courage- diagnosed of cancer in 2016, he have us Black Panther, Civil War, Infinity War, End Game, Thurgood Marshall, 21 Bridges and 5 Bloods- while battling cancer.
That’s a solid legacy for his family- royalties from the movies.
Now is also a good time to check those our incessant ‘ sick leaves’. Its ok to want to take time off but maybe just maybe …….. He worked through cancer treatment. I’m sure the Line Managers and HRMs are waiting to share this with the first few people who request for sick time off. Lol.

He was criticised and shamed for the body weight fluctuations and how he looked tired. I know we’ve seen it a few times today already but just before I ask us to always be kind, here’s a question- do you think the fat or slim person doesn’t know their weight status? What is it to you that you cannot keep your opinion to yourself? Awon Fault finders association!
Anyways, if you cannot be kind, mind your own damn business! Because really, we are all struggling through something. Stop using someone’s pain as your escapism from your own issues.

And yes, the shaming transcends body weight to every other area we feel the need to judge someone for. No one made you judge over another, stop criticising, be kind. It’s easier to criticize than to create, yes. But don’t always take the easy way out.

He battled cancer for 4 years and not a peep. Goes to show he had solid people around him. Now is also a good time to check yourself- awon fastest fingers first, quick to share- good or bad. Maybe just maybe you are the leaky link in your circle of friends.

The final lesson is “Live Well”. Or maybe just live- in all that living entails.

Farewell Chadwick Boseman.

Love and light!

We should all have filters!


rose colored glasses

My friend Eka* is the go to person when you need honest, no bullshit advice. She serves it hot. However, as time went on we began to notice Eka’s honesty was bothering on brutality/ fault finding. We quickly crowned her the ‘chairperson- fault finders association’. However, as the days rolled into years, we found her ‘frank speaking’ to be a little too…. I don’t know: too frank, tinged with bitterness, I don’t know.

Eka termed it: us being allergic to the truth, she believed we were ‘beginning to do bad things’ which we knew couldn’t hold up under the light! Lol.

I don’t think so, matter of fact; I have this sneaky suspicion Eka is kinda seeing the word through (what’s the opposite of rose colored glasses?) muddy glasses and sees everything as muddy. My thoughts, but in the spirit of this article; I won’t be the one to tell Eka. And if you’re my friend and are reading this and think you are Eka; maybe, maybe not, sha call me.

These days I’m so scared of stepping on people’s toes, I’m literarily working on egg shells and if you know me you’ll know ‘I’m as clumsy as I am elegant. Like one minute I’m balancing a stack of fine china in my left hand, and the next I’m shattering well-arranged on a stack china’- that was just a figure of speech and if you can’t understand it; I can’t help you. Or, sorry; I can and will interpret when I can speak it in plain English.

The point to this whole song and dance is; people are on edge and we should all have filters. I should have completed this article yesterday, perhaps with it fresh in my mind I would have a ‘zen-ful’ evening.

I lost it yesterday evening; like a lot of people have been doing. You see ehn, I’m just as human as the rest of us. Matter of fact, I’m the first to claim our humanity- like I wear it like a badge so no-one ever expects me to perform miracles. Mi le se ju ara mi! So, as I was saying; I totally sincerely regret loosing it last night, but the actions of the other person; like ki lo de? Why is it so impossible difficult for older ones to listen to the younger ones, even when you have been proven right time and time again (that I believe should be a conversation for another day)?

Anyways, back to this article; as we go about our daily activities, we all need filters.

For those not in the know; filters in this case or as used in this article refers to the picture filters used on photography apps. Filters can be used to enhance or edit a picture, blot out or cover the defects we will love to hide. We need these filters to be able to blot out, cover, ignore defect; so we can see the beauty in everyone and everything. As against ‘fault finding’ like Eka.

Filter is what will have you saying; ‘not today devil’ in the face of provocation and avoiding that provocation. Filters will get you to a place of zen, everything looking all peachy; seeing lemons as a call for lemonade and overripe banana as a chance to bake banana bread! Lol!

