Quick Tips For a Clear Glowing Complexion

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland

The bare face look (#flawless) has been trending recently.

The problem with this natural look is, you really need smooth and clear skin to pull it off, otherwise you will be tempted to cover your skin with concealer or at least foundation.

Don’t despair, you too can go natural with the following tips:

Start With Healthy Skin

In order to wear the fresh-faced look, you need to start with a healthy complexion. The point is to not have to wear heavy foundation and concealers, so if you are having problems with acne or other skin conditions, be sure to see a dermatologist for a treatment program.

Make sure you are eating a nutritious diet free of processed and fried foods, are drinking plenty of water, getting enough rest, are exercising and avoiding stress, and other things that can be unhealthy for you and therefore your skin.

For a clear and smooth complexion, try these Recipes for Clear and Smooth Skin.

Keep The Skin Clean

It’s important to properly cleanse your face, using products according to your skin type and special skin concerns (acne, hyperpigmentation, oily skin, etc.) Start with a gentle facial cleansing routine in the morning and a more thorough cleansing at night to get rid of accumulated dirt, product and makeup. Be sure to remove eye makeup with an eye makeup remover that is formulated to dissolve and gently remove eyeliner and mascara without tugging or requiring excessive rubbing of the delicate skin in the eye area. In fact, it’s also a good idea to invest in a facial cleanser that is good for removing foundation and lipstick if you use long-lasting or water/sweat-proof formulas.

Be Gentle As You Cleanse

Splash your face with warm water to open the pores and then gently massage the facial cleanser into your skin with your fingertips, using circular motions. Avoid using a washcloth on the face. It can be irritating, especially to sensitive or acne-prone skin. Rinse your face with cool water, pat dry (leaving the face a little damp) and apply day cream or night cream. Use a gentle facial exfoliator once or twice a week.

If you have acne or are acne-prone you may need to wash your skin more frequently to get rid of excess oil that can contribute to breakouts. Read these articles about daily skin care routines and cleansing for more information.

Handle Your Skin With Care

The natural look is actually a blessing for the acne-prone since many cosmetics clog the pores and cause breakouts. Reduce your exposure to the oil in products, including makeup and sunscreen, by looking for products that are oil-free. Makeup should also be hypoallergenic (meaning the product is not known to cause allergic reactions), non-comedogenic (it won’t clog pores) and non-acnegenic (it won’t stimulate acne). If you have skin that is easily irritated or sensitive to fragrance, use products formulated for sensitive skin.

All skin types can benefit from not touching the face with the hands, especially when they have been exposed to dirt, bacteria and germs. If you have acne, don’t squeeze pimples or pick at scars and sores.

Tie your hair back at night or wear a satin scarf or hair covering to keep the hair out of your face. The oils from hair care products often contribute to breakouts.

Use clean applicators, sponges or brushes when applying makeup, and use applicators or cotton swabs to apply facial creams, acne creams and ointments. If you prefer using your fingertips to blend eye shadow, lipstick and other makeup, use a clean brush or applicator to remove the product from the palette or container, and then blend the product with clean fingertips. You want to avoid exposing the makeup and other cosmetics to bacteria (by dipping your fingers into the container) and then transferring bacteria and germs to your face.

During the day remember to wear sunscreen, which can prevent skin discolorations, skin wrinkling and other problems that can ruin a glowing, natural complexion. Use a sunscreen for your skin type and be sure to wash the product off after you come in from the sun.

*Nextweek, how to apply foundation to achieve the barefaced look.



Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington


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