To Be Or Not? E6

“I don’t like him, and I smell a rat somewhere.” Both ladies were curled up in front of the TV, on a Sunday evening. The TV volume was muted in deference to their conversation.

“You don’t know him, how can you like him or not?”

“At this point in your life, when you should be moving forward, one yeye man, feeling like a superstar will now come and tie you down by saying ‘lets be friends!’, no, I don’t like him.” Buchi argued with a note of finality.

“But honestly, this is what I need right now, I don’t want a relationship right now. I’ve barely been able to end the mess of a relationships I had, I don’t want to get into another!”

“What do you do when you fall off a horse? You get right back on it, or else you’ll never learn to ride.” Buchi reasoned.

“That’s if you want to learn how to ride a horse in the first place.” Emily retorted.

“What were you doing on a horse if you didn’t want to learn how to ride? In this case, why did you go into relationships if you weren’t ‘ready’ as you say now?”

“There’s no reasoning with you, I give up.” Emily threw up her hands in surrender.

“You need to bear in mind that I just met this guy a few weeks ago.”

“I read somewhere that guys know within a short period if she’s the one.”

“You read too much trash! and I think this whole discussion is about you trying to sidetrack me from this crazy idea of yours of moving in with Sam and leaving me with your evil cousin, and thats not fair.” Buchi had announced the day before that she wanted to move in with her fiancé, Sam, to escape her cousin Linda who it appeared had an agenda to snatch him from Buchi.

Buchi sighed and folded. “On that matter, I’m at my wits end. I don’t know what to do, if I stay with her longer, I just might get violent.”

“Ehen, and you are her cousin. What do you think I would do?” Emily asked drily.
Buchi smiled widely. “You don’t have a violent bone in you.”

“Can you imagine! I don’t blame you, maybe I should start throwing tantrums about how untidy she is, or how loud, or her man-stealing ways, or her lying, or……….”

Buchi was rolling in laughter.

“It’s funny to you baa?” Emily asked in mock seriousness, trying to stop herself from joining in the laughter.

“You should see yourself, you look so cute when you’re angry.” Buchi said through laughter.

“Seriously though, this isn’t fair, and I wont let you do this.”

“I’m sorry, but I have to keep my relationship. Him coming around here isn’t safe anymore.”

“Then do the visiting.”

“Yea, and I might as-well move in with him. I’ve been considering it for a while now. The wedding is close, and…….”

“This is crazy. Is this move temporary pending when Linda leaves, or permanent?”

“The way I see it, its probably permanent. Why would I want to move back here after living with him for two months.”

“Onyebuchi!!!!! What would your parents say?”

“I’ve sworn Linda to secrecy.”

“And you think she wont tell?”

“I hope not, but if she does,……” Buchi shrugged. “This is what I want to do.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I think so” Buchi replied solemnly.
Emily laughed softly. “Which?”

“Yes.” Buchi affirmed.

“Ok.” Emily hugged her. “Thank God we’ve just renewed the rent. I have ten months to find a new flat mate or cough out the entire rent.”

“What if Linda decides to stay in Lagos?” Buchi teased.

“God forbid!” Emily rejected the thought, and they both laughed.


“It’s surprising that you should still be single. Are Lagos girls blind, why haven’t they snapped you up?” Emily said to Obi on the drive back to her house from the Lekki Conservation foundation.
He laughed, his eyes on the road.

“Seriously, why are you still single? You’re good looking, successful, easygoing, you know how to have fun, outside, you know…….”

He laughed harder. “Em, I’m driving.”

Emily smiled. “Yeah, you’ve taken me to fun places I didn’t know existed in Lagos. Most guys, their idea of fun consist of; you know.”

They laughed, and he said; “You need to stop saying; you know, and I think you’ve been meeting the wrong kind off guys.”

“Yeah, I think so too. So tell me, why are you still single.”

“Girls cant seem to get past that classification.” He teased. “There’s nothing to tell, I just haven’t found the one.”

“Really, all these plenty fine girls?”
He shrugged.

“Ok, this is where I confess that I’ve googled you; and I found out about Anita.” She said, referring to his long-time model off and on girlfriend.

“I see.” He smiled. “And what are the press saying about me?”

“Just that you guys have been off and on forever.”

“Anita and I were childhood friends, as adults in the entertainment industry we escorted each other to events, the rest; the press made up.”

“Really, but she gave an interview in which she said you were a special friend?” Emily pressed.

“We are special friends, just not…….”

“Ok, if you say so.” She picked up her phone to read her messages. She had bbms and sms from her younger sister Julia, she read the text first.
‘Mommy is asking for your email and bb pin, she said she wants to give it to her friend whose son just returned from the US.’
“Oh no!” Emily exclaimed aloud. Her mom was on the matchmaking path again.


Episode Six came early this week. Read, enjoy, and lemme know what you think.


2 thoughts on “To Be Or Not? E6

  1. Chinma, what happened to korede? Abi has Emily deleted him from her life???
    Ps: this episode was wonderful just as the previous ones!

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