Finding Happiness Episode Eight

…”I don’t know. Okay we had a falling out, it was pretty bad. But the thing is; I’m pregnant.”

“You are what?” All three of us asked in unison.

“I’m pregnant. Three months pregnant.” She replied with downcast eyes.

“For who?” Nifemi’s mother asked.

You could hear a pin drop in the ensuing silence. All three of us stared at Zara aghast.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard, I always knew Zara was bad news. The anonymous threat messages, and now, she was claiming to be pregnant, for Nifemi?

Wow! I wanted us to go back to the aso-ebi and menu discussion we were having before Zara walked in. I needed to leave the room, I wanted to scream so bad!

“Ehm, I need to pee, excuse me please.” I got up to leave the room.

Aunty Mabel followed me.

“Keji are you okay?” She asked as we entered my room.

“Yes aunty. I just want to pee.” I turned and smiled sadly at her.

She hugged me. “You’ll be fine. I don’t know what is happening, but all will be well.” She soothed.

I nodded and slowly extricated myself from her embrace, I entered the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Sitted on the toilet, I let the tears flow. Just when I was so close, when I thought I had found happiness, it all gets taken away from me.
What did Zara’s pregnancy mean for Nifemi and I? Why didn’t she get pregnant before we became intimate? I didn’t know how this whole thing was going to play out, but Zara had dented our relationship. Why? What have I done wrong?
Don’t I deserve some happiness?

Three months pregnant? We were officially dating then. How could Nifemi do this to me? How?

Aunt Mabel knocked on the bathroom door. “Keji!”

I flushed, and wiped my tears.

“Aunt I’m fine, I’ll be out in a minute.” I replied. As I made to wash my hands at the sink, I looked into the mirror above the sink. My eyes were swollen, I looked ill, like I had lost some weight.
I decided to take a bath, I wasn’t in a hurry to leave the bathroom to join them in the sitting room.

Minutes later, when I left the bathroom, aunt Mabel was sitting on the bed waiting for me. She looked at me questioning.

“I’m fine.” I reassured her. “Is zara still here?” I asked as I searched through my wardrobe for something to wear.

“Yes. Nifemi’s mom called him and he is on his way.”

To do what? I almost blurted out. They should sha carry all the drama away from my house.
“I’m hungry. What’s available to eat?” I asked instead.

“I made your favourite, should I serve it?”

“Yes please.” I selected a pink loose knee length gown, I didn’t need anything clinging my body. “I’ll join you in the kitchen.” I called to her.

Nifemi’s mom was in the kitchen with aunt Mabel. They left Zara unattended in my living room?

“My dear, how are you feeling?” Nifemi’s mom asked concerned.

“I’m fine ma.” I replied. I truly felt fine, crying and letting out had done me some good. I carried the food aunt Mabel had dished and sat on the kitchen stool.
I think they must have been discussing before I came in and didn’t want to carry on in my presence. I shrugged mentally. I looked up at them both and they were watching me carefully, I smiled at them, I wasn’t going off the deep end, they should relax. My phone rang as I began to eat.
Where was it? I must have left it in the sitting room.

“I’ll bring it to you.” Aunt Mabel stopped me as I made to go get my phone.

It rang out before she returned. “Thank you ma.” I said as she handed me the phone. It began to ring again; Olumide? I hissed and muted the sound. It rang again. What the…. I guessed I had better answer or else he’ll keep calling.

“Yea hello?”

“Hello darling, how are you?”

I rolled my eyes and replied. “I’m good.”

“That’s good to hear, Dupe said you were under the weather.”

“She did?” I hoped she didn’t tell him I was preggers. I rubbed my still relatively flat stomach.

“You home now, I’d like to stop by after work.”

I was about to refuse, but I don’t know what got into me. “Sure.” I heard myself say. “Bring pizza.”

“I sure will, and some wine.”

That meant Dupe didn’t tell him I was pregnant or he wouldn’t be offering me wine.

“You have my address?”

“Yes, Dupe gave it to me.”

“Aite, later.” Both ladies were looking at me. I ended the call and continued my food.

I heard Jubril open the gate, and knew it must be Nifemi. His mom sprang up from the counter she was leaning on.

“That must be Nifemi.” She said. “Bring your food along.”

“I’m almost done, I’ll be out soon.” I didn’t want to be in on their discussion. They should sort themselves.

“Don’t be long.” She said as she left.
I nodded at aunt Mabel to go join them, I might need to know what went down later. I took my time, I could here them discussing, I didn’t need to be there.

When I could no longer stall, I joined them in the sitting room.
My eyes settled on Nifemi, he looked very stressed. Well, it was to be expected.
He tried to hold my gaze, I avoided his.

“Zara and I will go for a pregnancy test tomorrow, and arrange a DNA test as soon as possible.” Mrs Olatunji announced. “Zara, I have your number, I’ll call you tomorrow.” Sha dismissed Zara.

“Ok ma.” Zara replied in a small voice. She picked her handbag and, “Goodbye.”

Nobody responded.

“Gosh, what a day. I have a headache, I need to lie down.” Mrs Olatunji stood. “I’ll leave you. Nifemi, see me before you go.” With that she left us.

“I’ll go make dinner.” Aunt Mabel left us as well.


“I really can’t talk to you now. I need to rest.” I cut him off.

“We should talk.”

“Not today. Not now.” I stood and left the room.
In my room, I busied myself with checking my social media updates and blog trolling. I heard him talking to aunt Mabel before driving out sometime later.

I must have dozed off, I woke to Dupe gently shaking me awake.

“You’re back.” I yawned and stretched. “What’s the time?” It was dark already.

“Its almost eight.” She replied, sitting beside me on the bed.

“I’ve slept for over four hours.” I yawned again. “I’m hungry.”

“Olumide is here, with pizza.”

I lit up. Dupe put a staying hand on me as I got up.

“Aunt Mabel told me everything, you okay?” She asked, her voice laced with concern.

“Yes, I am. Just hungry.” I tried to joke. I really was tired of everyone asking me how I was. “Where’s aunt Mabel?”

“In her room. I could ask Olumide to go.” Dupe offered.

I thought about it, I didn’t particularly want to see Olumide, don’t know what made me invite him, but he was here. The least I could do was see him.

“Hello Olumide. How are you?” He got up when I entered the living room.

“Morenike, you look as beautiful as always. I trust you’re well recovered.

“I’m getting there. Please sit.” I waved him to sit, as I did same.

“Thank you for the pizza.” I took the box and opened it. “How was work today?”


I took a slice and passed the box to Olu.
At that moment, the front door opened and Nifemi walked in. He recognised Olumide, his eyes swept over the shared pizza, wine, the cozy atmosphere, and his gaze returned to mine. His a mixture of surprise, pain and sadness.

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