Twists and Turns E10

twists-turns-chinma-ekes-blog2Ike couldn’t believe what he was reading, of all the possible outcomes or irrational demands he’d expected; this took the cake. How could mark ask this of him? When Ike accepted the job to head G.O, he’d read every legal document on the company back-to-back, and what Mark was asking through his business manager was practically impossible.

The late Chief George Okoro had structured his will such that all his children and some long serving staff inherited a part of his company. And according to the terms of the will; all business decisions had to be made on majority decision by all the shareholders or their legal representatives.

What Mark was asking of was in direct contravention of the terms of the will. Mark wanted to take out a bank loan to fund his political career, but wanted the company to take out the loan on his behalf and was asking that Ike use his position as MD to guarantee a loan for him, circumventing the proper legal process. Mark needed the money immediately and didn’t want the long process of having to get everyone on to assent. Not just was it illegal, the amount Mark was asking for was crazy!!!!!!

Ike moped sweat from his brows, he was sweating despite the room was downright chilly.

Not sure of what to do, he dialed Ada’s mobile number.


Ada was in the middle of preparing the children for school when her phone rang. She ignored it. The children were as boisterous as ever and running her ragged. There all wanted her attention, they all wanted her to personally dress them, and they had no understanding of timing to realize that they’ll be late if she had to dress each of them personally. The phone stopped ringing; she would call the person back. The phone began ringing again, she sighed, it was probably important.

“Papa please bring me my phone.” Papa was closest to her phone.
Papa and Ngozi rushed to get the phone; Papa beat her to it and brought the phone triumphantly to Ada.

“Thanks dear.” Ike? Ike was calling her this early in the day?

“Hello.” She answered the call.

“Good morning Ada.” Ike replied, glad Ada had finally answered her call.

“Good morning.” The children took advantage of her being distracted to play around all in various stages of undress.
“Stop!” She screamed at the children, moving the phone away from her mouth.
“George, please go downstairs and call Mummy Abigail.”

“Is this a bad time?” Ike asked.

“I’m getting the kids ready for school. What’s up?” There had to be a concrete reason for him to be calling this early.
George returned with Abigail in tow. ‘Abigail, please could you help me supervise their dressing while I take this call.” She got up and left the room to complete the call in another room.

“Ok, you can go on now, is there a problem, you sound troubled.”

Ike exhaled loudly. “It has to do with GO, can we see this morning?” He requested tiredly, despite it was early in the day.

“Uhmmm, I don’t want to get involved in anything that involves GO.”

“You are an equity holder in GO.” He countered.

“No I’m not, my kids, no me. I have nothing to do with the company. My late husband wanted it so.”

Ike gritted his teeth. He really didn’t know what he expected of Ada, he needed someone to talk to and she was his first thought.

“Would you rather stay out of GO and your kids lose their inheritance?”

Ada pondered on this for a while, she sighed. “Ok, what’s the issue?” She asked.

“Can we meet this morning? It’s something we need to discuss extensively. “

“You’ll have to come to my office; I’m headed there after the kids leave for school.”

“Ok. How soon will that be and can you text me the address?”

“In an hour or so, I should be there. I’ll text you the address. But can you give me a hint what this is about?”

“Mark is asking…….”

“Oh no, you stop there. Higher than GO on the list of things I do not want to get involved in is Mark George Okoro. Sorry, but if that’s what this discussion is about, I do not want to get involved.”


“Seriously, I won’t get involved. Mark runs GO, he employed you. I cannot, I refuse to get involved.”

“Why don’t you hear me out. As a learned colleague, give your professional opinion.”

“Off the record?”

“Off the record.” He agreed.

She thought on it for a while. Could she trust Ike? He was employed by Mark and as such was bound to owe Mark some loyalties. Could she discuss GO with him without it getting back to Mark? She was in such a good place now; did she really want to get involved in any of Mark’s shenanigans?

The answer to all of those questions was no, but she was curious to hear what Ike had to say. So, against her better judgment, she decided to make the meeting.

“I’ll text you the address.” she confirmed and ended the call.


An hour later, Mark received a call. The caller informed him that Ike’s car just pulled into the car park at Ada’s showroom. This news gladdened Mark’s heart. His plans were falling into place. Soon, he’ll have all he needed.


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