Finding Happiness Episode Three

“I want to give you a trip to Dubai, but I had Alice wait for the outcome of this interview. As it stands, I think you can go as soon as possible. You get a two weeks all expense paid trip to Dubai.”
My brain must have regressed to Abacus OS, what was Nifemi saying? A two weeks all expense paid trip to Dubai?
I screamed for joy!

I jumped on him and planted a kiss on his lips. He caught me and staggered a few steps backwards.
His body stiffened, and his smile became uneasy.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” I gushed and hugged him hard.

“You’re welcome dear.” He gently set me down on my feet, and moved some feet away.

I was so happy, my feet could barely support me. “I’m going to Dubai!” I screamed.

He laughed softly. “Keji, office.” He reminded me.

“Okay.” I tried to calm down, I was already planning the trip in my head, I was going to shop till I dropped.

His office line rang and he answered. I admired him as he spoke on the phone, hw was the most-handsome man to me. Very good to the core. If I could just find a man half as good as him…. After a few seconds discussion, he ended the call.

“I have a meeting now.” He said to me.

“Okay. Will you come for dinner? What do you want to eat?” I asked as I grabbed my handbag.

“I have dinner plans with Zara.” He replied.

“Oh!” My face fell. “She can come too.” I offered.

“Some other time.” He replied as he walked me to the elevator.

“Aite.” Suddenly I wasn’t so happy again. Since he hooked up with Zara, I had rarely seen him and I wasn’t happy about it.
I got into the elevator and blew him a kiss. He waved as the elevator doors shut.
As I stepped out of the elevator at the ground floor, I noticed Zara walking towards the elevators, as usual looking paparazzi ready.

“Oh! Fancy running into you here.” She said (in her phony locally acquired I’m sure accent) as she stopped in front of me.

“Hello Zara. How are you?” I smiled at her.
“I’m peachy darling. You’ve seen Niffy?”

Niffy? “Yes. I just left his office, he said he has a meeting.”

She laughed. “I just called him to tell him I’m in the neighbourhood. He didn’t mention a meeting. I’ll just go on up. Later sugar.”

She moved into a waiting elevator and I walked out of the lobby. I had this uneasy feeling she was the meeting Nifemi blew me off for. There was something about Zara, she struck me as being as fake as all her fashion accessories and I wondered why Nifemi who was always astute with people hadn’t seen it.
I shrugged, not my problem. His girlfriend, his headache.

This girl just had to appear and spoil my high. I sighed as I got into my car. No she couldn’t, I was going to Dubai!


“I think you’re jealous.” Dupe said after I recounted my day to her. She, Aunt Mabel and I were in the sitting room, gisting and sharing our day experiences. I told them about my interview; they joined me in raining curses on that he-goat, I played an Audio clipping someone sent to me to all our hearing; the ‘Uche face your work’ call. We laughed and discussed it, wondering why us women saw ourselves as perpetual poachers. Had Uche been male, I was sure the wife wouldn’t have suspected a thing despite the prevalence of same sex relationships. At this point, I was almost bursting from keeping the Dubai trip to myself. When I told them, we had a dance/scream fest, full holiday planning/drawing up a shopping list. I was going to buy something for everyone I knew. We got stuck on Zara. What do I buy her? I expressed my unease about her, and Dupe thought I was jealous?

“How? Jealous of who, Zara?” I asked, truly confused.

“Yes, Zara. Nifemi seems serious about her and it’s just dawned on you that you’re loosing him.” Dupe avoided my gaze as she psycho analysed me.

“I’m not loosing Nifemi. Regardless of who he’s with, I’m the constant.” I argued comfidently. “Nifemi has had girlfriends over the years, I’ve never complained about any. She, is fake. I don’t like her.”

“I still think you are jealous, and maybe realising that your feelings for him are turning romantic.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, I looked from Dupe to Aunt Mabel, she looked to be aligned with Dupe. This was a joke.

“You won’t make it as a psychologist, stick to banking.” I replied dismissively.

“I don’t need to be a psychologist to know there’s chemistry between you and Nifemi.”

“Yuck Dupe! Don’t say Nifemi, me and chemistry in the same sentence. He’s like a brother to me.”

“I hate to break it to you Morenikeji. Nifemi isn’t your brother. I’ve seen the way he looks at you. I’ve seen the way he looked at all your past boyfriends. Those weren’t brotherly glances.”

I was lost for words. I looked to aunt Mabel to come to my rescue and tell this hard headed girl Nifemi and I were practically brother and sister.

“I’ve always prayed for more to develop between you too.” She said quietly. “And I have seen something developing lately.”

“You too aunt Mabel!” I exclaimed in surprise. What was wrong with these ladies?

“You see, auntie too noticed, stay there and be doing Lastma tinz, Nifemi sees you as a woman, its you that’s brother zoning him.” Dupe declared excitedly. “Do you remember that day you danced eminado for him, I swear he was…..”

“Dupe!” I cut her off. “Jeez, aunt Mabel is here.”

They both laughed. If I were light skinned, I would have been red by then.

“You think I’m a prude right?” Aunt Mabel asked. “You think I don’t know about….”

“I really don’t want to know.” Gosh this night was for bizarre revelations, I wasn’t going to add Aunt Mabel and sex into the mix. My phone rang; Nifemi. I guessed the date was over.
“I’ll leave you ladies to continue fantasising about chemistry between Nifemi and I, while I go answer Nifemi’s call in peace.” I said as I got up to go to my room.

“You see! Who calls his sister after a date. Guys only call girls who have been on their minds……”

I shut my bedroom door and didn’t hear the rest of Dupe’s theory!

I answered the call. “Hello Nifemi.”

“Hey you. You in bed already?” He asked. He sounded tired.

“No, not yet. Are you ok?” I was concerned.

“Yea, kind off. I’m parked outside the compound.”

“Why? Come in. Horn and Jubril will open the gate for you.” I looked out of my window as though I could see through the walls.

“No, Dupe and Aunt Mabel are still up right?” He asked.

“Yes.” I was worried, Nifemi sounded…. Unusual.

“Can you come out instead?”

“Sure.” I was grabbing a robe to wear on my sleep wear as I spoke. “I’m coming out.” I ended the call.


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