MOTIVE Episode Seventeen

Ateke returned to the hospital room to inform Lady Ada he was going to the police head quarters.

“I’m coming with you.” She sprang up, picking her hand bag.

“You need to stay here, with Tom.” Ateke protested.

“Mary will stay behind. If there is a new development, I want to know about it.”
Ateke exhaled tiredly, and led the way out of the room with her following. outside, there were suprised to see it was dusk already. Where had the day gone?

As the driver drove out of the compound, Ateke’s phone rang again, an unknown number. He ignored it the first time, and answered the second time. He waited for the caller to identify him/herself.

“Hello? Barrister? Its me Peter.”

“Peter who?”

“Peter, Senator Tom’s…..”

“Yes Peter…”

“Sir, remember that contact who was supposed to give us info about the senator, he came to see me, he said it was Chief Magnus who contracted the hit on the boss.”

Just as he had suspected, Ateke thought. The question was, “Can he prove it? This your contact, can he prove Chief Magnus’ involvement?” He asked Peter.

“No concrete proof, but if the police investigate…”

“The police are still investigating, I’m on my way to the police headquarters now, I’ll see you when I get there.”

“Okay sir, thank you sir.”
Ateke ended the call.

Ada was waiting impatiently and promptly asked; “What was that about?”

“That was Peter, he said a source informed him that Chief Magnus is behind the attacks.”

“Its possible, but my money is still on the mistress.” She replied.

“Let’s go see what the police have on tape.”

The rest of the drive was made in silence.

“Mrs Lasisi, can we please go to my office?” The doctor said tersely.

“Deola?” Mrs Lasisi asked weakly, fearing the worst.

“She is fine.” The doctor reassured both Deola’s mum and Chima. “Let’s go to my office please.”

They followed him, praying silently that the news wasn’t worse than they feared.

After they were seated, the doctor went straight to the point.

“Deola miscarried the pregnancy. She lost a lot of blood, and for a while in the theatre she was critical. However, we were able to control the bleeding and she should be fine.”

“Thank God.” They both heaved sighs of relief.

“Can we see her?” Chima asked.

“You can, but she is sedated and won’t know you are there. I would advice you go and return in the morning. The sedatives would have worn off.” He replied.

“Can we still see her before we leave?” Mrs Lasisi asked.

“Let me find out if the nurses have settled her into a room.” He pressed a button on his desk and a nurse came in a few minutes later. “Please see if Deola Lasisi has been moved into a room.” He instructed.

“Yes doctor, she has.” The nurse replied.

“Okay, please take them to see her.”
They thanked the doctor on their way out.

The duo of Ateke and Ada were ushered into the CP’s office immediately they arrived. After exchanging pleasantries, he slotted in a tape for them, he had already turned the visitors chairs to face the wall mounted screen. They watched in silence until he zoomed in on a face.

“That’s the woman who made the deposit.” The commissioner said.

“It can’t be!” Ateke said disbelievingly.

“That is….” For the first time in her life, Ada was open-mouthed and speechless.

After receiving the call from his informant in the Lagos police headquarters, Chief Magnus swung into action. He had his secretary book him on the next available international flight that wasn’t going to the UK or US.
He had just been informed that the police were in possession of a banking hall security tape that will show who deposited money into the account of the goon who was arrested after injecting Senator Tom Briggs with the lethal substance. If she were arrested, she will surely lead the police to him.

Although whatever charges the police came up with could be quashed by his lawyer, for nothing could be traced back to him and it will boil down to her word against his, he didn’t want to be in the country when the whole thing blew up.
His phone rang; it was her. No, he wasn’t going to answer the call. He let it ring through before switching off his phone.

The commissioner of police watched both the barrister and the senator’s wife struggle through tongue tied confusion.

“I can see you both know the woman, who is she?” He asked them.

“There has to be a mistake, that’s the senator’s cousin Ginika.” Ateke replied. That wasn’t the face he was expecting.

“His cousin?” The CP asked in disbelief.

Ada got up and moved closer to the screen. Never in a million years would she have suspected Ginika. She was the daughter of Tom’s mother’s only sister, and when her mother died after giving birth to her, Tom’s mother took Ginika as her own daughter. “It can’t be Ginika!” She exclaimed out loud. ” Can you make the screen clearer? Ginika is more of a sister than a cousin. Why would she want Tom dead?”


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