Why should we have filters? Because you and I are on edge, our reality today is that to survive in Nigeria is HARD! People are struggling with a lot and you don’t know what just might tip the other person over. The economy is in the gutters and nothing spreads despair like lack of money. Wait a minute, the economy is also DEPRESSED! So you can understand why I’m on here asking you all to spread love and light, right? Because you just might not know who is close to the doing something stupid, I’m sure we don’t want anybody’s actions weighing on your conscience.

Here’s what I advise:


  1. Remember the old saying: ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything’? Revamp it. Learn to hold your tongue if you don’t have anything positive to say. This might be a tad difficult if your opinion is sought and saying something nice will be falsehood. This is where you need to apply the next rule:
  2. Speak with tact: diplomacy. You know that art of speaking where you can ask someone to go to hell and they will reply: ‘with all pleasure’? Learn it. It is profitable.
  3. Count to a hundred, or at least twenty. Sha do some mental calculation before you respond. Not easy to do, yes, but learn it. Lest someone’s foolish action weigh on your conscience.

And if you feel what’s against you is mre than what’s for you? Please read Mountains or Miracles

  1. Finally; it’s never that bad! So long as the person hasn’t killed someone, it isn’t ever that bad. Think this, do not take anything to heart, share love and light wherever you go, and may the peace of God which surpasses all human understanding keep your heart and mind in the knowledge and love of God. Amen.

xoxo chinma

*Not real name.

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Mountains or Miracles


What do you see?

Suicide hotlines

Between the devil and the deep blue sea. Whenever I think of that those words I always put on my analysis hat, like what are my options were I in that position:

  • The devil: death- physical and spiritual
  • The deep blue sea: I could thread water to safety for as long as my strength can carry me, I could be rescued, or I could drown; and die physically. But with the hope of life everlasting.

It’s never that bad.

It really truly isn’t ever that bad!

I had a whole different post ready and in my drafts, but this came to me and I just had to type up and share. The recent reports of suicide is alarming. I’m just going to stay in my neck of the woods and talk about Nigeria’s recent suicide crisis. We never used to be like this. We used to be so resilient. Remember the jokes about how if you pushed a Nigerian to the wall he/she will break the wall down and keep going, surviving, thriving. Recently it appears as though everything has gone south and a lot of us are taking the suicide route. The despair and hopelessness I see in people is alarming. People are sad, and solace, through joy can only be found in God (I don’t care what anyone thinks).

A lot of people are weighed down with the cares of the world and with the feeling that no one knows what you’ve been through or are going through. Truth is; everyone has their own pain, no one lives on easy street.

There’s always hope!

We need to move beyond seeing the mountains and seeing the miracles. Take each victory and mining it for all its worth.

Where have we gone wrong?

I think part of the problem is our judgmental attitude as Nigerians (my opinion). Every one of us are ‘Judge Judy’ prototypes and card carrying members of ‘The Fault Finders Association’. We are always seeking for where to lay blame or a fault to highlight. I’ve heard people share their burden and find themselves being blamed for something or the other.

Mistakes, Chinma Eke

We have such a terrible culture of shaming and judging the victims that people are wary of opening up. There’s no shame in being depressed, in every mental illness; it’s an ailment such as malaria and typhoid. There’s also not shame in having made bad decisions; financial, marital, career, etc. There’s no shame in having done something bad. Truth is, as much as we like to think we grow older and wiser; we still and will still make mistakes.


Dearest Nigerians, it’s not all the time find fault, or proffer solution. Sometimes, just listen. Half the time a solution comes to the ‘sharer’ by just voicing the thoughts. I think Nigerians generally have a problem with listening in silence but….. that’s a topic for another day.

Another reason I think could be responsible for this is the fact that we have few licensed mental health practitioners. And please this does not read: motivational speaker, life coach, religious leader or community elder. The available ones are few and far between. Psychologist and Psychiatrist are not glamorous professions! I remember when in school and even currently, people do not understand what Psychology or Psychiatry is all about. They read Psychiatry to mean; Mad people’s doctor and Psychology to mean: mind reader, and they are like: ‘why should anyone spend school time studying how to read minds’. The more enlightened will think: counselor, and think: anyone can be a counselor. Yes some people are naturally gifted in counselling, but hello?? Are you licensed?

