Statement Neckpieces

An outfit isn’t complete without accessories to complement and glamourize it. The right accessories can take a look from ordinary to glamourous.
Statement neckpeices are always in fashion, and can be worn on anything from a tank top to a haute couture dress. The current trend being full chunky pearl or beaded pieces, fashioned from beads, to pearls, to gemstones, and ankara. Neckpieces are layered in multiple strand, or crafted as a bib, or a faux collar. Quite a number of celebrities and fashionistas have rocked this look.

Here are a few rules to abide by when wearing bold statement neckpeices:
1. Less is more, especially if you have a thick neck and are top heavy. For this body types, loose flowy pieces work better so you don’t appear as though you are choking.

2. Take into consideration the bodice of your outfit, if there is so much design on it already, go for the minimal design neckpiece, like a single or double strand pearl, or avoid the neckpeice and go with a statement earring.

3. If you are wearing a high necked dress, go for a statement earring only.

4. If you are wearing a simple dress, wear statement accessories to take it from ordinary to glamourous.

5. Sweep your hair up, and go with minimal makeup to highlight your accessories.

Whatever look you go for, moderation is the watchword. So you appear classy and chic rather than overdone.
*Original article written by Chidinma Eke for*


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