Finding Happiness Episode Six

…..So you guys have graduated to PDA’s? I am watching!

I reread the sms, and checked again, who was it from? An unregistered number.

“Look what I just got?” I passed the phone to Nifemi as he parked in front of my house.

He took the phone and read the message. “Crazy prank.” Was all he said and he returned the phone to me, exited the car and came around to open my door.

I stared at him in shock. He was extremely calm for a guy whose girlfriend just received a veiled threat.
The Nifemi I know didn’t take such things calmly.
I stepped out of the car and walked with him into the house.

“Aunty welcome, my oga!” The gate man Jubril greeted.

“Jubril how fa?” I yawned, I was tired and needed to sleep, I pushed the message to the back of my mind, perhaps Nifemi was right. Aunt Mabel and Dupe were nowhere to be found, I guess they were asleep.

“You need to sleep.” Nifemi said as he kissed me on my forehead.

“Why don’t you spend the night here.” I whispered.

“No, I have an early morning football session tomorrow. You need to hit the sheets while I need to get going.”

“Tomorrow is sunday, no church?” I asked.

“No church.” He replied in a tone of voice that suggested he wanted no more arguments.

“Okay.” I conceded.

“Nyt babe.” He hugged me.

“Let me know when you get home, drive carefully.”

“You should go to sleep.”

“I’ll be waiting for your call.” I saw him to the door and stood there till he drove out.
I checked on Dupe and Aunt Mabel, and dragged out my night time routine to ensure I was awake when he called. And only went to sleep after his call.


The monday after, Nifemi bought me a diamond bracelet. It was truly beautiful, and I loved it. But it came at a time when Nifemi was being distant towards me and I couldn’t but wonder.

Recently he was getting secretive. Nifemi used to be so free with me he could ask me to take his calls if he was busy. Recently, he won’t let me touch his phone.

I got another message a week later, same passive threat that showed whoever sent it was watching us. I showed it to Nifemi again, and he took the number and promised to look into it.


I began making preparations for another buying trip. I was determined to handle the preparations myself, despite Nifemi’s offer of his secretary’s help.
I ran into a childhood friend at the Embassy. Rosy’s family lived on the same street as us and she and I were in the same class at school until her parents got divorced and she had to move away with her mother and other siblings. Cruel Nigeria. In the western world, the wife and children keep the house, here, they are kicked out.

“Keji?” She asked. She was walking in as I was leaving.
I recognised her instantly.

Rosy and I screamed in recognition and hugged each other.

She looked the same, just older as was to be expected, and fairer. Rosy was a beautiful chocolate coloured child, and now she was… white.

“I don’t have to ask how you are, you look good.” I complemented.

“Thank you.” Her smile further pronouncing her dimple. “You look good as well.” She said in a pseudo foreign accent (fone).

“You’re here for a visa?” I asked as we moved away from the doorway.

“Yes, my kids and I are going for a holiday.” She replied flashing her wedding ring in the way married women do. “What about you? Travelling? Are you married? I heard about you parents, I’m so sorry. Its been so long, we need to get together sometime to chat. We need to catch up. How is Nifemi?” She rapped on.

I laughed, Rosy was still the same; a thousand words per minute, added to this her lafa she sounded hilarious.

“Yes, I’m travelling. Buying trip. Not yet married, ehm, what else did you ask?” I replied.

“You’re still the same Keji George. Why aren’t you married yet. And Nifemi, we all thought you and he would end up together. Yes, I ran into him some weeks ago at the country club, with one girl clinging to him. You shouldn’t let him go o! You know back then….”

“Rosy!” If I didn’t interrupt her, she would have gone on forever. “How about you and I meet up for lunch later, and catch up.”

“Ok. Let’s exchange contacts.” She got out her phone. “When are you travelling, I hope we can be away at the same time, it will be so much fun.”

I gave her my contacts ant took hers, we hugged once more and parted.


I drove to a restaurant beside Dupe’s office, she and I had plans for lunch. Due to pressures at work, and me spending more time at Nifemi’s Dupe and I had barely seen each other recently. And I needed to talk with her, something was off with Nifemi, plus these anonymous text messages.

She got to the restaurant ahead of me and had ordered drinks already.

“How did it go at the Embassy?” Dupe asked while we waited for our food.

“Finally, its done. Gosh, the process is slightly stressful. Thank God its now done. I’ve even booked my flight, next week saturday.”

“Ok. Thank God. What was it you wanted to talk about?” Dupe asked.

“Do my eyes deceive me, or is this Morenike George and Dupe Gbadebo?”
Dupe and I turned in unison towards the familiar yet unfamiliar voice. A voice I hadn’t heard in four years.

I froze. Olumide Fowora. My university boyfriend, my one true love besides Nifemi off course.

“Olu!” Dupe screamed, jumped up and jumped on him.

Traitor. Olumide and I hadn’t parted on friendly terms and Dupe was jumping all over him. Smh. I blocked them out and concentrated on my drink to compose myself. Today must be the day for running into old acquaintances.

“Hello Morenike.” He bent and whispered into my ear.

I was startled, I didn’t know they were done. “Hello Olumide.” I replied with a falsely bright smile. He was the only one who ever called me Morenike, and the way he said it, made it seem personal.

“I figured I needed to whisper in your ear to get your attention, since Dupe’s screams didn’t do it. You are pretending I’m not standing in front of you. It’s been a while, how are you?” The teasing quality of his voice plus the acquired british accent made his voice sound, delicious.

“I’m fine.” I replied curtly.

“Yea, I can see that.” He wouldn’t stop smiling as he looked me over. “May I join you ladies? I wasn’t exactly looking forward to lunch alone, but fate brought you ladies here.”

“Off course.” Dupe answered.
“No.” I answered at the same time.

“Okay, which is it?” His smile had turned mischievous.

I eyed dupe and stretched forth my hand in a gesture for him to join us.
He sat and a waiter immediately materialised to take his order.

“So Morenike, aren’t I lucky? Just two weeks back in Nigeria and I run into you. Best of all you aren’t wearing a wedding ring so you’re still single. For me. Aren’t I lucky?”

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