Twists and Turns E9


Ify called everyday from Abuja, or from wherever she and Mark were on the campaign trail. Ada was happy to hear that things were going well between Ify and Mark, and like she had predicted and counseled Ify that avoiding being confrontational was the only way to win this, and in time; Mark and the other woman would find their relationship increasingly difficult to maintain.

Their kids were having fun together, the driver dropped them off at their different schools and Ada picked them up after.

Ada had an awkward but funny afternoon one day when the kids had gotten into an argument on their relationship. George; Ada’s son(whom they called Junior) who was a few months younger than Mark and Ify’s George(thankfully nicknamed Papa) had announced that he was Papa’s uncle and it didn’t matter that Papa was a few months older.
Papa refused, and the whole argument spiraled from there, involving their siblings.

Ada found the whole situation laughable for it was indeed ironic, and had calmly told them that they were all children and should have respect for each other regardless of who was older.

When she had calmed the situation, she asked her son who put such ideas in his head, he refused to tell and insisted with all the defiance a six year old could muster that ‘he just knew’.

Ada suspected it must be someone in her household, and made a mental note to speak with Abigail about it. She didn’t want anyone filling the kids heads with hateful thoughts. They were too young and she wanted them to grow without animosity towards anyone.

She hadn’t seen Ike since the lunch party, although they’d spoken on the phone a couple of times. Ify brought him into the conversation every time they spoke, and Ada wondered why.

Ike was doing a good job of managing the company, judging by the financial reports. In reality, even if he were mismanaging the company she wouldn’t complain, she wanted to be as removed from GO as was possible. She didn’t want anything that will bring up strife between she and Mark, and but for her children’s and Abigail’s shares, she wouldn’t care what Mark did with the company his father left in his care.

Her late husband had given her her own business to run and that was Ada’s sole business focus.


Ike’s phone rang just as he was stepping into his office to begin the work for the day. Whoever it was must be an early bird like Ike. His secretary wasn’t at her desk yet, he let himself into his office ignoring his ringing phone.

He sat at his desk and said a quick word of prayer. His phone rang again. He fished the ringing phone out of his jacket pocket and was very surprised to see the caller was Mark. He wondered why Mark was calling him that early as he answered the call.

“Good morning Mark.” He said heartily.

“Good morning Ike, how are you?” Mark replied sounding equally chirpy.

“I’m good, and you?”

“We bless God.”

There was a brief pause during which Ike waited for Mark to get to the reason for the call. When Mark didn’t fill the silence, Ike asked; “How is your family?”

“We are doing well, can’t complain. And your lady love?”

“She’s fine.”

“Ok. Ehmmm, my business manager is going to send you a mail, I would appreciate it if you can oblige the request.”

“Uhmm, off course. What’s it about?” Ike was very wary, not willing to box himself into a corner.

“He’ll send the mail soon.” Mark replied evasively. “Ify is here and she’s frowning at me, I need to attend to her.”

“Oh ok.” Mark’s evasiveness wasn’t lost on Ike and he had a suspicion Mark’s request would be for something he won’t be comfortable doing.

“I can count on your co-operation?” Mark asked softly.

Ike hesitated. “I hope it isn’t a request for me to pick up a nomination form for a political position?” Ike joked, trying to probe further.

Mark laughed. “No it isn’t. Its business related.”


“Alright. Have a good day.” Mark ended the call.

Ike powered on his computer and immediately checked his mail-box. Several business related mails, and the mail from Mark’s business manager. Ike opened it immediately, reading through he screamed out load in surprise and dismay.



One thought on “Twists and Turns E9

  1. Hmmmmm, I wonder what business proposal Mark has for Ike! I don’t trust that man and his wife Ify.

    Well done Chinma, beautiful Twists and Turns unfolding… though the episodes are short.

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