Ms Psyche: Love is in the Air?

Happy new year my lovelies, I’ve missed y’all. How was the holidays and dry broke January?
I wish I could promise to return to the weekly articles, but I know I probably wouldn’t be able to make it. I do promise though to write very often. So help me God.
So, this is a new year 2014, and I wish to interact with y’all more. Keep the emails coming to, share the articles, and comment. Voice your thoughts, please don’t be a silent reader this year.
I love y’all.

Love is in the air, or should I say: romance is in the air. Its the official/commercial love season, and like Mr & Mrs Z aka Mr & Mrs Carter we are drunk in love!

Valentine sales are on, and everywhere I look, I see RED! I think after christmas, this should be the most commercialise season.

Its a week to St. Valentine’s day, and most of us have made plans for that day. Me, I aim (want) to be surprised.

I love love, any day, anytime. To me love should be celebrated always, and I have a problem with the idea of a day in 365 being set apart for the celebration of love. Especially as that wasn’t the idea behind St. Valentine’s day. I believe in a committed relationship, everyday should be a day to celebrate and show our love (everyday is valentine when you are with the right person). Not having to wait for that single day in a year, and we all get into a frenzy of preparations to make that day perfect and then what? We go back to business a usual? I don’t think so.

Share your thoughts, what do you think, does the one day in a year think work for you (bearing in mind that if valentine’s day didn’t exist, most guys won’t even bother to show their love), or like me; do you think everyday should be lovers’ day?

PS: Don’t forget to show love to the less privileged in the true spirit of Valentine’s day.

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