Twists and Turns E6

“Did I here someone say; tell me more? You guys started the gist before me?” Ify said appearing before them. “Hello darlings, I’m here now.”

Ify breezed in, a beautiful vision in yellow. She wore a yellow and white flowered blouse, with yellow pants. She looked so attractive, I couldn’t help but stare. And Ike stared too. Matter of fact, almost everyone in the restaurant stared.

She stooped and kissed Ada on both cheeks. She walked around the table and did the same to Ike.
She settled into the empty seat, giving both of them a mischievous smile. “So, what did I miss?” She gave her drink order to the hovering waiter.

“We were just catching up. Ike was telling me what he’s been up to post-grad.”

“Oh, ok. Catch me up. What’s been happening?”
The waiter appeared with Ify’s drink, and asked if they were ready to order lunch.
They ordered lunch, and prompted by Ify, Ike retold the abbreviated version of what he’d been up to post school.

“So no Mrs?” Ify asked.

“No Mrs, yet.” He confirmed.

“Oh, ‘yet’. So you’re seeing someone?” Ify probed mischievously.

Lunch arrived, and Ada began eating content to smile and nod as the conversation/inquisition went on around the table. Too bad Ify was work-averse; she would have been a force to be reckoned with in a court room. Her cross-examining tactics would have been legendary.

“Yes I’m seeing someone.”

“Really, tell me more.”

Ike laughed. Ify’s mischievousness was catching. She lightened the mood around the table, drawing away his reserve. He glanced at Ada, eating her meal. She wasn’t saying much, had barely said anything since Ify arrived, but there was something beautiful and peaceful about her silence. He felt a familiar pull of attraction; he had always been attracted to Ada. He shook his head, snapping himself out of his reverie. Ada was way off limits.

Ify noticed Ike watching Ada, and she felt like giving herself a congratulatory hi-five. It was obvious Ike was still attracted to Ada, and he was single too. Her job was half done. “You were telling me about your ‘lady-friend”.” She reminded him. The conversation around the table had gone quiet.

He smiled self-consciously. “Her name is Emem, she’s a nurse at a Children’s hospital.” He said.

“Oh that’s so cool. A lawyer and a nurse, don’t think anyone has ever thought of that combination. And you have future plans?”

He laughed.

Ada decided to intervene then to save him, it was beginning to look like ify wouldn’t let go till Ike had practically shown his undies. “I bet we would know of any future plans in due time. Why don’t we tell Ike about ourselves. I’ll go first, I’m a widow and mother of twins, ….”

“Two adorable darlings.” Ify cooed.

Ada blinked in surprise, like really? When had Ify seen her twins to know if they were adorable or terrible? Like really? She was laying on the sugar too thick.

“That’s the thing Ada, there’s barely anything about us that isn’t public information. His story is more interesting.” She paused as her phone rang. She fished it out of her purse.
“Excuse me, I have to take this.” She apologized as she answered the call. She listened for a few seconds and said; “I’m on my way.” She ended the call and flashed them both an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, I have to go; one of the kids isn’t feeling so good, that was the school.” She was getting up as she spoke.

“Which one of them, I hope it isn’t serious?” Ada asked concerned.

“Oh its nothing serious, just a flu.” She dismissed. “A little sleep and some tlc is what the doctor ordered. I hate to leave you lovelies like this, but……”

“Offcourse we understand.” Ada said.

“Its not a problem.” Ike concurred.

“We should do this again, and soon too.” She blew them both a kiss. “I’ll call you both.” She walked out of the restaurant.

Both Ada and Ike watched her walk away in silence and they both returned to their food.

“So, where were we?” Ada asked when the silence stretched.

He smiled. “We were on the catching-up route, and you were telling me about yourself.”

“Oh forget all that personal stuff. Ify is bored and needs entertainment in her life. How about you tell me how you came to be the new MD of GO?”

He sipped from his glass slowly as though trying to collect his thoughts.

“The full and not the abridged version.” She said with a smile.

“Mark’s secretary called, that he would like to see me. So I went for the meeting.”

“In Abuja?”

“No, we met here in Lagos. We talked about everything; politics, business, everything. Apparently, he knew a lot about me. So he asked me if I would like to run GO.”

“And you said; yes.”

He shrugged.

She laughed. “Don’t mind me, who wouldn’t say yes? Did he tell you how he came to know about you?”

“He didn’t, I guess someone recommended me, I don’t know.” He was also curious, but until he knew for certain, he wasn’t sharing his thoughts with anyone. Most especially, not anyone in the George-Okeke family.

“And you aren’t curious?”

He shrugged non-comital.

“Ok.” She smiled brightly. “So tell me about Emem.” She said.


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