To Be Or Not? E8

I read somewhere, or I heard somewhere (I’m not particularly sure), that some people were put on this earth to try others in a bid to make them better people, Emily thought to herself. For her, that person must be Korede, and sometimes; her boss. But in comparison; Korede came out heads and shoulders above the other.

Abeg na by force to marry?

She thought statistics showed that women currently outnumber men in the world today? So, how was it that Korede wouldn’t leave her alone?

And this Linda, her own was a matter for another day, was it possible for someone to be this annoying?

How could she let a stranger in without checking with her?

What if he meant them harm?

She let a man into the house just because he said he knows her?

She snapped.

“You,” She pointed to Korede. “Get out! And you;” She turned to face Linda. “How long do you have till your course is over?”

“About a month.” Linda replied warily, stepping slightly away from her.

“More like six weeks.” Emily knew she sounded like someone’s mother, but she was too upset to care. “Now, if you are to continue staying here for the duration, we have to establish some ground rules. Are you still here?” She screamed at Korede, and he practically ran out of the house.

Linda watched her carefully as though she would love to run out with Korede. Better, she should be very afraid.

“Sit down.” Emily said in false calmness, pointing to a chair.


A raised eyebrow and an inclination of the head towards said sofa was the only response Emily gave to that.
Linda sat, and Emily chose a sofa opposite hers.
“You see this scene I just met,” She went straight to the point. “It should never happen again. That is the scene where you let strange people into my apartment; it shouldn’t ever repeat itself. Because if it does; you’ll be joining whoever it is out of this house. Are we clear?”

Emily waited for Linda’s confirmation nod before she continued. “And while we’re having this little chit-chat, how about you learn to clean-up after yourself. Look at this place,” She waved her hand to encompass the living room. “It’s untidy, and you let someone into it. Someone you do not know. Seriously, where does that happen? What if……….?” Deep breathe, she took slow deep breathes to calm herself. Seriously, how foolish could she be? Various ugly scenarios ran through her head, each one more terrible than the last. A cold shiver ran through her, shaking off the negativity, she picked up her purse and simply said: “It shouldn’t happen again.”

In her room, she lay on her bed, lost in thought. How did a day which started so good end like this?

She picked up her phone to distract herself by going through her social media updates. That should cheer her up. She saw she had an sms; from Obi thanking her for sharing her day with him. She smiled wistfully as she replied the message. That was one of the things she liked about Obi; he had impeccable manners. She had known him for a few weeks now, and he had never been inappropriate. Every outing with him was pleasant and eventful. Regardless of what Buchi thought about him, this one was good friend material.

Message sent, she went back to her social media updates, she began with bbm. On facebook, her attention was drawn to her Mosun, Dayo’s younger sister’s picture uploads of her traditional wedding pictures. She clicked on the album, scrolling through them. Beautiful pictures, the aso-ebi color selection turned out well. Her attention was drawn to one which Dayo, Mosun, and a lady were in, the caption made her eyes pop; ‘me, big bro, and wifey’ Huh!!!!! Like really? Did that mean the lady was her replacement with Dayo? That was quick movement.

He he! So, as quiet and innocent as Dayo always pretended to be, he could replace her so quickly.

She knew it! The quiet ones always had something up their sleeve. See slow and steady Dayo had moved on quickly, while Korede was still chasing after her.

Emily laughed aloud, and continued checking up on her updates. Whats her own, whoever the lady was she was welcome to Dayo. She wished Korede will meet someone too, so he could stop stalking her. She switched to bellanaija, to check out recent episodes of aso-ebi bella as her stomach growled. Time to eat something. She hoped there was fruits left over in the fridge. She got up to confirm.


The next day, a Sunday, she was having her after service siesta when her phone rang, rousing her from a much needed sleep. It was Obi, the call ended as she was about to answer it. She rolled over to continue her sleep, her phone rang again. She sighed and accepted of the fact that she wasn’t going back to sleep.

“Hello” she croaked out.



“You sound half asleep, did I wake you?”

“Yeah, I’m awake now.” Maybe if the call was brief she could go back to sleep.

“Ok, the craziest thing just happened. Remember I told you about how my mom was always on my case about settling down?”

“Yea, like my mom.”

“Well, she forwarded the number of a friend’s daughter, and the number looked just like yours. Usually, I just ignore her but the similarity in numbers was too much, so I dialed the number. Lo and behold, it’s your number.”

“What!!!!!!!!!” Emily exclaimed, jumping up, all traces of sleep clearing out.


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