Twists and Turns E12

Ify was having an attack of guilt. She had been restless all morning. Mark had gone for a meeting, but she hadn’t been able to settle. Their plans were falling into place, but the pleasure she had expected to feel wasn’t there. Ada had always been a true friend to her, and more so recently. Left to Ify, she would have left Ada alone in peace, but Mark thought differently.

Really, what did they stand to gain from destroying her? Practically nothing. Their kids were in Ada’s care, and she had accepted them as hers. Why couldn’t Mark just accept Ada. This new bid to bring Ada down was beginning to leave a sour taste in her mouth.

With a heavy heart, she picked her phone from her dresser to place a call to Ada. 


In the end, calling Ada didn’t  helped Ify, she had heard and sensed the difference in Ada over the phone. She had lost her nerve, for really; what would she say to Ada? Oh Ada! FYI, my husband is up to a plan, I don’t know what it is yet, my renewed friendship and Ike’s reappearance is part of the plan, but I really don’t know what the plan is. Perhaps she could also throw in some good old advice for Ada to be careful and not to let her guard down.

Ify began to pace around the room. She had a bad feeling about this present plan. When her late father-in-law had wanted to marry Ada, and Mark had opposed it, and used Ify to attempt to discredit Ada; Ify had gone along with the plan in-order to endear herself to Mark and prove her loyalty. But this was years after, Mark’s father was dead. His will had been very fair, naming Mark as the chairman of the board of GO, and willing all that should accrue to him as the first son to him as tradition dictated. The only place Ada’s name had featured in the will was a clause declaring that all assets and properties given to Ada and in her name were to remain hers and not treated as part of his. Only her children had been named in the will. Ada’s children; Mark’s step-siblings.

Did Mark see them as his siblings? Ify very much doubted that. If he did he won’t be trying to destroy their mother. Ify was scared for Ada. She wished there was a way she could warn her. Ada had always been extremely good to her, always ready to help.

Ify began to straighten the bedroom. She wasn’t much of a house chores person but she always made their bed and made sure; as much as she could, that she was in the room when the maid cleaned. She didn’t trust any maid around her husband and in her personal space. Mark was usually a tidy person, but this morning, while searching for some papers, he had gone through the room like a hurricane.

She noticed his laptop, he must have forgotten it in his rush to go out. She picked it up and was about to set it aside on the dresser table when a thought occurred to her. Mark believed in writing stuff down, so chances were he had a type-written plan on Ada. Ify powered on the laptop. Password; oops! She didn’t know his password. When they were courting and were all lovey-dovey it had been SenatorMark, she was sure he must have changed it, but she tried I though. Wrong password! Whew!  What could he have changed it to. Mark believed in symbolisms, and in hiding stuff in plain sight. He believed the more obvious your password, the more difficult. She tried a combination of her kids name; wrong. She tried his and hers; wrong. Almost giving up, she remembered why he had used Senator Mark as his password years ago; he had been running for Senator and said using it as his password, that for every-time he uses the password, he’s spurred towards making his dream a reality. GovernorMark She tried that and the system unlocked. Ify jumped up in glee and did a little jiggy dance.

Hmmm! So many files to go through! She began scanning the titles of the desktop files, searching for something that might point to Ada. She saw a file titled Will, probably the late GO’s will. On second thought, Mark should have a will drafted, for one couldn’t be too sure. So she went back and opened it. Not wanting to get carried away, she barely glanced at it, minimizing it and continuing her search. Nothing looked remotely suspicious. She decided to search for Ada George on the system. She struck gold. Opening it, she was shocked as she read through. Mark planned on using Ike to get Ada to sign over her children’s shares in GO, to be in his control. And to bring in Ada’s company as part of GO to be owned by GO with him as Chairman of the board. Haba! She screamed out loud. What had Ada ever done to deserve such treatment? Ify was about to call Ada when she decided to wait, she should check if there was more.

She found nothing else, and went back to Mark’s will. The first document had stirred compassion for Ada, the second made her cry for herself. What? There wasn’t a single place where she was mentioned in Mark’s will! How? What did that mean? Mark named his brother as guardian to his children and executor of his will at his death! How could he do this to her? Did that mean he didn’t believe she could survive him? Nothing, her name wasn’t even mentioned in passing!

Silent tears rolled down her face. Her heart broke into a thousand pieces. What did this mean for Mark and herself? That he didn’t love her, or he wasn’t with her for the long haul, or all that mattered to him were his children? She couldn’t even process the overwhelming information.

She wept. Her tears falling on the laptop but she didn’t care. She peered into the screen time and time again hoping to see something different.

She was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear the room door open. She heard Mark ask; “What are you doing, going through my laptop?”



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