To Be Or Not? E1

“Marry me Emily……”

Emily stared open mouthed at Korede, he was down on one knee, in the dining room of an up scale restaurant which was packed full with patrons, who were all staring at the unfolding drama. Emily hadn’t expected to be proposed to when Korede asked her to have dinner with him earlier that afternoon. Yes, they had been going out for four months, but surely that was too soon for him to pop the question.
Emily began to sweat despite the coolness of the room, Korede was down on his knees brandishing a ring box, with the most amazing ring she had seen off catalogues, smiling hopefully at her, and all the other diners in the restaurant were looking at her hopefully, she could practically here them saying; Accept already!

Talk about an ambush!

Did she really want to marry Korede? She wasn’t sure. Did she really want to marry anyone right now? What will happen to her dreams, her career, her MBA, surely this was too soon. There was Dayo as well (her other boyfriend), and of both men in her life she would have chosen Dayo. But Dayo had known her for about two years and he was yet to pop the question. Enter Korede, and four months later, he was asking her to marry him.

Who wouldn’t say yes? She should say yes! If for nothing else, but to get him off his knees, and not turn this evening to an embarrassing show. She sent a silent prayer heaven-ward and prayed she didn’t screw-up this moment.

“Emily?” Korede asked.

“Off course I’ll marry you. Yes I’ll marry you.” She gushed, a huge smile covering her confusion. She could always rethink it tomorrow, couldn’t she?

Korede took the ring out of the box and slipped it on the third finger of her left hand, it fit so perfectly and the stone glittered beautifully. Despite her confusion, Emily felt joy like she had never felt before sweep through her as she looked at the ring, and her eyes pooled. This was her? Korede wanted to marry her? She had an engagement ring on her finger?
She emerged from her reverie to the sound of applause from the other diners.
She hadn’t even noticed when Korede pulled her up and into his arms for a bone crushing hug. She wrapped her arms around his neck and continued to admire her ring; it was truly beautiful.

The rest of the evening passed in a blur for her, she vaguely remembered the maître d’ offering them a complementary bottle of champagne, the congratulations, etc. She barely remembered them leaving the restaurant, she looked around her, this wasn’t her neighbourhood, where was Korede taking her to? She was tired, with work, and the proposal at dinner…..

“Where are we going?” she asked him.

“You’re awake.” He smiled at her. “I thought we should go back to my apartment. You’ve never been to my place.”

“Uhmm” she cleared her throat and sat up. “I’m really tired, today has been a day and half, and I have to go in to work tomorrow afternoon. Can we reschedule?” She smiled at him.

He exhaled slowly. “Ok.” He replied and turned in the direction of her house.

“Babe! Wake up! You want to sleep the day away?” Buchi, Emily’s sister screamed into Emily’s ear.

Emily woke with a start! She rolled over and tried to clear her thoughts, she had been having this weird dream with herself as the object of a tug-of-war between Dayo and Korede. Dayo insisted she had to marry him, and had placed his ring on her middle right finger when she refused to take off Korede’s. She quickly glanced at her hands to ensure she wasn’t wearing two engagement rings.
Thank God, just one!

Buchi noticed the ring when Emily glanced at her fingers and squealed. “Emily!” Buchi grabbed her hand, examining the ring. “This is beautiful! Korede?”


“Congratulations darling!” Buchi hugged her. “This is such good news.” She bounced on the bed. “Last night?”

Emily nodded in affirmation, an uncertain smile on her face.

“Why didn’t you tell me, why didn’t you wake me, we should have celebrated. Have you told your family? Still not late. Lemme make us breakfast.” Buchi got up excitedly to leave the room, but turned back at the door. “For someone who just got engaged last night, where is the excitement?” She asked seriously standing at the foot of the bed.

“I’m happy, just tired.” Emily faked a smile.

“No you’re not. I can see right through you. This is what every girl prays for, if you were excited, the neighbour’s two streets down will know. Sup?”

