MOTIVE The Concluding Episode.

All three of them in the room were lost in thought. The commissioner of police was wondering if this case would end up like one of those cases involving high profile people which ended up being swept under the carpet, in this case, the reason will be; it was a family matter. Ateke and Ada’s thoughts were similar; what could have led Ginika to want to kill her cousin? Ateke remembered a conversation he had with Tom; Tom told him Ginika was getting really friendly with Chief Magnus, and Tom was trying to discourage the relationship. Could that be the Motive they sought?
“I remember an incident. “ Ateke voiced out his suspicions. “Ginny and Magnus were getting really close; I think that was a year ago or so. Tom nipped it in the bud, or so we thought. Now, I don’t know, could they be a connection?”
“Where can we find her now, I want her to be brought in for questioning?” The CP asked.
“She doesn’t work, she could be anywhere now.” Ada returned to her seat. “She lives with Tom’s mother.”
“Is there someone else in Abuja who can help us track her? Can I have her number?”
“My mother-in-law is frail, I don’t want anything jeopardizing her health. Also, the leak in your office has to be plugged; I don’t want these getting out.” Ada said.
“We are working on finding the leak.” The CP promised.
“Give me her number as well, I will ask her to come to Lagos.” Ateke said.
Ginika was called, and she agreed to fly into Lagos first thing the next day.
“I would still like to keep an eye on her, in case she suspects something and attempts to run.” The CP said.
“I guess you could use their security detail at their house, Tom should have their contact on his phone. Ateke you have his phone right?”
“Yes, I do.”
When Ginika was called, she was suspicious about the request for her to come to Lagos, she had to be convinced it was for her to come take care of her cousin before she agreed. It was late at night when all contacts were made. Ateke and Ada returned tiredly to the hospital before retiring to their hotel room.

The next day dawned bright and early, the sun arose early shining beautifully.
Ginika was at the airport by six am to catch the seven o’clock flight to Lagos.
Mrs. Lasisi woke up early to prepare food for Deola with the hope and belief that she will regain consciousness that day. She and Chima left for the hospital before eight o’clock. According to her prayers, Deola regained consciousness that day, although she couldn’t eat anything yet.
Ateke and Ada met Ginika at the airport when her flight landed; police officers arrested her in the parking lot and whisked her away to the police headquarters.
After going through the motions of denial of the charges, accusing Ada of planning and framing her, requesting for a lawyer, and refusing to let Ateke represent her, later in the morning she broke down and confessed.
According to her; Magnus loves her and wants to marry her, but Tom refused, saying that will be over his dead body, despite her pleas he was bent on destroying her chance at happiness, so they decided to eliminate him.
“Magnus already had two wives, do you know that?” Ateke asked her.
“It’s me he loves.” She protested.
“Do you also know he is a strong contender for your Tom’s senatorial position? Don’t you think he used you to eliminate your brother?”
“No!” She cried, there was no political undertone, we did it for our love!”
“For ‘love’ you planned to kill your own cousin?” Ada asked contemptuously.
“I begged him!” Ginika screamed.
“So where is this Chief Magnus now?” The CP asked, drawing their attention back to the case.
“I don’t know!” Ginika replied resolutely.
“Young lady, it’s in your best interest to co-operate with us, or else you alone will go down for this crime. Attempted murder is a serious offence.” The CP threatened.
“They can’t prosecute me, I’m family.” Ginika bluffed, staring at Ada defiantly.
“You should have thought of that when you planned with your lover to kill my husband. I will prosecute.” Ada said vehemently.
“This isn’t a civil case, attempted murder is a criminal case; the state against you.” The CP said to her.
Ginika burst into fresh tears.
“Tell us where Magnus is.” Ateke cajoled her.
“I don’t know, his phone has been switched off since yesterday.” She replied tearfully.
“His home and office address?” the CP probed further. “And all other likely places he might be.”
She gave it to them; the information was relayed to the Abuja office. A team of police men were dispatched to both places. His secretary confirmed he was out of the country, she said he instructed her to book two international bound flights, she and his wives claimed not to know where he was.

