To Be Or Not? E2

After church service the next week, Emily tried to make a quick escape, she had sighted Dayo and his sister and wanted to avoid them especially his sister. She and Buchi always joked that Dayo’s sister; Mosun was the reason Dayo was the way he is. She was the exact opposite of Dayo. Where he was quiet and reserved; she was loud and overbearing, Dayo sometimes lacked the ability to express himself; Mosun could express herself, and even tell you what she expects you to be thinking. The joke was that Mosun who was three years younger must have snatched both her portion and his of extrovertness, or something like that.

“Sister Emily!” Mosun called her name from behind. She rolled her eyes, she should have left before the benediction, now how would she shake Mosun off? The last time Mosun ambushed her after service, she invited herself to lunch at Emily and Buchi’s, stayed for lunch, dinner, was still there when both ladies had their night bath. It was past 9pm when her brother finally grew a spine and said they needed to leave so he could prepare for work the next day.

Faking a smile, Emily turned around.
“Sister Mosun!” She gushed, returning Mosun’s hug. “How are you? No need to ask, I can see you’re looking good.” Emily admired her when the embrace broke apart. Honestly; Mosun was a very pretty girl, before she opens her mouth! It’s when she has talked non-stop for a length of time that she begins to look ugly.

“It’s the Lords doing my dear, you are also looking good. I can see God is really using my brother to take care of you.” Mosun nudged Dayo who had tagged behind her, speaking loudly for all around them to hear.

Huh!!!!!!!!! Emily glared at Dayo; what had he been telling his sister? Dayo in his usual manner couldn’t meet her gaze, not wanting to make a scene, Emily just smiled.

“Anyways, I don’t know if my brother has told you, but: wedding bells are ringing!” Mosun moved her hands like ringing bells.

“Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!” Emily hugged Mosun warmly.

“Thank you!” Mosun accepted graciously.

“The engagement and wedding will be at Abeokuta next month.” Mosun steered Emily towards Dayo’s car. “So, I’m actually confused, I’m torn between giving you the family aso-ebi, or the ore-iyawo aso-ebi?” They had gotten to the car, and on cue, Dayo popped the trunk and Emily brought out two bags with fabrics in them.

Emily stared open-mouthed , like a cornered mouse as Mosun brought out both fabrics. What was happening, here she was planning on how to tell Dayo she was engaged, and Dayo’s sister was offering her family aso-ebi!

“So, maybe you should help me break the tie.” Mosun said, smiling brightly at Emily oblivious of Emily’s turmoil.

“Ahm, ehm…” Emily was at loss for words. She stared at the fabrics again; one fushia pink, the other sky blue. “Let me take this one.” She pointed to the pink fabric.” This was a ‘devil and deep sea’ decision, she had this feeling meaning will be read into whatever decision she made.

“Ahn ahn! You don’t want to wear family fabric?” Mosun accused lightly.

“No o, its just, ehm, I like pink.”

“Ok o.” Mosun nodded her head as though she had filed away that information. She dropped the bag with the blue fabric and handed the other to Emily. “Gele is in it.”

“Ok, thanks. How much is it?”

“No o, my brother will take care of it.”

Mosun shut the car boot. “The style is long mermaid gown, I can give you my tailors address, she already has the style, and she……”

“Thanks, I have a good tailor.” Emily interrupted.

“Alright, get in we’ll drop you on the way while we finalise details.” Mosun got into the front and gestured for Emily to get in at the back.

Emily rolled her eyes before getting in. There goes her plans for the day! She thought to herself.


“You collected what!!!” Buchi asked between uncontrollable laughter as Emily narrated the events after service to her while they made dinner later that day. “I thought you said you were going to tell him you were engaged, how did that become you going to a wedding party in Abeokuta? As family member!”

“That Mosun girl is too pushy, I couldn’t even get a word in edge wise. Honestly, when I pointed to the pink aso-ebi, I didn’t even know what that one was for, whether friends-of-the-bride or family.”
Buchi roared in laughter.

“Keep laughing, you think if it were you, you would have handled her better?”

“Thankfully, I don’t have to.” Buchi wiped tears from her eyes. “And you don’t have to as well.” She got serious. “how long are you going to drag this on, you haven’t even told your parents Korede asked you to marry him, and you accepted. Its been a week!”

“We’ve talked about this countless times, I’m still not sure.”

“Have you shared this with Korede?”

“No, everything is just happening so quickly. I haven’t even had time to think.”

“You know, with each passing day, I’m more convinced Korede is the better choice for you.”

“How do you mean?” Emily stopped in the act of washing the vegetables at the sink.

“Dayo’s indecisiveness is beginning to rub-off on you. Haba! This isn’t you, how long will it take you to decide on the best course of action, until after Korede has made all the wedding plans?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t feel at peace with Korede, as though there’s more to him than meets the eyes. I cant explain it, but I feel like I don’t really know him.”

“Ok, you’ve been saying that for a while. My question is; how would you get to know him? Definitely not by avoiding him as you’ve done for the past week. He invited you to his colleagues’ wedding yesterday; you excused yourself with a lie. He asks for a date; more excuses and lies. What’s your problem, should I book you into the nearest deliverance house? In case your village people have come after you.” Buchi joked.

Emily smiled sadly. “Anyways, I’m remedying that, he said he wants me to meet with his parents. He’s going to let me know when is convenient.”

“Better! Step in the right direction. I was beginning to wonder when the real Emily got switched. Meet his parents, and if you still aren’t sure?”

“Wont it be more difficult to end after I’ve met his parents?” Emily gazed into the far distance, lost in thought.

“Let’s get to that bridge first. Meanwhile, those vegetables won’t slice themselves.” Buchi drew her back to the present, and they continued gisting while they cooked.


Emily and Korede alighted from the car. Emily’s heart was beating so wildly. She couldn’t explain why she was so scared, they were just meeting his parents. His parents house was on Bourdillon, Ikoyi. From the outside it looked to be a well maintained duplex, with beautiful grounds. He was obviously from old money, judging by their address, one more thing she didn’t know about him. She knew zilch about his family, for he never talked about them.

She glanced at him as they walked towards the house in silence. He looked nervous. Shouldn’t she be the nervous one? She took his hand in hers and squeezed it reassuringly as the front door opened and a boy of about six ran out screaming; “Daddy!” excitedly, running towards Korede.

3 thoughts on “To Be Or Not? E2

  1. Hmmmmmm. Korede ought to have told her about his son befor proposeing……who knows what other secret is in his past…..mmhhh. He better have a solid explaination for d boy oh

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