Second Chances E6

Simi struggled with her husband’s warning that she was to stay out of Kunle and Deola’s relationship.  How could he expect her to sit back, do nothing, while her brother made a huge mistake?

She cringed as she drove into her parents’ compound later in the week; she had gone grocery shopping and picked up a few items for her mom. To think that Deola had fooled her as well, she had come across so innocent and nice, whereas the reality was different.

Anyway, her husband had made her promise, so she wasn’t going to say anything to her mom. But she believed her mom would find out herself sooner or later. This things had a way of coming out. A bad reputation couldn’t be covered.

“Good morning mom.” She greeted her mom on entering the house going on her knees.

“Simisola, bawo ni?” Tinuke Phillips replied asking how Simi was doing in Yoruba.

“I’m fine ma.” Simi replied in English, rising to sit beside her mom on the sofa.

“Your husband and children, nko?”

“They are fine ma.”

Her mom’s maid; Alero came into the living room to greet Simi, and Simi gave her her car key asking her to get the groceries she bought from the car. She joined her mom in the movie she was watching on Africa Magic Yoruba. They were watching and discussing the movie, when her Mrs Philips pointed out that a fabric one of the actors was wearing in the movie was similar to the one Deola sent to her as the aso-ebi for her brother’s wedding.

Her mom came out with the fabric in a bag. “You won’t believe she didn’t measure me, she sent a finished iro and buba to me, and it’s my perfect size. Would you be free to attend the wedding with me, its next month?”

Simi had truly meant to keep the promise she made her husband, but if her mother and Deola were getting so familiar for her to plan on attending Deola’s brother’s wedding, she just had to speak up. She owed it to her family to tell what she knew.

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“Mom, I read something about Deola online.”

“What was it, is it about how talented she is. You said you were going to look her up. Is she one of the famous pricey designers?” Tinuke Philips asked, admiring her dress. “And the fabric is so beautiful; it’s bound to come out well with any design.” She went on, not giving Simi the opportunity to reply. She dropped the blouse in Simi’s lap and sat beside her.

“It, it’s beautiful. The thing is mom; I learnt Deola used to date one married senator from the South-south, who opened her business for her.”

“Are you sure it’s the same Deola?” Tinu queried skeptically. “It has to be a mix-up.”

“It is the Deola Lasisi we met on Sunday.” Simi confirmed. “There was a scandal a while back, when the man was kidnapped here in Lagos, while visiting Deola.”

Mogbe!” Tinu exclaimed.

“Deola was the prime suspect, but was cleared when the police caught the culprit, the senator’s cousin.”

“Ah! Kunle will not kill me. Does he know all these?”

“Yes he does, he was her PR rep before, during, and after the scandal. He most know all the details.”

Yeeeyyy!” Tinuke Philips looking around the living room for her phone. ‘Where is my phone?” She asked no rhetorically. “I need to call Kunle, he needs to disassociate himself from that woman before it’s too late.”

“Ehm, mom,” Simi itched her head thoughtfully. “I agree the relationship has to end, but how do we go about it. Thing is, my husband warned me not to tell you this, and not to discuss it with Kunle.”

“Why would he say that, what’s his interest in this situation?”

“I don’t know mom, but you know Ade, when he takes a stand……….”

Hmmmm. Mrs Philips folded her arms lost in thought.

‘Appearances are really deceptive. She came here, looking all innocent, like butter wont melt in her mouth! Ok, I’ll approach the issue with caution. But my son, my only son cannot marry an aristo!”


When Simi left her mom’s house, later that day, she went back to the mall, this time to shop for her husband. She splurged on his favorite designer perfume, a shirt and two silk ties. She felt bad about going against her husband’s direct instructions, but she just had to tell her mom. She knew in her shoes he would have done the same.

She arrived home to Ade and their two children snoozing in the living room. The sight warmed her heart. Ade was such a good father, whenever he could, and truth be told he made time more often than she, he spent time with the children. Ade was the first man she’d met or heard off, who rather spend time with his kids than hang with his guys. Every day; she thanked God for bringing him her way. She would have believed they were all asleep but for the maid’s mischievous smile. She kept smiling and glancing at the kids as she helped Simi with her bags. Simi knew then that they were pranking her.

“Mary, put those groceries away, and come bring the ice cream let’s share.” She said out loud. “Since everyone is asleep, we’ll just share the ice cream two ways.”

The children squealed excitedly, and jumped up, jumping on her in welcome.

“Mommy welcome.” They chorused.

“Thank you.” She glanced at Ade, still pretending to be asleep. “So you guys had fun with daddy today?”

“Yes we did!”

“And you wore the poor man out. See he’s dozed off from pretending.”

“Daddy isn’t sleeping, he’s pretending.” Ade junior, her son said running to him to playfully tickle him up, with Yetunde his sister on his heels.

The kids tickled him till he could pretend no longer, and they all shared the ice cream Simi bought.


Deola was happy. An uneasy kind of happy. The kind of happy mood where you know you just have to exploit the happiness for all it was worth, for pain was around the corner.

Everything in her life was going well. Too well. Her relationship with Kunle was progressing very well, her family was well, business was good, even Chima was conforming to the harmonious atmosphere, and had stopped her bridezilla-ship. She had finally chosen a design, and production was underway.

Deola just couldn’t shake that gloomy feeling.  She felt like she was living a fairy tale; like she was Cinderella waiting for the clock to strike midnight, and she would return to being a maid in rags. Lol. She was becoming too pessimistic for her own peace of mind, and perhaps she needed…. Maybe an adjustment of thoughts. To cleanse her pessimism. Like an exorcism of her thoughts.


When Kunle’s phone rang that evening, and he glanced at the screen, and saw it was his mother; he smiled. She called him every day, sometimes more than once a day, and recently, most of her calls had been centered on ideas she had for his wedding. Lol. With his mother, he probably won’t need the services of an event planner.

“Hello mom, how are you?”

“Kunle my son, I’m fine, and you?”

“I’m very well ma.”

“Good. Are you still at work?”

“Yes, about leaving though.” He glanced at the wall clock in his office, it was almost 6pm, he saved the document he had been working on, and shut down his system.

“Ok, can you pass by my place on your way?”

“Okay….. Is there a problem?” He could tell she was holding something back, but didn’t know what it could be.

“No really, there’s something I just need to discuss with you.”

He sighed loudly, resigned to the fact that there was no escaping seeing his mom that night. “Ok, I’m on my way.”


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