Second Chances E8

Ade and Simi were returning home from Ade’s colleague’s wedding, Ade was driving. It had been a beautiful wedding, and as women are known to, Simi was analyzing the wedding piece-by-piece.

“I don’t know why people fuss over the wedding ceremony. If the couple knew the work ahead of them, they would save their energy for the marriage, and not expend it on a wedding ceremony.

Simi laughed. “Spoken like a man.” She said.

“Yeah, us men aren’t concerned about our wedding being the talk of the town, or being feautured in, what’s that website again?”


“Yeah, and all those other things you ladies care about. It’s the marriage that matters, not the ceremony.”

“True, but the wedding ceremony is the foundation.”

He shrugged. “Speaking of weddings, how far with Kunle and Deola? When is theirs coming up?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know if there’s going to be a wedding. When I told mommy…..”

“You did what?’ Ade angrily cut her off. “You told your mom when I clearly told you to stay out of it?

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Simi was surprised at the anger emanating from Ade. Really, what was his own in this whole issue? Kunle was her brother, her only brother, and she couldn’t be expected to sit back and do or say nothing, while that woman sinks her fangs into him.

“I’m sure you didn’t really expect me to just let it slide, mama deserved to know who she was getting for a daughter in-law.” She replied.

“To what end, what’s the benefit? You’ll just end up stirring up trouble and if Kunle insists on marrying her, he’ll be met with stiff opposition from the home front, and if he insists….. Seriously Simi, have you think of what this could do to your family?”

“I’m trying to keep that woman away from destroying my family. Her kind come with bad luck.”

“Her kind, what kind is that?”

“Why are you so defensive of Deola, is there something else going on I should know about?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I just want Kunle to make his own choices devoid of any pressures.”

‘I don’t believe you, I’m beginning to think there’s more to this whole thing. Did you have an affair with her, is she blackmailing you, asking that you support her or she will tell?”  Simi accused.

‘Don’t be ridiculous Simi. That day at mama’s house was the first time I met her.” Ade replied defensively.

“I’m not being ridiculous; I know her kind, manipulative women. If she has anything on you, you need to tell me so we can…….”

“You mean manipulative like the way you manipulated me into marrying?” Lying that you were pregnant and conveniently miscarrying after the wedding?”

Simi stared at Ade open-mouthed, mid speech. She couldn’t believe this was the man she’d been married to for years. Ade had never confronted her on the issue of the pre-wedding pregnancy and she had believed he didn’t know had thought he had believed her story. She was so shamed, and her dislike for Deola burned into hatred. Deola was he reason her husband had just referred to her as manipulative. Simi sat staring straight ahead, fighting tears. Deola was yet to be married into the family, and she was already causing dis-harmony? In that moment of hurt, Simi vowed to fight Kunle’s marriage to Deola.


Deola smiled tiredly as Kunle as he entered her workroom. She was bent over Chima’s dress, measuring, cutting and pinning. She was making Chima’s dress herself, she needed to get it right, she couldn’t afford for Chima to get back into the bridezilla mode.

“Hey K, how are you?” She welcomed him, her smile brightening. He looked her over from the top of her pony-tailed hair to her short and tank top, and her flat sandals. He almost laughed out loud. She was dressed exactly as he’d imagined she’d be. He had taken off his jacket and removed his tie at his car before coming in. he had known she would be very dressed down and didn’t want t look to dressed up. He hoped they could grab dinner together later on.

“Hey beautiful.” He enveloped her in a hug and kissed her on her forehead. “How are you?”

“I’m good, better now you’re here. How are you, how was your day?”

She let him gently pull her to a couch in the side of the room. They sat, with her still in his embrace.

“My day was good, I got a new client today.”

“That’s good, congratulations.” She hugged him closer.

“Thank love.”

“Anyone I know?”

“Yeah, Flourish Pharmaceuticals.”

“O, that’s a good one.”

“Yea, they’re rolling out a new drug, they want the full works.”

“That’s very good news.”

“Yeah. How was your day?”

“It went well, Chima’s dress is almost done, I also got a new client, a client brought in her cousin.”

“That’s nice, we both had new clients today.”

“Yes. K, I want to send Sister Simi too Chima and Dayo’s asoebi, I don’t know if I should make Iro and Buba, or I should request for her measurements, or I should just send her the fabric for her to make with her designer. What do you think?” Simi asked excitedly. She got up and ran to her office, she returned a while later with a plastic bag with the asoebi fabric in it.

While she was gone, Kunle thought of how best to tell Deola he wasn’t sure about sending Simi the fabric.

“I have it here already,” Deola continued, oblivious to Kunle’s inner struggle. “But I don’t know where to send it to, and in what form to send it. Are you ok?” She asked, he was looking troubled.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He cleared his throat. “Why don’t you chill on the fabric, let me ask her first.”

“No, I was thinking, why don’t I call her up myself.”

“The thing is, Deola……..”

“Oh my!” Deola was beginning to have a rotten suspicion Kunle was holding out on her. “Is there a problem?”

“No, not really.”

“Not really.” She perched on the edge of her work table. “Tell me.” She invited calmly.

He sighed deep and loud. “Simi probably won’t be attending the wedding.”


“She’s having, she’s not, ……”

“She’s against our relationship right?” Deola asked calmly.

“Not really, she’s just….”

“Don’t lie to me Kunle.”

“Yes.” He responded tersely.

“Ok, that’s it, I’m out.”



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