Ms Psyche: Count Your Blessings Not Your Regrets!

Count your blessings

Hello my lovelies, its been ages. I’ve missed you too, blame it on the hustles and bustles of life. I have tried to directly answer all mails to, and I hope to keep hearing from you, and to churn out regular articles.

Last night, we got the news of the passing of the late Nelson Mandela, and considering his age I was surprised to see some newspaper headlines today. I don’t expect the world to rejoice at his death, but he died at 95 after a fulfilled, meaningful life. No doubt he will be mourned and missed but lets not make him feel guilty for dying.

This led me thinking; we spend so much time living in the past and the negative, not giving room for the future. Today is the sixth of December, twenty-four days to the end of the year, and all I see around me are people counting their regrets, burdens and worries, and trying to race against time.

A lot of us would no doubt wish for more time in 2013 to enable us achieve those targets we’ve set for ourselves, but the truth is; we don’t need more time in 2013 or any other year. We should begin to live each day as a new day, and be grateful for all we get.

So many times we are busy counting our disappointments, worries, burdens, pains, etc. We fail to count our blessings; the life we live, the air we breathe, good health, a sound mind, journey mercies, family, loved ones, food in our stomach, clothes on our back, that ‘not up to par career’, etc. The list of things to be grateful for is endless. Whatever situation you are passing through could have been worse, and will definitely pass. We should be grateful for things like; at our last doctor’s consult, he said the headache is just stress and not brain tumor, the little things, and the big things.

An attitude of gratitude welcomes blessings. As the year ends, be thankful for what you have, and watch the blessings pile up in. Start a list of things you are grateful about, and watch that list swell above and beyond your wants and needs list. Count your blessings, not your regrets.

Remain Sane,


Ms Psyche.



One thought on “Ms Psyche: Count Your Blessings Not Your Regrets!

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