Emily sighed and sat-up in bed. She and Buchi had always been close and knew each other so well, so it wasn’t surprising for Buchi to pick up on her uncertainty.

“I don’t know Buchi, I mean like you said, this is what al girls long for, and now its here; I’m not sure.” She explained.

“Not sure about Korede?” Buchi sat beside Emily on the bed.

“Yea, not sure I want to marry him, not sure I want to marry anyone right now. He asked me while we were at dinner, in the restaurant. Truly if we were in a private place I would have asked for time to think about it.”

Both ladies sat in silence, lost in thought.

“I like Korede and all, but his drama is just too much, even the way he proposed was so dramatic. He missed his calling, rather than banking he should be an entertainer.” Emily joked. “Whereas Dayo is calm, and predictable….”

“Boring!” Buchi interjected.

“Yes, sometimes. But he’s a good person.”

“So is Korede. You’ve said so yourself.”

“I know. You know what is said about like terms, Korede and I are alike in behaviour, my drama has even had to take a back burner to his since I met him. While Dayo offers dependability and stability. I can practically predict where he is right now, his morning routine, and I’ll be right.”

“Yea, I can remember you also referring to him as a ‘pulling down spirit’!” Buchi said dryly.

“That was a joke, but you know what I mean, Korede and I are like a ‘ticking bomb’ situation….. you get my drift right?”

“I don’t.” Buchi dead panned.

“You do!” Emily insisted earnestly. “Don’t you see, Korede and I in the same house, doing the forever thing, we’ll just burn the house down.”

‘You and I are alike, in fact, I’m crazier than you, why haven’t we burnt down this house?” Buchi spread her hands expansively.

“Its, not the same, we are friends, girls. Unlike in a conjugal relationship…..” Emily trailed off. “I always thought I would settle with someone……… I don’t know, calmer than me, like Dayo.”

‘Dayo has known you for two years, if he wanted to marry you, you should be weaning your first kid now,”

“We were getting to know each other!”

“No, you were standing still. How long does it take to know a person? A lifetime isn’t enough. When was he going to propose, on your death-bed? How long did we know each-other before we rented this apartment together?”

“It’s just, I feel like Korede is moving too fast, I’m just not sure…”

“Yet you accepted his ring?”

“I was ambushed. Besides, the ring is beautiful.”

They both admired the ring. “Korede does have good taste.” Buchi examined the ring with the eyes of a connoisseur.

Emily chuckled.

“The soon-to-be Mrs. Korede Peters!” Buchi teased.

“What’s that? I don’t have name again?”

“Isn’t that how women write their names these days?”

Emily sighed. “Babe, I’m still not sure, it doesn’t feel right.” She said sadly.

“You have to really think about it, think it through, think it twice. No man is perfect, not Korede, not Dayo, be sure what you want. Don’t lose the bird in hand for the one in the bush.” She got up off the bed.

“I’ve worked up an appetite, care for pancakes?”

“Sure. I’ll join you in the kitchen in a bit.”

“Ok.” At the door, Buchi turned again.

“In case you decide not to marry Korede, sow the ring into my life, dash me.”

Emily laughed. “Naughty child!”

After Buchi left, Emily got down on her bedside to pray. She asked for God’s guidance, for directions on which way forward for she was truly confused.


Finally, we’ve gotten started, I apologise for the long break, and I hope you my wonderful readers didn’t loose faith in me and in the blog.

Here we go again, another story has begun, I hope you like, I hope you enjoy!

Lemme know what you think, and don’t forget to share. Have a great day.


7 thoughts on “To Be Or Not? E1

  1. Finally ive waited for three weeks for this stories.
    well… like buchi said, a bird at hand is worth more than a thousand in the bush. But like its said happiness is all that counts, go for who brings out the sparkle in you.

  2. Thanks CJ and Distinguished, thanks Chidi. Thank you to everyone who read and didn’t comment on the blog, also to those who sent me messages directly. Thank you all.

  3. Apologies accepted but don’t leave us hanging again oh. …. Nice one. Emily better look befor she leaps. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to settle down be wise

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