Orange is the new Red/How to wear Dark Lipstick

Orange has become the go-to lip color. It’s definitely an energetic color and ranging from soft citrus, juicy tangerine, bright neon orange to dark nearly red tomato, orange is often easier to wear than red. 

Keep reading for tips to help you pick the right shade.

Soft Salmon-Orange
Soft salmon, light tangerine and other pinkish-orange shades are good picks for lighter skin tones, depending on your skin’s undertone. 

Pastel Orange
If you have a light or pale complexion, in addition to pinkish-oranges and peachy-corals, you can also try light or pastel true orange shades. 

Tips to Make Deep Shades Look Great on Women of Color

Super dark lipsticks ranging from deep chocolate browns, eggplant purples to Goth black come and go as beauty trends. Black lipstick in particular looks better in a fashion spread, runway or on the party scene, but sometimes when mixed with other shades like red or brown, it’s not as difficult to pull off. With complementary makeup, the right hairstyle, clothing, and the right setting, the look can be glam and classic. But these midnight shades are not for everyone.

Don’t do a makeup look just because it happens to be the latest trend. You’ll look better, feel more confident and will have more money for the makeup you really love, if you stick to products that really appeal to you. Besides you’re unique, right? As they say, “Do you!”

But if you want to wear dark berry, plum and other dark lipstick shades, here are some tips.

Bold Lips/Minimal Eyes & Makeup

The key to pulling off this look is to play up the lips and create a minimal eye and makeup look.

To wear a very dark lip, do a subtle eye, nicely defined with eyeliner, using neutral eye shadow shades to leave the emphasis on the lips. If you go with a smoky eye, make it a softer look with grays or browns. Go easy on the blush.

Flawless Lips

These bold deep shades are definitely attention getters. For your lips to look great in dark shades, they need to be smooth. If your lips tend to be dry, remember to exfoliate them to remove dead skin and take other steps to make your lips soft and flawless. If your lips are chapped or dry, dark shades will settle into lines and cracks. Another tip for dry lips: Consider using a gloss or high shine formula instead of matte, or smooth a layer of gloss over a matte lip for more shine.

Make sure to use a flesh-colored lip primer or a concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone. Apply a thin layer before applying lip color.

Follow with a layer of lipstick. Blot with tissue paper and use a matching liner to define the edges. Make sure that your lips are totally covered and that your natural lip color does not peek through in areas, which will make your lips look unfinished.

Hot Lips Quick Tips

Deep plums, wines and berries look great and natural on dark skin tones and can be stunning during the day. But you might want to save these deep, dark shades for the evening if you have a light skin tone where the effect might be a bit jolting. Black and dark eggplant lipstick might not give you the reaction you’d like at the office. So it all depends on where and for what occasion you will be wearing this look.

Consider toning down clothing to more neutral colors as well.

Also Consider Your Hair Color

Though it’s a matter of taste, the darker shades tend to look better on brunettes.


Many of these shades have cool undertones and are better suited for cool and neutral skin tones. If you have a warm skin tone, try a shade with yellow undertones. Just bare in mind that dark shades with yellow undertones can bring out yellow or discolorations in teeth. Blue undertones make the teeth look whiter.

Choose Quality for Color That Lasts

Another bad thing, when dark lipstick wears off, it’s much more noticeable. Spend the extra bucks for a lipstick brand you trust and know has staying power, has moisturising ingredients, plus looks and feels fabulous. In addition, take extra steps to make sure the color lasts.


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