How To Do A Natural Makeup Look.

Hello everyone! Welcome to Beauty Friday! Today, we”ll learn how to apply makeup such that it looks natural. Every woman loves a natural look. To look flawless without appearing ‘made-up’.
Here are some tips to achieve the flawless, youthful look:

*Prep the skin.
Begin with a clean skin. Cleanse skin with gentle skin type appropriate cleanser.
Next step; moisturize.
Then give your foundation or concealer a proper base with a Primer.

*Even out skin tone.
This step depends on the level of coverage you really need. If you have great skin, a tinted moisturizer will suffice. Otherwise cover up spots and blemishes by patting on a concealer or light foundation to even out skin tone.

*Add a touch of color.
For a natural glow, apply creme blush to the cheeks for a dewy look.

**All color applications must be light-handed in order to appear natural.

Set face with a light dusting of translucent oil blotting powder for oily skin and to keep makeup in place all day.

Run a wand of eye lash curler through eyebrow to brush and keep brow hairs in place.
Apply a single coat of mascara to open up the eyes.

Lipstain works best for the natural look, as it appears natural and lasts all day. Choose a color closest to your lip color.

Apply makeup in the light you will be seen in. For example; if you’re going out in the sun, apply makeup under bright light.

Using natural makeup is healthier for your skin, make sure makeup is non-comodogenic.

Remember, the goal is to appear as though you aren’t wearing makeup, don’t over do the makeup!

Let us know how this tips worked for you and/or share your makeup tips with us in the comment section. We love hearing from you.

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Have a good weekend.



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