How To Correctly Wash Your Face

Many of us cleanse our face regularly right? (That better be answered as a yes and not a no!) We think you may be washing our face properly…but are we? It is very important to read these steps to see if you are following proper skin-cleansing procedures!

1. If you have long hair, pull your hair off your face and use a headband to hold stray hairs back.

2. Wash your hands with warm water and anti-bacterial soap to remove all dirt and germs from your hands.

3. Make sure your running water is at a luke warm temperature, not too hot to burn or irritate your skin and not too cold that it can’t kill the bacteria on your skin.

4. Gently dampen your face and neck, and use a dime size amount of a gentle cleanser, working the product into your skin in a circular motion with your fingertips.

5. Make sure you cleanse your neck as well. Such an overlooked area of the body but very important to care for.

6. After cleansing your face and neck for 60-90 seconds, rinse cleanser off with warm water.

7. Turn water to freezing cold and splash a few times on your face and neck, shocking the skin and freezing the pores shut after they have been opened and cleared with warm water. The cold water will help prevent bacteria from entering the skin from having been enlarged.

8. Gently pat face dry with a clean, soft hand towel.

9. Hydrate your skin with an oil-free moisturizer and follow with eye cream.

10. If you’re on a topical medication with acne, apply at this time.

11. Wash your face EVERY morning and night.

12. If you wash your face in the shower, wash after shampooing and conditioning since these products tend to clog the pores with their heavy ingredients for hair care.

Follow these steps to have the cleanest, freshest skin possible!  Skipping one of these steps can cause acne to form on your skin or worsen. So start following our steps to washing your face and see how your skin heals! Happy face washing!

This isnt how to wash your face

This isnt how to wash your face

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