Happy New Year/5 Tips To Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

New yearHello! Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015!

I wish you all the best in life, and pray this be your best year yet.

Now, I’m sure many of us have made resolutions for the year, and while it’s fine to make resolutions; keeping them is a problem for most. So, here are Five easy tips to help you keep your New Year Resolutions;

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  1. Be realistic

One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting a new goal or resolution is not being realistic about what they like to achieve. Saying you’re going to lose 10kg in the first month is a recipe for failure, because it’s an unrealistic (and unattainable) goal.

A better approach is to be honest with yourself and set an achievable goal, so you don’t get disappointed and burn out quickly.

  1. Measure Up

For this next step, you need to assign a specific number to the goal. For example, it isn’t enough to say “I’m going to eat more fruit this year.” You need to be able to track your progress. Instead make your goal measurable by saying “I’m going to eat two pieces of fruit each day.” By being specific with a numerical value, you are able to see when change occurs and if you are successful at achieving your goal.

  1. Choose One

Sure they may be many things you would like to change about yourself. But instead of working on changing them all, focus on just one goal that impacts you the most. Studies have shown that people who are single minded and focused on a goal are more likely to stick to it than those who focus on multiple goals.

  1. Put It In Writing

Don’t just mentally say your goals, put them in writing. People who write their goals are significantly more likely to achieve them. Remember to make it realistic, attainable and measurable.

Sharing your goals with another person has also been shown to help increase people’s commitment level (you just need to be careful who you share your goals with so it doesn’t end up having the opposite effect i.e pulling you down.)

  1. Get Support

If you aren’t sure you can commit to your resolution or are having trouble sticking to it, don’t be shy about asking for professional help, or associating with like minds for support. For example; if your goal is to lose a certain amount of weight in January, you can get professional support by cueing in your dietician and gym instructor on this goal and they’ll work with you to achieve your goal. And/or you can team-up with a friend, neighbor, family member, etc with similar goals, who’ll ensure that you don’t sleep in when you should be out jogging, and you don’t binge on the holiday cake and fried chicken; and you’ll do the same for the person.

Enjoy the year, have a fabulous 2015, and keep visiting Chinma Eke’s blog.



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