Senator Tom Briggs caught a life threatening infection which set back his recovery, a week later when he regained consciousness and was brought up to speed with the happenings; as expected, coupled with his mother’s pleading, he wanted to quash the case and treat as a family issue. However, due to public interest, the case had to be tried in court. Ginika was sentenced to three years imprisonment for attempted murder; but if she actually served jail term, is anybody’s guess.

All who were affected by the recent events were changed by it. Ada returned to Abuja and her home, a better person than when she left. This whole saga had really shown her how fleeting life was. She resolved to do all within her power to keep her home.
On the day Tom was discharged from the hospital, Deola went to see him. After a heart to heart talk, they agreed to end the relationship for it would have been impossible to continue with it as it were, and difficult to improve upon.

Deola went back to work immediately the doctor and her family let her. She needed to keep busy and to move on with her life. The events of the past couple of months had taught her some life’s lessons.
After a creative session with her team, she and Kunle returned to discuss PR.
“From the publicity point of view, I still believe if we go ahead, the exhibition will be a success.” He said when they were seated.
Deola laughed. “I know you are the guy who can sell ice to an eskimo, but on this; I’m going to have to disagree. Sales have dropped, my customers are down to girlfriends and mistresses, all the wives have run away. I don’t want any more publicity.” She smiled wistfully. “Don’t worry, we’ll quietly release our designs in our advertorials, and there’s still the Lagos fashion week!”
“Yes but …..”
“No buts Kunle.” She cut him off. “I don’t want any more publicity. No private exhibition, just a part of the crowd at the fashion week.”
“Your designs always stand out.”
“They do don’t they? I’d rather people be like; ‘those designs are good, whose are they?’ than for them to be like ‘let’s go see what she came up with after her escapades’. Let my work speak for me.”
“They always have.”
“Sometimes I wonder about your belief in me. It’s so firm and absolute.”
He laughed. “I never told you this, but the first time you called me, after I got off the phone with you I goggled you.”
“You did?”
“Yea, I like to know as much as possible about my client. So I searched, I liked what I saw.”
“Now I’m blushing!” She covered her cheeks with her hands.
“Then we met, I saw your designs, I loved everything I saw.”
“Oh Kunle, that’s so sweet.”
“Everything; you and off course the designs.”
She gaped at him open mouthed.
“Then I looked over your financials, saw your financier, then I lost hope, but I didn’t stop loving you.”
“Kunle please stop. Don’t say what I think you are about to say.”
“What shouldn’t I say? That regardless of the recent past I still love you, and want us to…..”
“Okay, that’s enough Kunle.” Deola jumped up.
“Why did you cut me off?”
“What you are asking for can’t happen.”
“Why not?”
“I’m not ready! Besides, goggle me again, I’m the new poster girl for home wreckers. The press will eat you raw! Your family will be aghast!”
“My family is smart enough not to believe everything they read and hear, are you a home wrecker?”
“It’s not an excuse, it sounds feeble even to my own hearing, but I never meant to wreck his home. Tom and I started out with a mentor kind of relationship when I served in the national assembly, I thought I fell in love; it was a relationship that spun out of control. I wasn’t forced or coerced, but I got carried away. I swear I never meant to break up his home.”
“Do you want to go back?” he asked quietly.
“No.” she replied.
“I will give you time, but I won’t back down.” He got up, went over to where she was standing behind her chair and pecked her on the forehead. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He left her office, leaving her looking dazed.

Thank you all for keeping step with me, I appreciate every one of you who has read, shared, commented on MOTIVE and every other of my blog post; I say thank you.
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Chinma Eke.


4 thoughts on “MOTIVE The Concluding Episode.

  1. well concuded, but i dont remember reading anything about ginika in the previous episodes, at least to compare her state of mind in the story, with the conclusion. i thought i was going to be lady ada. it is a great story well written. cant wait for another brilliant story from chinmaekes blog. blog it!

    • Thanx dear, Ginika was introduced in the early episodes and episode fifteen. Thank you so much, keep visiting, new series soon.
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