The few times I open up myself to listen and counsel, it almost always ends with; ‘Chinma you are good at this, I feel better already, you should practice your discipline.’ I always remind the person that a first degree in Psychology does not a counselor make, in fact I need at least a Masters with PhD in view to be able to practice. What helps me and what people find most valuable is a lesson I actually learnt from my sister. She might not remember this conversation but years ago she had once unburdened herself to me and I responded in kind. She later told me that there are some times when the person just wants to be listened to and not joined in the pity party. I never forgot that lesson. It sunk in better than the classes my mom paid for. Added to the fact that I’m more of a listener than a speaker.

A problem shared is a problem solved/ halved?

Depends on who you share with, it can quickly become a problem compounded. I know for a lot of people it’s about not being able to see past their problems and getting to a neutral point where they can give good advice, for some others it’s also about not having the full picture of the situation. Which is why full disclosure is required to be able to be helped.

If someone happens to approach you for counselling, listen, pray with the person, encourage the person to get professional help (prayer and medical help are not mutually exclusive). Don’t counter with a ‘if I tell you my own problems you will feel sorry for me’. Listen and offer advice as your opinion, not as the gospel (except unless you are quoting the gospel purely and not giving it your own interpretation).  Help the person to see the miracles and opportunities that can arise from the situation no matter how bad. Don’t give advice you won’t take, if you are at a loss for what to say; don’t say anything, refer the person to someone else you think can help. A hug, a prayer, a reassuring ‘it is well’, will serve better than a judgement or ill advice.

I say to you who feels like the walls are closing in on you, get help. Your need, pain, feelings are valid. Get help, professional help! Yes, you are not the worst hit in whatever situation you find yourself, but get help. yes, no be your own bad pass, but get help! Keep seeking help until you find it. And when all else fails, look to God not man. I pray that your eyes be opened like the prophet’s servant in the Bible to see the angels who are for you and to recognize that they are more than they that are against you.

Most importantly, keep your head up!

xoxo chinma

Conversation: The Price of a Car Ride?


Hello darlins, how have you been. 

I’ve been MIA a lot of times, I’m sure quite a lot of you have given up on me. E ma binu si mi, ejo!

So, you all know I write based n inspiration, well for a while lady inspiration has gone on a vacation such that I haven’t been able to finish the Breaking the Silence series. (I have faith though, one day I will finish it). 

Rather dear darling Lady inspiration has chosen to gift me with resurrected Random thoughts kind of like the Ms Psyche series of the past. Matter of fact I have a few of this articles in my draft. So I said to myself; I’m just going to post them. Apologies to all ye drama likers (myself inclusive), it’s just not coming, for now. 

So, here you go, I hope you like. Let me know what you think either way.


We’ve often had to ride with someone; either by carpooling, ride sharing or good old fashioned asking for a ride. On these rides, I gather social norm and expectation is that the least you could do is to converse the driver and co-passengers and enliven the ride.

However, in my rebelling, anti- all things normal mode, I ask: is it compulsory? Must I gist with you because you offered me a ride?

I’m guilty of a lot of projecting, I imagine everyone is, I just am confident enough to say it. I project my thoughts, feelings, reactions to others and I judge that way. I ask myself: what will Chinma do? That helps me have an idea of what the other person will do. I also try to be fair and flexible, making allowances for individual differences and I wonder why others don’t? Like, you should understand when someone isn’t chatty and just let the person be. Don’t come with the amebo-masked-as-concern and be asking leading questions upandan like we’re in an interview session.

I work a busy schedule- 8am to 6pm at the very least, which demands me speaking with people, and moving around the office (or where I need to go), such that at the close of the day I am tired! Bone tired. So the journey to and fro work for me should be a restful one with me relaxing my brain and not having to keep up a conversation. Does that make me antisocial? I don’t think so. If you meet me in my chatty mood, when I’m with my peeps and there’s gist; you will say ‘this girl can talk! Does she ever keep quiet?’ but if you meet me when I don’t have anything to say, you will think ‘this girl is boring’. Lol! All these sides, are all me, the chatty and the moody (or silent). To be honest, more often than not I just want to be with my books, a movie and some music. The chatty side only comes out when I have gist. Most importantly I can’t get why a full grown adult cannot just not talk. Like keep quiet or allow silence sometimes, but that’s a rant an article for another day.


