Happy Children’s Day!

children's day

I’ve always wondered at children; marveled at their innocence and the beauty in their implicit trust. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a childlike heart (or spirit), the kind that is required to enter into the kingdom of heaven. I always wanted to be a mother; that is one thing I long for with every fibre of my being.

I love children, I’m passionate about children; their care, education, everything about them. From their drool to their stool, lol. It takes a special kind not to appreciate children.

There’s a lot to be learnt from children; their ability to love and trust implicitly, their unwavering faith in humanity, their unrestrained joy at the smallest of gifts; children are just so precious.

As we celebrate yet another children’s day; I can’t help but contrast my childhood experience with what children born in this day will experience. The standard of education is fallen, the economy is in the gutters, basic amenities are no longer basic; it can be challenging.

On the back of that our moral and societal ideals are seriously non-existent.

That ‘children are the future’ isn’t just a saying; it is the truth. The children we see today are our future, and the question we must ask ourselves is what future are we building for ourselves through this children?

When we are old and grey; our peers will also be old and grey. It will be the children of today who will be our medical personnel, banking officers, supermarket attendants, engineers, etc. Will we be comfortable putting our lives, savings, and/or working with them if we continue like this?

We often pray that no evil befall us; how often do we pray that no evil befall those around us? By this I don’t just mean family; I mean colleagues, domestic employees, corporate employees, and the random person you will brush past on the street. We need to be our brother’s keeper and by brother I don’t just mean family.

There was this story that went viral a few years ago of a domestic servant who unknowingly infected the children in the family where she served with HIV. If the mother in that home had just extended her love to that help by providing her with her own toothbrush; that would have been avoided. Think also of the story of the woman who always kept out some pastry on her window ledge. The story has it that the man who always picked the pastry will fail to thank her. She got so angry one day that she thought to poison the man. She had actually set out the poisoned pastry, but luckily for her she retrieved and replaced it just in time. That day; her son who was returning from war hungry was given pastry by a stranger; the same pastry his mother set out. Imagine if she had left out the poisoned pastry.

These two stories are just illustrations; the message is ‘to build for ourselves the future we want; we need to invest in the children of today, for they are the future’.

One thing I’ve learnt in my short time on earth is how small the world truly is. We Africans believe it takes a whole village to raise a child; have an impact in a child who isn’t related to you by blood, contribute to building the future you want.

Happy Children’s day to all children (myself inclusive, lol), may we have a future as beautiful as we can ever imagine.





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