Stay Gorgeous This Christmas!

This Christmas, I’m sure we all are concerned about looking our best without breaking a bank.
Here are a few budget friendly tips to help us remain gorgeous this season and beyond:

~Eat healthy, balanced meals.
A balanced meal is the base of all wellness. This season they would be a lot of sugary drinks, cakes, food, on offer. Moderation is key, and always balance your diets.
Drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

~Exfoilating body mitts.
Exfoilate your skin with mitts as against a body scrub which costs a fortune and ends up down the drain. Lather up with your body wash and mitts which can be used again and again.
Keep your skin clean, eliminate all body odours, and be confident.

A well moisturised skin is worth a million bucks, a well moisturised skin glows. Reducing your need for makeup to a bare minimum.
Especially with the dry weather which characterises this season, amp up moisturising from your hair to the sole of your feet. Oils and butters like Olive oil, Shea butter, Coconut oil, etc are not so expensive and have good moisturising benefits.

~Clothes, shoes and accessories.
Invest in practical and comfortable clothes, shoes and accessories.
Wear what fits you(especially size wise) and not what’s in fashion. Wear it with confidence.

Do something nice with your hair, the hair is a woman’s crowning glory.
Braids are a budget friendly way to go, and it suits all face shapes and colouring.

Wear whatever you have on with a confident smile and instantly elevate it.
Amp up your smile by ensuring your teeth is clean and color free. Teeth whitening strips and pastes are available in supermarkets and local pharmacies.

What are your pocket friendly fashion and beauty tips? Share with us.
Enjoy the season.

Chinma Eke.
t: @chinmaeke


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