My Super Ex-Boyfriend! Episode Four

There’s this belief, that when you know your problem you are halfway to it’s solution. In reality, that’s not the case.
As I sat in my room thinking on my relationship with Zach, those were my thoughts.
Being with Zach was like being with two different guys. When we love, we love like there’s no limit. When we have issues; equally limitless.
This minute he’s burning with the fire of passion, and ‘love’, the next; I don’t know again o!
Who knew I could be this tolerant? Me; Mary Anne Phillips, taking all these from a guy? Why?

Seriously, Zach and I, who had more dibs on childish behaviour? I am the last child with two elder brothers, I was very pampered, if not spoilt. While he is the middle child in five children, with older and younger siblings of both sexes. Or could that be the iss? Maybe all these attention seeking was as a result of childhood deprivation! Still, that’s not a reason or an excuse. His behaviour was almost bordering on bipolar disorder; this minute he is manic, the next depressed.
I’ve tire!

He was crashing by three in the afternoon? Why did that sound fishy to me?

I refused to dwell on that. I needed to keep busy, but dare not touch a fabric in my current distracted mood.
I pinged Clara Where are you?
She replied almost immediately: Meeting a client for a makeup consult. You home?
Sure I replied. Can I come with?
Sure. Getting dressed already.
Ok. Meet up with you soon.
I dismissed Ayi, changed into blue jeans, and a white chiffon top, and I joined Clara.
Her consult was in Ikeja, the client knew what she wanted and the meeting didn’t last long.
Clara and I went window shopping at the Ikeja city mall, off course they were some purchases, and some ice cream. We got home late and it was straight to bed. I refused to think about Zach.

The next day, I got good news. I got an email that I had been nominated in the Nigerian Fashion Design Awards. For Best street wear designs. As in, I couldn’t believe it!
Ayi and I did a fusion of skelewu, azonto, andetighi dance moves. I immediately gave her the day off, with some money for drinks.
I called my mom, she was as over the moon as I was. My dad was away on official duties, my mom said she’ll call him. I sent my brothers messages, then I called my girls, thankfully it was Susan’s CD day, and she was on her way home. Clara was home, and immediately came over.
I was tempted to call Zach. No, I didn’t. He should call me.
We had an afternoon of fun, a mini party. When my mom returned from work, she joined in the revelry.
I was so happy, being nominated when I had just been in business for a little over a year was recognition enough for me, I wasn’t so particular about winning.

Two days after, Zach called.
“Congratulations sweetie on your nomination. I just heard.”
“Thanx.” I replied.
“Why didn’t you tell me, you must have heard.”
“Well, I didn’t want to interrupt your busy schedule.”
“Mary Anne, haba?”
“You haven’t exactly been warm towards me recently.”
“It’s stress babe. You know na, you know how it is.”
“Yeah well, but it’s no excuse for…..”
“Sweetheart,” he interrupted. “All that is in the past. Forgerrit! Okay, how about I cook you dinner to celebrate. You know, the Zach special.”
Cook me dinner, can’t we ever go out? After the first couple of dates with him, Zach and I have never gone out.
“It has to be an early dinner, you know I can’t be out late.” I replied.
“No p babe. You get the special treatment. Lekan will pick you up from home and drop you off. Five o’clock good?”
“Ok babe, later.”
That was another thing, Zach had never been to my house, he never dropped me off, its always the driver who did, or a taxi.
I thought I was taking a break, did I just agree to a dinner date?
Its three already, what do I wear?

Dinner was lovely, I had a suspicion he had help with preparation or set-up, but, that wasn’t an issue.
Dinner was candle lit.
The table was beautiful set with an array of mouth watering dishes. I could smell them from the front door. He made curried rice, the veggies crispy the way I like them, the chicken roasted to perfection. There was an array of side dishes, at a point I lost track of what we were eating. We had ice cream for desserts. I joked if the plan was to fatten me up.
After dinner, we did burn off some calories before I left.

In the weeks that followed, Zach was so attentive. We had passed our ‘one week one trouble’ phase.
He was billed to perform at the Nigerian Fashion Design awards and as such we couldn’t go together(not like we ever go anywhere together). He sent a Limo, with all the works.
As a nominee, I could take five people with me, my table sat six. I had the perfect five to go with me: my mom, my girls, and Ayi. We were decked to the skies, and we rocked the red carpet.
I didn’t win, the award went to another, but I wasn’t really disappointed. I was up against some big industry names, and felt blessed to even be nominated.

Zach’s performance closed the show. During his performance, he came down off the stage, to our table and serenaded my mom. Seriously had her blushing under her dark skin.

The next morning; a sunday, as my parents and I were about leaving for church, our doorbell rang. Our maid Bisi came into my room to inform me a man was there to see me.
It was Lekan, and he said: “The boss sent this to you.” He stretched forth an envelope. I took it, on it was written: You deserved to win, here’s your prize, enjoy! Signed with ‘Z’. In the envelope was: proof of ownership for a 2012 Honda Crosstour, Vehicle licensing papers all in my name, open mouthed, disbeliefing and questioning, I looked up to see Lekan stretching forth car keys and pointing to a sleek black Honda Crosstour SUV!
I couldn’t believe it, I screamed!
The award prize car was a 2012 Honda CRV and Zach bought me a Crosstour!!!


5 thoughts on “My Super Ex-Boyfriend! Episode Four

  1. All na boboyaya!! a guy who never came to ur house, only sends the driver or taxi???? abeg, he is just out for fun….it just so happens he has the money to throw about!!!

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