Altered Vows: A Chance For Redemption (Final Episode)

“You know, we never tell the full story in public testimonies.” Bisi laughed softly. “And I haven’t ever told anybody the full story, but I feel I should share with you. My husband cheated.”

Bisola was cast back to that dark time in her life after her husband confessed his infidelity and being the source of the dreadful disease she had been diagnosed with, that night they had cried in each others arms, they wept through the night.

Anger came the next morning.

She was angry, bitter. Why her?
How could her husband do this to her? How could fate be so cruel? He said it was just once, just once and he got infected with HIV?
How was she sure it was just once?

She felt like screaming out her pain! She felt like tearing away her skin! She felt like dying.

She wept. She was broken and wished she could weep her pain away.

Her husbands attempts to soothe her infuriated her more and she lashed out at him in anger. He took it calmly , still apologetic and this worsened her anger.

She totally forgot her children were going to school in her grief. Feyi, the maid must have prepared them, because when she remembered the house was quiet, an indication the children weren’t home.

Her children, who will care for them after she and her husband were dead?
Oh God! She wailed.

She struggled for calm, she had wept enough. This wasn’t her, she knew better.

What was to do in times of tribulations?

The answer came to her loud and clear; go to God in prayer.

She knelt on her bedside to pray. Word failed her.

Refusing to give in to the threatening tears, she picked up her Bible. It opened to 2nd Samuel chapter 12, she began reading. It was the story of Prophet Nathan’s visit to King David, after David committed adultery with Bathsheba and he had her husband killed to cover up the sin.
Verses 20 to 23 of that chapter spoke clearly to Bisola; when the child that was the product of the adultery died, David
got up, washed and changed from his sack clothes and went into the house of the Lord and worshipped, after which he requested for food and ate.

His response to his servants query on his behaviour in verse 22 and 23 was: “While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept. I thought, ‘Who knows? The lord might be gracious to me and let the child live. But now that he is dead, why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me”.

“I got so much inspiration from that chapter, my interpretation of it was; like David, I couldn’t do anything about the situation. It had happened, rather than focus on the pain of it, I needed to move on.” Bisi wiped tears from her eyes. “I must tell you Marian, it wasn’t easy.” Bisi took Marian’s hands in hers. “I couldn’t pray, all I could say was; God help me. And that was really all I needed to say, He did help me.
Have you thought about what you really want to do, where u want to go from here? Have you asked God to help you through these trying times? His grace is really sufficient for us.”

Bisi paused, tears were flowing down the faces of both ladies.

“Eventually, my husband and I began to pray together again.” She continued. “We comforted each other, we made peace with the situation and decided to make the best we could of the life we had. We went back to the hospital to consult with our doctor on how to manage the disease. The doctor asked that we undergo another test to ascertain the present level of the disease, there we got the miracle of our lives. Both our tests returned HIV negative. My understanding of that positive result was to free my husband from the guilt of sin. My dear, those were dark days for me. I felt betrayed, I thought my life was over, but God saw me through it.
Ask God to see you through these. I’m not here with any ready-made answers, I cannot tell you what to do, the mortal me doesn’t even know what I would do in a circumstance like this, but I know I would ask God to help me through it.”

Marian wept, she wept away the pain and betrayal and anger of the past weeks.
Bisi held her as she cried.

“Would you like some water? Or anything else?” Bisi asked softly when Marian’s sobs subsided.

“I’m fine.” Marian wiped her tears.

“I think you’ve come to a decision?”

Marian nodded in affirmation.

“Let us pray.”

Both ladies bowed their heads as Bisola led them in prayers.


As Marian walked back into her house after waving off Bisi, she felt profound peace. Like the weight of the world had been lifted of her shoulders. Bisi’s visit had been such a blessing to her and she was grateful she and her husband had this chance to redeem their marriage.

She shut the door, picked up her phone and dialled her husbands’ number on speed dial. Even his caller ring-back-tune felt refreshingly fresh for she hadn’t called him in a while.

She smiled when he answered his call almost immediately.

“My love.” She said.


Here ends the Altered Vows series for now, a reader sent me her personal story which is very inspiring but I do not have permission to share yet. As soon as I have, I’ll publish it.

I apologise for not posting yesterday, and I hope I’m forgiven.

It was inspiring writing Altered Vows and I hope you enjoyed it. A new series will begin soon (as soon as possible), and I’m also opening up the blog to publish works written by other writers with credit to them. Contact me by sending an email to with your original writing, accurately edited and I will publish it.

Keep visiting Chinma Eke’s blog, I appreciate everyone of you, keep your thoughts and comments coming, don’t forget to share.

Have the best of days.


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