Essential Beauty Must-Haves.

Hello people, it’s been a while since I blogged in the beauty category, and I apologise. I know it’s a favourite with a number of people, so I’ve put together this few essential beauty tips, read, like, apply, share(with me and others).

»The maxim that we are what we eat is so true, so in the process of getting and maintaining good skin, eating right is the first step. Eat foods high in:

~Omega-3 fatty acids such as- salmon, sardines, tuna, cod liver oil, etc.
~Vitamin A – Green Leafy Vegetables, Carrots, Lettuce, Mangoes, Sweet Potatoes etc
~Vitamin C – Citrus Fruits, Tomatoes, Hot Peppers, Strawberries, Herbs (thyme, parsley), Broccoli etc 
~Vitamin E – Nuts (especially Almonds), Green Leafy Vegetables etc
~B-Vitamins – Fish, Crab, Beef, Lamb, Cheese, Eggs etc

»Next step; internalise the basic skin care regimen: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise.
~Invest in a mild yet effective cleanse, which also doubles as a makeup remover, so you don’t put too many products on your skin and heighten skin sensitivity.
~Invest in a good toner which will wipe away any residual impurities and purify the skin. Apply the toner with a cotton ball down to your neck and shoulders.
~Then moisturise. Use a moisturising lotion, cream, or oil(depending on your skin type and needs) to nourish your skin. Moisturise according to your skins’ needs; if your skin feels dry and/or tight; it needs more moisture. A well moisturised skin is supple and bright.

»Also invest in a deep treating/brightening/ exfoilating scrub or mask. Exfoilate as prescribed by a dermatologist according to your skins’ needs, exfoilate all over your body. This serves to slough away dull flaky rough skin for a brighter, smoother skin and complexion.
Various types of face mask are available, from moisture rich, to oil control, to acne treating, etc. Pick that which suits ur skin needs.

»Finally sunscreen. Apply sunscreen all over the skin, especially face, neck, hands, and any other parts exposed to the sun. This protects the skin from harmful sun rays which can cause; skin sensitivity, discolouration, and cancer.

No beauty step or product is more important than the other, none should be skipped. Each prepares the skin for the next step and product, or reinforces the last. Apply any beauty treatment used for the face down to your neck and shoulders, for an even toned skin.

Remember: Eat right, Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise, exfoilate timely and regularly, and protect your skin with a Sunscreen.

Chinma Eke.


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