Product Review: RnR Luxury Liquid Black Soap

Hello all,

It’s been awhile, how have you all been?

I’ve missed you all too, I hope you missed me?

So, I have decided to start a new segment called the beauty review where I will review beauty products I’ve used and share my thoughts.

As a beauty addict and merchant, I have used some truly wonderful products and some not so good ones, and one of the problems I have always encountered is finding credible (not-sponsored) reviews online, or any reviews at all especially about Nigerian products.

So, I have decided to incorporate it into my blog and share my experiences on my fave products, especially Nigerian made products. I mean, we need to #buyNaijatogrowtheNaira

So, Here we go; the first product to be reviewed is R&R Luxury’s Liquid Black Soap of their Shea Luxury range

liquid black soap

Product Pricing

This product is nicely priced at N1,000 for a 250ml bottle (good).

I stumbled on this liquid black soap after seeing it reviewed on a post on Bellanaija, I searched the web for it, got on to R&R Luxury’s website, ordered and it was delivered to me the next day (nice!) I didn’t like the fact that I had to pay N1000 for delivery from Lekki Phase 1 to Ikoyi, but I couldn’t go pick up, so I paid.

black soap and bag

Product Packaging

It arrived in a paper bag, with a clear film sealing in the product. I don’t think this packaging will travel well with an out of town delivery, but I had no issues, no spills; so I’m fine with it. But, like I said; I hope R&R luxury has a better plan for out of town deliveries.


R&R boasts their skincare products contain all natural products with 100% pure unrefined shea butter as it’s main ingredient. Others are; coconut oil, cocoa pod and cocoa butter. And they say it’s perfect for the whole family.



So, I got home that day and excitedly used the soap that night. I followed my normal wash routine; wipe of makeup with baby wipes; wet my face with water, squeeze some soap on my hands and lather my face.

It lathered very well, smells like black soap (I don’t mind), didn’t irritate (I have sensitive skin and products can irritate in a second).

The attendant I spoke with on the phone in the course of placing my order had advised me not to let the product sit on my face for too long, i.e: not use it as a mask; but altogether I think it was on my face for about 30 seconds or more (the time it took me to use the washcloth on my face). I used it with the regular baby face towel and it cleaned really nice.

But then, I discovered another problem; I’m used to my face wash bottle having a pump, this didn’t and I found the lifting and the dropping of the bottle cumbersome. So, I searched for an old bottle of  face wash which had a pump head and transferred. R&R Luxury might want to invest in a pump head bottle for ease of application.

black soap pump bottle

So, I’ve used it for over two weeks and I think I can safely say it’s a good product. I’ve had no irritations, not even product adjustment. I transited from my old facewash to this seamlessly.

It can be used on the face and body, it’s non-drying, not excellent, but a good product.

Will I buy again; Yes, and I recommend it too.

There’s a link to R&R luxury online shop below, please follow the link to shop and enjoy.

Till another product review; have a blessed week.

PS; This is not a sponsored review, and I will be back to update if I have any issues.

R&R Luxury: Shop R&R Luxury



Chinma Eke

4 thoughts on “Product Review: RnR Luxury Liquid Black Soap

  1. Hi Chinma! It’s really been a while. I actually though you had abandoned the blog, but I guess you have just been busy.

    But don’t you think you should have at least explained to your readers why you were incommunicado for so long? Personally, I visited your blog throughout December 2015 and even till 2016 hoping that you have finally remembered us, but nothing. I always came back, hoping to see a follow up to your last episode. I can’t begin to describe the disappointment I felt each time.

    At a point I was even scared something bad happened, but then I saw your comments on some posts put up on Bellanaija and I knew you were alright.

    Well, just I should voice my feelings.

    • Hi Ceejay; I’m so sorry about the infrequent posts, and I’ve apologise on several posts since then (I’ve posted sparingly this year).
      I value my readers and wish I could post more often; I appreciate you for keeping faith and encourage you to subscribe so whenever I post (as infrequent as it is) you will get it.

      Thank you and have the best of days.

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