Happy New Month, Welcome to June


Hello people, welcome to June; the halfway mark of the year.

Yikes! it’s mid year already. Hope you had a good first five months? Are you like me, had the highs and the lows? Well, however it has been it’s past, or it will pass.

So, I’ve been a guilty procastinator; putting off beginning another series. lol.  I blame it on writer’s block, lack of time, everything else but on myself, lol. Anyways; I will begin one soon (don’t hold me to it!), hopefully; real soon.

So I wish us all a great June; the rains are here, the weather has cooled off, people’s disposition is (slightly) sweetened; and you know the best part of it all: God is still good, always, and forever will be.

I wish us all a grace filled month, with Grace speaking for us in every area of our lives. Have a blessed month.

Shout out to all the lovelies whose birthday is this month; have a great one!



PS: Title of new series is: Journey to self!


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