So, I got thinking on why car rides cannot just be silent. Or we listen to the radio, music, endless options. The radio presents an opportunity for unplanned conversation. Just tune into a talk show, before you know it everyone in the car has joined in on the conversation. No brain work required. Then I heard some people consider this rude! I really truly threw up my hands in surrender at this point.


I do some of my finest thinking in traffic and if I’m driving, I do not need you to keep me awake or conscious of the road. Thanks, I will do just fine. I was very surprised when a friend said he will not give a ride twice to anyone who doesn’t talk during the first ride. And I was like; bros kilode! It’s just a car ride! And it isn’t just him, I’ve heard people insist that sharing a ride and not chatting is rude. This summation has me wearing my rebellious hat again! I don’t require conversation when I’m driving, why should you require it of me when I’m a passenger in your car? It’s so annoying that some days I wish for the anonymity of public transport.

And that brings me to another point of confusion: the chatty taxi drivers! Like ahn ahn that’s the height of the whole thing! Don’t get me wrong; I have had one very good experience chatting with an Uber driver, but other than that, please let’s keep the ride as silent as possible. This is not because I don’t find the driver a worthy conversation partner, but because I like my peace and quiet during car rides. Thank you very much.  I once rode with a driver whom I noticed was sleepy; I calmly reached into my bag and offered him chewing gum. No long story, no chit chat to keep him awake; and he didn’t sleep again.

The funny thing is; I think this conversation-in-car thingy is like everything else we have come to accept as a norm. The belief that you have to make conversation during a car ride has been passed down from generation to generation such that it’s become the norm and we who do not find it necessary are the abnormal ones.

Maybe it’s because I’m a big believer in self-sufficiency and not depending on another (not being overly dependent that is), I just think the whole expected conversation being the price of a car ride or like it’s widely believed; contribution towards an enjoyable ride is a bit …… I don’t know; unfair, unrealistic, un-something….  

So, what do you think, is not keeping up conversation in a car ride sacrilegious as some think, or is it just ok. What are your preferences?


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As The Year Ends……


Every year since I started this blog, I write a ‘Motivational’ article which I publish on the last day of the year. This year, I would love for you all to read my epilogue here. That was me sharing a bit of what my 2016 was about.

I have a word for us all, it was a response I gave to Betty Irabor’s tweet sometime ago


This words are as true today as they were on the 1st of November. It is the year ending and not your life. And just as the age old saying goes; where there is life, there is hope. I wish us all a great 2017; our latter will always be greater than the last.



Ms Psyche: #StopTheBeautyMadness


This gallery contains 12 photos.

Hello everybody, how was your weekend? I hope it was good? So, I stumbled on this online, and thought to share. The beauty madness has been on forever, with us fixated on our looks, complexion, weight, makeup, the natural vs … Continue reading

Birthday and The End Of The World Cup of Surprises!

So, the World cup 2014 finally ended yesterday with the Germans defeating the Argentine’s by one-nil (yipee!!!). It was a World cup of surprises, seeing all the favorites crashing out early on in the competition, and seeing a host nation defeated by a 7-1 margin.

I must say, it was an interesting competition that saw me watching as many matches as I could, and following the rest online.

The weekend was kicked off on Friday the Eleventh of July with My Birthday (double yippee!!!). I had so much fun over the weekend, and I want to say a very big thank you to everyone who remembered my birthday; for your good wishes, thoughts and prayers, may you always be remembered fondly.

My birth-month continues, its a month-long celebration. We’ll miss the World cup, waiting patiently for Russia 2018, meanwhile, have a blessed week, and stay tuned to Chinma Eke’s blog.

Ms Psyche: Beauty is Pain

I really have no excuse, so I’m just going to apologise for not writing more often, and in order not to set myself up for more apologies, I’ll try not to promise more than I can deliver.

How have y’all been, I’ve missed you, I’ve missed this column, and I’ll really try to write more often. Meanwhile, enjoy my monday thoughts.

We were out one day, me, my aunt and my cousins (9years old girl and 7 years old boy). My cousin; Susan was very uncomfortable in her dress; the sleeve was too tight, and she soon asked her mom when they were leaving as she wanted to go home and get out of the uncomfortable clothes. Her mom asked her to draw nearer and gave her what I think is a hilarious but apt definition of ‘looking good/being a big girl’.

