My Super Ex-Boyfriend! Episode Eleven

I didn’t tell Clara and Susan about my plans for Zach, not because I didn’t trust them, but because I wanted to tell them a finished story, and I had a suspicion all wasn’t going to go exactly as planned.

I passed through the hospital for my tests results on my way to Zach’s. Thankfully, the only test that returned positive was a mild infection. I thanked God. God knows this good result helped Zach, because if I got anything from him, I would have hurt him.

True to my suspicions, all didn’t go as planned. Adeola and I had planned for her to meet me at his estate gate, we would drive in my car. We had a feeling his gatekeeper might keep one of us away if we arrived separately.

To my surprise, she met me with Linda Adeshina in tow. Buoyed by the surprise I confronted her immediately.
“You knew we were both dating him and you said nothing, why?”

“It wasn’t my tale to tell, would you have believed me?” She countered straight up.

“Your silence encouraged him, he knew you knew and said or did nothing. What possible outcome did u expect?” I asked hotly.

She shrugged. I hissed and waved them into my car. When I honked at his gate, his gate man opened the gate immediately, and I got this hilarious thought: maybe Zach just instructed his gate men to always allow black Crosstour’s access, and never to let in more than one at a time. I chuckled and noticed the ladies giving me curious glances. I didn’t care, I wasn’t going to share.

When I parked the car and we alighted, I noticed the gate man stare open-mouthed at us three with his hands on his head in alarm. This got me cracking.

So I led my entourage of co-girlfriends into our boyfriend’s abode. I could hear him singing accompanied by his guitar, he was singing one of his recent hit love songs. Apparently he had been hoping to serenade me and get lucky.

Like in all those movies, his eyes were closed as he sang. We stood listening and at the end as though it were planned, we clapped.

His eyes flew open, he speedily set his guitar aside and got up simultaneously. His emotions were open to me like a book; from confusion, to fear, then he closed and hardened his gaze, and in that moment I knew it was truly over.

“Aren’t you going to invite us to sit?” I asked with false sweetness.

“So you guys know, what are you doing here then?” He asked as he calmly returned to his seat.

I was like, was this guy for real?
No remorse, no apology?

Adeola who had been sniffling beside me burst into tears.

I eyed her in anger. Couldn’t she have held herself together and not cry in his presence. I turned and headed out of the house.

“Anyone want a ride?” I asked from the front door.
No response. I guessed that was a no. I turned and saw them sizing themselves up. Perhaps hoping to be the ‘last girl standing.’
‘Ha! Time to go, before the cat fight began’. I thought to myself.

As I drove out of Zach’s compound for the last time, it was with mixed emotions. I had given Zach my heart and he dashed it. At the same time, I knew I couldn’t continue with him knowing about his betrayal. As I looked around my car, I lovingly patted the dashboard. It is true what they say; its better to cry in a bmw(in my case, a crosstour) than on a bicycle/cab/danfo.
And I did shed a few tears.


My girls were waiting eagerly for gist, I broke the good news; I was ‘almost’ disease free, and was Zach free.

The former they cheered at, the latter they didn’t know how to react until I put them at ease and ordered celebrations.

We popped wine, celebrated and partied till the security men came to inform us they were shutting down the building for the night.

We piled out to the car, then the quandary of who to drive. All three of us were tipsy.

“Let’s get a cab.” Susan suggested.

“What if Zach comes to steal the car overnight?” Susan asked.

Alcohol magnifies every sensation and idea. No way I was leaving my car in a parking lot overnight.

We mulled on this and decided we needed a driver. Who?

I got out my phone. “Hello.” I slurred out when Ehis answered.

“Hey MaryAnne, how you doing?” He said. I heard the sound of traffic in the background.

“We need a driver!” I screamed excitedly. His office was on the same street as mine, I hoped he hadn’t left.

He chuckled. “Where are the three musketeers now?” He asked amused.


“Office parking lot.” Susan amended.

“Okay, be there soon.” He ended the call.

We sat in the car while we waited, me in front, them behind. Ten minutes later, a sexy green sports car drove into the compound, and he alighted while another guy took his place in the driver’s seat and drove away.

“Is that his car?” Clara asked as we stared open mouthed at the receding beauty.

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“How can you not know, isn’t he your friend?” Susan questioned.

“Badass car!” Clara whispered in awe.

“Yea, is his car a requisite for friendship?” I countered.

He got to my car and I leaned over to open the driver’s door for him.

“Hello ladies.” He smiled at us.

“Hello.” We chorused.

“So what are we celebrating, it appears you ladies are quite…..?”

“We are not drunk.” I replied defensively.

“Just slightly tipsy.” Clara said.

“You know we’re law abiding citizens, we don’t drink and drive.” Susan added.

“Right. Law abiding citizens, not drunk, just slightly tipsy” He repeated, fighting laughter, emphasizing slightly.
“So, where are we headed?”

“Home.” We chorused.

“Okay, and that is where?”

“Surulere.” I replied.

“Ok.” He adjusted the car seat to his comfort, strapped in and started the engine. Checked that I was wearing my seatbelt and drove out.

One would think the drive was a test of sort, Clara and Susan asked so many questions of him, it helped me see Ehis in a new light.

With them, he sounded more confident. He talked lovingly of his car; ‘Pretty’ he named ‘her’. Talked about his work, family, etc.
We didn’t notice traffic and/or the passing of time and were surprised when we arrived at home. So soon?
He parked the car and got a cab home.
The friendship between Ehis and I did blossom into something more, but that’s another story.


The next day, the world woke to Zedeye’s twitter rants on how evil women are. I was so tempted to suggest to him he try doing men, but decided against it and un followed him.
Apparently, the rants continued, it even made the gossip blogs. Who cares? Not me!

Adeola kept obsessing over him, I got disgusted and snapped that she go back to him if she wants him that bad. I don’t know if she did, but it’s been years and he’s still single. Me, I focused on my business. As soon as I could, I traded in the ‘girlfriend special’ car for a newer model.

I remembered Zach because he came to see me. Yes, he came to MAP Designs to see me, reminisce and tell me how much he misses me. According to him; ‘I was the only one who let him be Zach, shedding the Zedeye weight.’
Sorry man, too late. I flashed him my wedding ring. I’m taken.

C’est fini!

* * * * * * *
It’s a week to Christmas, who is as excited as I am?
Yesterday was @gifty’s birthday, and we celebrate with her. I checked, she had a blast.
Let us know of your special moments and we will celebrate with you. Graycie’s birthday is up on the 22nd and we can’t wait, followed by Chinwe’s the day after. Goodness! Little wonder I fill out over christmas.

Next story coming up soon!

Chinma Eke.


14 thoughts on “My Super Ex-Boyfriend! Episode Eleven

  1. Wait ooo,ds story can’t finish lyk dat nah,who did she marry?
    Zach is jst a goat…
    Am waiting 4 a reply ooo,is ds d end nd who did she marry?abi is der season2?

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