Finding Happiness Episode Eleven

Oh God. Thank God. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. Nifemi was awake.
“My love. How are you?” I said through dry cotton mouth.
“I’ve been better. How are you? Daddy says you’ve been worried sick and if I didn’t speak with you, you won’t sleep a wink.” He sounded so weak, but no doubt my Nifemi.
“I’m fine. Better now I’ve heard your voice.”
“Are you crying?”
“No.” I wiped my tears.
“You should know I wouldn’t let a little thing like a bullet keep us apart. We are going to grow old together.”
I was nodding my head as though he could see me.
“Now we’ve spoken, we’re going to go to sleep. We’ve had a long, rough day.”
“Okay my love.”
“Goodnight babe.”
“Goodnight my love. Love you sooo much.”
“Same here.”
We ended the call. I cradled the phone to my chest and blessed God for saving Nifemi.

“We should get married.” Nifemi said as we relaxed in the living room at his apartment, watching TV.

It was a week later and we had just returned from the hospital. He had been transferred to his company’s hospital in Lagos two days after he regained consciousness at his request (or order). And in less than a week he made the doctor discharge him, declaring that if he wasn’t discharged, he would discharge himself.

It was a tremendous relief to me when he was transferred to Lagos, for I could be near him.

“We are getting married, as soon as we set a date.” I smiled at him and snuggled in, as close as I could be on the couch we were seated on.

“No, that would take like months. Lets have a civil service immediately, this week. I want you to move in with me, as my wife.”

I stared, wide eyed in mild surprise. “But the plans are already in motion, what about all the other plans….” The plans were for us to have the traditional engagement, court wedding, church marriage and reception in a week.

“Like….” He asked.

“The church wedding?”

“It will still go on as planned, when we fix it.” We hadn’t fixed a date with our pastor.
“You said we need a bigger apartment.” I reminded him.

“We do. You’ll search from here.”

“I don’t have anything to wear, and besides I heard court weddings take time to……”

“You have a few days to find something to wear, nothing fancy, the big wedding is still up ahead. This is just going to be us and family. As for court weddings taking time to arrange, I’m a lawyer remember? Any other questions or objections?”

“None at all.”

He squeezed my shoulders fondly and kissed me on the forehead.

My mind immediately went into overdrive. What to wear? I have to inform Dupe, aunt Mabel, his parents, because knowing Nifemi he’ll probably wake up tomorrow to say our wedding was that day.

“What’s the hurry?” I asked him.

“Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” He replied immediately.

“Were you expecting that question?”

He laughed. “I know you, I can practically see the wheels turning in your head.”

I eyed him without heat. That was the thing about Nifemi and I, we knew each other so well we could almost accurately tell what the other was thinking. But this rushed wedding he was springing on me…….

In a way though, it was still typical Nifemi. He loved to surprise me.

Later, I called MaryAnn of MAP designs and asked her if she could make me a dress in twenty-four hours, that was all the time I was confident I had. I notified our family. And true to his words, two days later, Nifemi and I were married at a simple registry wedding. The service was so beautiful; we exchanged our vows surrounded by friends and family. The simplicity of the event suited me, I was tempted to cancel the fanfare of a wedding aunt Mabel and his mom were planning, but I knew they’ll probably have a fit if I did.

MaryAnn came through for me, my dress was breathtaking, it was a blush-pink lace mermaid gown, and it fitted me like a glove. Nifemi looked dapper in a blue suit, and I can’t get over the joy of being Mrs Olatunji. Dupe was my maid of honor off course, and Ehis, MaryAnn’s husband was Nifemi’s best man. We had a lunch party at a dainty restaurant, after which Nifemi and I, no, my husband and I proceeded on our honeymoon. Nifemi surprised me with a trip to Seychelles Island.

We had the church marriage blessing two months later, with the gbogbo ero reception; despite that I was seriously showing by then, MaryAnn still worked wonders with my dress, this one was cream colored.

A few months later, I had my children; yes I had twins, a girl and a boy. I really blessed God. I remembered how my year began, how God had given me my heart desire. I had found happiness!


Its been an eventful eleven weeks with Keji’s story on her journey to Finding Happiness, her story is by no means finished because a true love story never ends, but we’ll stop here; where she married her prince. I also concluded MaryAnn and Ehis’ story from My Super Ex-Boyfriend series.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll publish a short story, I hope y’all look forward to it. After that, another series will begin.

Meanwhile as always, Beauty and Fashion editorials continue as well as Ms Psyche. Stick around.
I love to hear from you, please leave your thoughts as comments.

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Thank you! Once again; Happy New Month, Welcome to April!



9 thoughts on “Finding Happiness Episode Eleven

  1. When I read the first episode, I thought I could predict how the story will end. I was wrong. Chinma Eke kept us intrigued and in suspense all through. Looking forward to the next one. Well done!

  2. We knw a gud writer when we read jst few lines of her work,u re very gud,i enjoyed’my super exboyfriend series’ it was captivating,even dis,was also nice,tanks for feeding us,i hv learnt one or 2 tins frm both stories,tanks for taking ur time to write.

  3. Chinma, I didn’t know you are this talented in writing! I hope you are compiling them into a book. I can volunteer to be part of the editing team! I am proud of your work! Keep the flag flying!

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