My aunt said to her daughter; sometimes, looking good and being a big girl is painful. You see aunt Chidinma (me) cat-walking in those her fine high heels; those shoes are painful and she’s just enduring it. Or you see aunt Mabel (thankfully, another example) in her fine clothes, and you don’t know she can barely breathe because she has used body magic to reduce her size many sizes smaller to fit into the dress. Reeling with laughter at the accurate analysis, I chip in my two cents; or when you see us with our lovely hair, you don’t know the pain we endured through making it and even afterwards, or the weight of our heavy jewellery. Us ladies at that table now began to share our uncomfortable fashion moments; from heavy makeup (war paint) we feel like scrubbing off, to tight bras that threaten to stifle us but we wear for support and balance, on and on we went.

The little girl became convinced and ‘managed’ not to look so miserable, but that got me thinking; do we really need all these adornment before we can look good or feel good about ourselves, or have we just been indoctrinated to believe we do? I ask myself time and time again what the difference is in going down the road or to the market, and in going to a party, church, etc. Why can I comfortably go makeup free to any of the former places but wouldn’t go to any of the latter places sans makeup? I ask myself why our clothes have to be so tight we are sweating by the time we fit into it. It really is hilarious watching an adult female fit into jeans trousers; the jumping, and waist and hip rotation in order to achieve a sleek snug look.

Some women won’t be caught looking less than runway ready beyond their bedroom, and will go any length to keep up with the standards, and it just keeps me wondering. Why our heels have to be so high, we walk funny. Even as I write this article, I’m thinking of the five inches Red shoes I’ve promised myself, and I’m asking myself why not a more comfortable three inches, or flats?

It isn’t like the men are excused from the ‘over-prepping bug’, some men can preen and prep so much they’ll make a gorgeously dressed woman look shabby, it’s the ratio difference in men who prep vs. men who don’t, and the women who prep vs. the women who don’t that make this look like a peculiar female problem.

So what’s your take on beauty being pain, because this to me appears like a problem we all know we have but, I guess like my little Nine year old cousin, we’ve all been indoctrinated that Beauty is Pain, so we ignore the pain in the quest for beauty.

Share your thoughts, have a great week ahead.

Ms Psyche: NIS Test-Another Sad Tale?

We must be a joke among other nations. No electricity, no fuel (pms), yet we export crude oil, we cannot even conduct a simple job applicants test and get it right.

Those were the words of my sister as we relaxed after sunday service yesterday, each of us catching up on news and happenings in the world via our mobile devices. To me, those words deserve to go into a hall of fame as one of the most apt inferences, and they form the basis of Mondays with Ms Psyche this week.

Daily news in Nigeria is characterised by tails of BH killings in the North, details of the hardship Nigerians are grappling with, and off course one or two shows of shame by our politicians. Saturday March 15 wasn’t left out of this normalcy, it was the day on which the Nigerian Immigration Service entrance test was to be held nationwide.

One would have expected, considering each of the applicants paid a non-refundable fee of A Thousand Naira, that the NIS would have been better prepared for the crowd that showed up nationwide. However, that wasn’t the case as the death toll is currently 18 and counting.

According to Channels TV: “Unconfirmed reports say that 7 persons may have died and several others injured following a stampede at the National Stadium, Abuja.“

This Day Newspaper reports: “The employment test for recruitment into the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) conducted across the country Saturday turned deadly as stampede at three centres claimed the lives of 16 applicants and left scores injured.

Eight people were feared dead during a stampede at the National Stadium Abuja, five lives were lost at the Liberation Stadium, Elekahia, Port Harcourt, while three applicants were also feared dead in Minna.

However, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) confirmed that seven people lost their lives and 40 were injured in the stampede in Abuja.“

The official statement from the minister and Premium Times reports: Speaking in Jos, Plateau State, where he inspected the exercise, Mr. Moro said the applicants should blame their “impatience” for the stampede and the deaths.

He said applicants refused to follow instructions handed them by the recruiters.

“The applicants lost their lives due to impatience,” he told journalists. “They did not follow the laid down procedures spelt out to them before the exercise; many of them jumped through the fences of affected centres and did not conduct themselves in an orderly manner to make the exercise a smooth one. This caused stampede and made the environment unsecured.”

