My Super Ex-Boyfriend! Episode Ten

I got out my phone, and went straight to my twitter notifications, there was Adeola’s mention: I love social media, it gave me my Zach, and a cool new friend in @creativemaryanne!

We were like, was this lady for real? This was definitely deliberate, no way could she say in all honesty she didn’t know what she was doing.

This got me angry. How dare Zach and this woman come into my life with this trashy drama?

“MaryAnne, Mary!” Clara’s voice broke through my thoughts.

“Sorry, I was… What were you saying?” I asked her, returning to my seat beside them.

“Nothing, just bringing you back to the present. The emotions showing on your face ehn!

I grimaced. “Okay, enough of the pity party, what do I do?”

“I suggest you retweet and copy Zach.” Clara said.

“If you do that, they’ll know you are on to them.” Susan objected. “Retweet, don’t cc him. I think we should get more info before we confront them.”

“True, how?”


After much brainstorming that lasted the entire drive home, we concluded they wasn’t really much we could do, besides confronting them(Zach and Adeola).
I particularly wanted the whole debacle over and done with as soon as possible.

I called her the next day to invite her to lunch, she readily accepted and was on time too. We met up at a cafe close to my shop. Obviously neither of us was there for the food, we barely touched the salad we ordered.

After the meal, and fashion chit chat, I went straight to the point. “So, tell me more about Zach.” I asked her head on.

“Oh he’s the best.” She gushed. “We’ve been dating for over a year now, and it’s been wonderful.”

Over a year? Zach and I had been dating for about a year.

“How did you guys meet?” I asked her, a plastic smile on my face.

“Why do you ask?” She frowned.

“Nothing much, just curious. I’ve never met a celeb girlfriend.” I assuaged her. More like never met a co-girlfriend.

She began smiling again. “Zach is a private person. We met on social media, twitter exactly, and it spiralled from there.”

“Are you serious?” I asked wide eyed. Obviously, that was standard MO for him.

“Yea, twitter, I used to be so wary of those online hook ups till I met Zach. With him, it felt so right.” She got animated as she spoke.

“Really? Wow!”

“Double wow!” She had this theatrical voice on. “I got him to sign on with the PR firm I work for. Next year I’m starting my firm representing he and his label mates.”

I felt like dying, but kept up the act, who knew I had it in me to act. “Good for you.” I cheered her.

“Thanx love. I’m hoping next year we’ll also tie the nuptial knots.”

“Congratulations in advance!”

“Thank you!” She leaned towards me and gave me a side hug. “And, I would love for you to make my wedding gown.”

I laughed without mirth. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Are we done here, you want something else?” I asked.

“Yea, sure.” She replied.

I signalled a waiter for the bill. As we were about leaving, I thought; what the hell, do I want to stretch this out? So I asked her. “What’s the game plan? I know you know about Zach and I.”

She deflated instantly, and sighed. “Yes I know, Linda told me.”

“Linda…. Who?” I racked my brain for a Linda without success.

“Linda Adeshina”

“His music director?”

She nodded in confirmation.

“What does she have to…..” I got a cold and clammy feeling. Oh my! I refused to even process that thought. I remembered Linda’s behavior to me everytime we met, and bit by bit it all added up. “She is one of us?”

Adeola nodded in confirmation, my blood chilled. Looking at her I thought; if I looked as distraught as she did, we would make a frightful pair. I exhaled and glanced around the almost empty restaurant. The few scattered patrons were into their meal, none paying attention to us. Thank God. I signalled a waiter.
“Can I get a coke, regular normal sugar full coke.” I requested, I really needed the sugar high.

“Okay ma, anything for you?” He asked Adeola.

“Nothing, I still have water.” She indicated her half full glass of water.

We sat in silence each lost in our thoughts, until the waiter returned with my coke.

“I love Zach so much, he really is my soul mate, ever since I met him…” She began near tears.

“Calm down Adeola, if you cry I’m out of here.” I said to her sternly.

“I’m sorry, its just Zach and I…”

“Are soul mates, yes I got that.” I cut her off. Time for me to ask the questions I needed. “You say you met when?”

“Our two years anniversary is in two months.”

“He bought your car?”

“Yes, and he bought yours too.”

“Were you the lady in the pictures that went viral?”



“I don’t know. She won’t confirm or refute it, but it doesn’t look like her.”

“Jeez! Could there be another? How long have you known about he and Linda? And I? He Linda and I. This is so bizarre.”
The more I asked and she answered, it felt like I was speaking to myself, like we were comparing notes. I couldn’t believe I was in this situation. We had practically the same experiences, he said the same things to us, did the same thing, down to unprotected sex. I felt so sick, I prayed like I never prayed before that all the tests I took that morning returned negative.

When we left the restaurant hours later, I knew in my heart Zach and I were done.

I drove home, leaving Susan and Clara to find their way. I wasn’t in the mood for chit chat or pseudo psycho-analysis, I sent them a message, switched off my phone, and went straight to bed on getting home.


Two days later, I switched on my phone; lots of messages. From Clara and Susan, one from Zach, and many from Ehis. Sweet, kindoff clueless Ehis.
I made a mental note to respond to all my messages later, and I got ready for work.

There was an extra spring in my step, I stopped at a cafe to get doughnuts for everyone.

“You are, unexpectedly happy.”Clara remarked. “For someone who just had a twenty-four hour drop off the radar.”

“Its uncanny.” Susan confirmed.

“Don’t you girls have work to do?” I asked in mock seriousness. They both followed me into my office immediately I arrived.
“Why did you ditch CDS today?” I asked Susan.

“I’m tired joor, I need to rest.” She replied, helping herself to some doughnuts.

“Your wedding is about a month away, try to still fit into the dress MaryAnne is making for you.” Clara joked. Clara was a fitness junkie, and avoided fat like a plague.

“Okay. So?” Susan asked me. Obviously they were itching for news.

“I’m seeing Zach today.”

“And?” Clara asked impatiently.

“Patience my dears, all in good time.” I replied mysteriously. “Have some more doughnuts.” I offered them.

“Are you confronting him today?” Susan asked.

“Are you breaking up with him?” Clara asked at the same time.

“Dunno.” I replied evasively. “Most likely not.”

It’s two weeks to Christmas, and this year has been sooooo good! Congratulations to Niyi Muyi(an ardent Chinma Eke’s blog follower) and wife on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, may she grow to positively surpass all your expectations and to be a Chinma Eke’s blog follower as well. All the best!

PS: Share your blessings with us and I’ll give you a shoutout on air.”


Chinma Eke


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