International Women’s Day 2014: Inspiring Change!

International Women’s day(March 8) every year is a global day to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future, while focusing world attention on areas requiring more attention.

This year, the official theme is: Inspiring Change, while the official United Nations theme for International Women’s Day 2014 is “Equality for women is progress for all.”

Merging both themes, I urge us women to inspire change in others in all we do in order to be accorded equal status and bring about progress(change).

It isn’t for us to cry marginalisation all the time, and flop when given a chance, it’s for us to begin to inspire change in whatever we do. Inspire change beginning with the children in your care, treat all around you with equality and fairness and your children will grow with that mindset, which will in turn bring about progress for all.

This post is dedicated to all women; from the girl child, to the oldest woman; Happy Women’s day.

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