As usual, there’s the condemnations, call for investigations, and call for resignation, etc etc, in a few days we move on, nothing comes of it. Another sad tale, unto the next!

Am I the only one who feels like Nigeria has become reality ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events?’

It is truly a sad turn of events. With rising unemployment rates and insecurity in our country, I believe now is the time to put aside our differences and demand justice and accountability from the ourselves and our leaders.

I dedicate this post to the ever resilient Nigerians, who keep on moving against all odds.

Have a great week ahead, treat others as you expect.


Ms Psyche

Ms Psyche: Seven Shortcuts You will Regret Taking In Life.

Hello everyone, welcome to Mondays with Ms Psyche.

A while back, I stumbled on this article in Genevieve magazine and it rang so true to me, we all are guilty of some of the shortcuts outlined in this article. So, I decided to share this article, that we read and learn.

There are some shortcuts you will regret taking in life because as you know, “there is no shortcut to anywhere worth going”. In order to succeed, you must be prepared to work hard and to have a lot of patience, because the results of all your efforts won’t show overnight. There’s no substitute for hard work and behind every success story lies a lot of sacrifice and determination. There will always be different obstacles in your path, some a bit easier, other a bit more difficult to overcome, yet you will manage to get to where you want and reach all your goals if you are completely dedicated to reaching your objective, because just like Albert Einstein said: “Genius is 1% talent and 99% effort”. So, just read on and find out what are those shortcuts you will regret taking in life:

In my opinion, one of the most important shortcuts you will regret taking in life is precisely your willingness to leave everything to chance. Take control of your life because you are responsible for your actions! If you completely dedicate yourself to reach a certain goal, then you will definitely fulfill all your dreams. Make a plan and stick to it! Discover what you want and work really hard towards achieving your goals. Don’t leave everything to chance! You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.

Life can be hard sometimes, yet you shouldn’t lose hope and give up, because you never know what might happen or how things might change if you work hard enough and if you are willing to make some sacrifices in order to reach your objectives. Don’t take the easiest route possible just because it seems a bit more convenient at the time! Facing different challenges is never easy but learn to think of them as ways to help you become the best at what you do. Just like Marc Chernoff said “an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards, and such is life”.

Just because someone does a certain thing in a certain way, that doesn’t mean you should do the same. Don’t follow the crowd just because it makes you feel safe! Allen Ginsberg once said, “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” And he couldn’t be more right! Your craziness is exactly what will help you shine, so never let others dictate you how you should behave or how you should think. Find the courage to be yourself and don’t expect others to completely understand you. Follow your intuition and never give up on your dreams!

Procrastination is one of the shortcuts you will definitely regret taking in life. Try to avoid postponing things because if you don’t do a certain thing at the right time, you will never do it right or if you manage to succeed, it will cause you a lot of stress and misery! Usually, you do know that when you say you will deal with a certain thing later, you will rarely get it done. Break out of your comfort zone, challenge your mind and get your hands dirty! You should do everything in your power to reach all your goals and you shouldn’t let anything, prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

There are times when keeping quiet is the best thing you can do but that’s not always the case. Keeping quiet when you should speak up is counterproductive. Don’t let other people walk all over you! Learn what assertiveness is and stick up for yourself, defend your rights and at the same time, don’t ignore other people’s well-being. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself as long as you take into consideration other people’s feelings! Say whatever is on your mind, so you would not have any regrets later.

Who wants a mediocre life? Of course, it might be more comfortable to never take chances or to try to fulfill your dreams. But wouldn’t you ever wonder how might your life be if you would have only taken that chance and you would have pursued your passion? The best things in life take courage, determination, hard work and a bit of madness. You need to take chances sometimes and they will totally be worth it if you manage to reach your goals.

Always tell people how you feel about them! If you don’t do it, I’m sure you will regret it one day so don’t let any more excuses like being too tired or too stressed out to prevent you from showing your love and appreciation for those wonderful people in your life. Always make time for the things that matter. Telling or showing your loved ones how you feel about them is definitely something you should never forget to do.

Just like Marc Chernoff said “Getting where you want to go in life is not about finding a shortcut, it’s about putting in the required time and effort.”. Are there any other shortcuts you think people will regret taking in life?
Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

XOXO, have a wonderful week.

Ms Psyche