Altered Vows: A Chance For Redemption

A week after Daniel left the house after dropping the children off, he returned with two large shopping bags, hiding behind a bouquet of flowers.

“Daddy!” The children ran to him. He hugged each of them and walked to her.

“I’m sorry.” He said kneeling at her feet.
Mindful of the children; she got up and went into the bedroom, he followed her.
“I’m sorry.” He repeated.

The dam of all the pent-up emotions burst and she burst into tears. He cried with her.
“I got a call from Danladi.” He said through his tears.

She looked at him sharply expecting the worst.

“I’m very proud of you, and very ashamed of myself.” She watched him in silence, tears rolling down her face. “He said he’d never met any woman like you. He said I don’t deserve you. He has paid the contract.”

“Oh now we know why you’re back!” Marian snapped angrily.

“Marian?” Dan was perplexed.

She shrugged. “He paid the money, good for you. Finally I did something right!” She said sarcastically wiping her tears.

“I don’t understand Marian, we should be happy, rejoicing. We’re out of the woods.”
“I’m happy! Can’t you see how happy I am?”


“I need to check on my kids.” She left the room.

Dan sat wondering why Marian wasn’t happy at the good news. Wasn’t this what they had waited and prayed for? Was she still upset over the Abuja thing? That was in the past, and all things have worked for their good; the contract has been paid and Danladi had promised more contracts. What was her problem? This whole thing was getting him angry.

“Marian!” He called her in anger, he could hear her and the children in the living room. He heard Julian tell her he was calling her. He knew she heard him call and was just ignoring him. This escalated his anger.

She walked in defiantly after some minutes, and leaned against the closed door.

“What’s your problem?”

“Really, you can ask me that?” She countered.

“Yes! Because I can’t understand why…..”

“You return home, a week after you walked out on your family. A week during which you refused to pick my calls, or reply my texts, IMs or email. Not caring that I was worried, not caring how we fared. You are not returning home because you’re sorry, no, you’re returning home because; oh! The contract has been paid, the contract which you sold me out for. And you’re wondering why I’m upset? If you don’t know, I can’t help you.” She snapped struggling to keep her voice down for the sake of the children.

“I’m sorry.” All the anger was gone out of him.

“Yea, so you say. I hear you, I want to believe you, but I’m sorry I just can’t draw up the required excitement!”

The ensuing silence stretched out. Dan stared at his shoes while Marian stared at him.

“Well, if there’s nothing else, I have to go cook up a pot of ‘my morality’ for my children.” She couldn’t resist inserting the dig, after all he used it first.
Daniel helplessly waved that she could go. He couldn’t believe how he’d made a mess of things.

Weeks later, the situation in their home was deteriorating. Dan and Marian were at loss as to how to repair their marriage. Marian knew she should snap out of the funk into which she had sunk, but was helpless as to how to go about it. She was constantly irritated, spending money given to her by her husband really depressed her. She was either ignoring him or snapping at him at the slightest provocation.

Dan was at a loss as to how to show Marian he was sorry. He couldn’t talk to her, her body language discouraged it, and when he braved it, she either snapped at him or ignored him. Marian was usually the cheerful one brightening the home, now she was silent and sullen. He missed her, he missed the sparkle in her eyes. He was even considering letting her get a job, he just didn’t know how she’ll manage the home, kids and a career. He was both concerned and worried, which led him to speak with his cousin; Bisi about it hoping for an insight into how to solve the situation. He didn’t like the idea of discussing his family issues with another, but Bisi was his cousin, a pastor’s wife who was involved in women’s ministry. Bisi had scolded him thoroughly after he told her the whole truth, but had promised to speak with Marian.

Marian let Bisola Biboko into the house. She had called earlier about the visit. Sister Bisi was her husband’s cousin and the person she was closest to in the family. Bisi had been a blessing to Marian since she was married into the family especially in the recently financially trying times, and it was always a pleasure to see her.

“Daniel told me of his shameful action.” Bisi delved right in once they were done with pleasantries.

Marian sighed.

“I must say I admire you for your courage to stand in the face of temptation.” Bisi went on.

Marian couldn’t say anything, her heart was so heavy, she couldn’t put into words all the emotions she was feeling.

“How are you, how have you been holding up?” Bisi asked.

Marian nodded her affirmation.

“I cannot claim to know what you’re going through right now, though I have been in a slightly similar situation.”

“Similar situation?” Marian asked shifting to the edge of her seat.

“Yes, I have been betrayed by my husband, felt the worst possible fear…..” She trailed off staring into space.

Marian stared at her in confusion, what was Bisi talking about? “Your husband….?” She asked in disbelief.

“No, not really, but he did expose me to harm. Remember my testimony of how God overturned two HIV positive results?” Bisi asked smiling wistfully.

“Yes I remember…..”

“You know, we never tell the full story in public testimonies.” Bisi laughed softly. “And I haven’t ever told anybody the full story, but I feel I should share with you. My husband cheated.”


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